The Respect Crisis

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Lava, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    No, I see what I left out.
    An enemy will teach you what's worth learning for an expendable organism- as replaceable as soldiers are- but a friend gives that organism value.

    Like so- you're a good writer.

    If you in fact wrote this, :
    Could use a little tweaking, but you have the hemorrhage of passion I only see in a few good writers.

    So let's end it by saying before I go curl up in my corner, counting off the hours to My Nightmare:

    There is a database somewhere with its gut churning with our dreams and images, our laughter, and ridicule, and prejudiced insanity.

    There you will find Fenris Wolf, and Nexus and Wanderer and Invert Nexus and Lava and the thousand some odd others not in this oddity we call 'thread'.

    They're all gathered in a collective noise of human conscience, wrapped in silicon and metal, for the world to come and see.
    The masons had it wrong and so does Grey, its this right here that's alchemy.
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  3. WANDERER Banned Banned

    cole grey
    I’ll save you the trouble.
    The bitch did it, in the shit-house, with a dildo, a gut full of beans and a lighter.

    The anticipation is burning me already.
    I do hope you post your deductions, dear detective cole grey.

    Through them, I’ll get my own insights.
    So proper we’ve been so far, so civil and careful.
    A “breath of fresh air”.

    But I see in your interests something, darker, something that doesn't smell so fresh.

    I don’t quit believe it myself.

    It all started when I became fed-up with the current affairs and pm'ed gendanken for an end to the childishness.
    I also decided Fenris deserved better treatment, so I offered a friendly hand.
    They'll both love the "I decided" bit.
    She accepted, even if her keyboard fingers still itch and she sometimes wants to draw an eye to her with a witty put-down. Civility can become boring.
    He, as usual, pushes away what is in his favor because he sees ghosts everywhere and then…regrets it afterwards.


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    Weakness is the name of the effect.
    The characteristics of the effect, gives it its meaning.


    Sometimes it cannot be changed but only compensated for.
    Intelligence is such a compensation.
    But the possibility of change is what makes life interesting.

    You are such a delicate thing.
    How do you survive in such a world?
    You project yourself into eternal space, don't you?

    No, it relieves.

    See…That’s why you’re gay.

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    Very good.

    Exaggerated imagery to make up for reality.

    Their sexual, social and cultural frustrations represented in their icons and heroes and in their idols and ideals.

    What happens to repressed emotion?
    It turns inward, killing the self, or it explodes outward.

    Leaders are products of and speakers for, the masses that nurture, raise them and tolerate them.

    A people are defined by the leaders they choose.
    Want to see what the US is, in its majority?
    Look at who is running the game.
    I’m typing this as the idiot is giving his ‘State of the Union Address’.

    The imagery doesn’t insult. Marketing cares not what it markets, it cares if it is effective. Marketing cares about if marketing works.

    The imagery affects those that believe that looking and becoming are related.

    Was I there?

    This ‘collective psyche’ is what the battle is about.

    This part is more a talent than a method to be learned.
    Yet, some advancement can be made.
    The secret?
    -1- Details. A floating icicle can be a tip of an iceberg and the ‘butterfly effect’. -2- Recognition. Despite what the other says his/her fundamental nature is always the same but only sways in degrees. -3- Physicality is a direct manifestation of the unconscious Will. All else is a manifestation of reason, which can either clarify or distort.

    I don’t worry for me, I worry about not giving erroneous expectations.
    But the “change in scenery” can be a temporary thing or a sign that some growth is happening or a signal of weariness or a hidden desire simultaneously coming to be.

    I think dramatics is a feminine thing.
    Oh well, an entertaining exit and entrance is always preferable to a monotonous dribble.

    Will is not always conscious.
    I may consciously Will one thing and unconsciously Will another.

    Self is a more complicated than a simple ‘I’.

    Self is conscious Will but it is also intuition and instinct or unconscious Will.

    A machine of meat.


    I disagree.
    These things, these ideals, these concepts are restrictions to the Will.
    They place limitations to actions and guide the Will into directions.
    But discipline is not always a bad thing.
    Without it no focus is possible and we become airheads with ADD.

    No man can live without ideals or morals.
    But which ones will benefit and which will degrade?
    That’s the issue.

    Morals are what distinguishes men from beasts and makes man more than a blind instinctive machine.
    It is man deciding the rules that he will live by.

    That’s integrity and honor and dignity.

    That is why not everyone’s mercy has the same grace nor does it mean everyone is deserving of mercy.
    But who decides?
    That’s the fight.

    Plant your own.

    It'll end itself.

    Nice save, by the way.
    I’m impressed.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2005
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  5. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member


    That's twice now, shut the fuck up.
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  7. cole grey Hi Valued Senior Member

    I can dig that, but the dross is still so well mixed in inside the larger cauldron. It is easier to find the gold the individual artist has created from their lead.
    There is definitely something else bubbling here, but I haven't been around long enough to discern the patterns well.

    This may be your own scent that you are smelling. Or maybe you are smellling "ghosts".
    I am no saint. There is plenty of darkness here, but nothing directed towards anyone on these threads.
  8. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    I was talking about the forums as a whole, to date:

    38, 865 threads
    Close to 800,000 posts with each post displaying its prospective avatar and signature.
    12,162 members with more and more each day.
    And each member has a pm box with each allotted 200 posts where before it was unlimited.

    And each member logs on with a password and profile different than the others.
    Each as fickle a the prettiest woman in a cocktail bar- and the database correctly, almost magically, has kept and distributed this coherently to date.

    Your entire history is sitting out there as we speak like a conscience- its like cracking through your skull and seeing memory.

    We take this phenomena for granted.
  9. water the sea Registered Senior Member


    One can't escape this history, this conscience: One can delete one's posts, and it will show, the deletion giving the deleted significance. Get a new user account -- but one will still know the former one, and still be able to find it.

    This very medium presenting one the undeniable, saying, "You better have respect, for you know that nothing gets lost."
    A modern kind of omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence.
  10. pink:noise Banned Banned

    Cole Grey:
    Found what I like about pinknoise, whoever you are.

    But you wouldn't be able to tolerate me depressed -- you'd find me a drag.
    You wouldn't be able to tolerate me normal -- you'd find me a snob.
    You wouldn't be able to tolerate me in my joy -- you'd find me silly.
    You wouldn't be able to tolerate me in conversation -- you'd think me weirdly simple.
    You wouldn't be able to tolerate me in a bar -- you'd end up feeling blurred.
    You wouldn't be able to tolerate me in a studio -- you'd think me a prima dona.
    It's happened too often for it to be coincidental. It's what I now expect.
    Perhaps in an insane asylum I might be tolerable. But I don't plan ending-up there. Lol.


    Yes. It's all about the certain queen, yes?

    No, darling -- it was all about marketing.


    Dr. Lou Natic:
    What I see: is a poster-printed version of your transvestite/syphilis-ridden portrait (posted in Ethics, I believe) plastered on one of those monolithic highway concrete blocks with congested graffiti and traffic jams. That'd be too cool. A thousand plastered posters in four rows à-la Warhol, with a bit of randomness and arbitrary heed so as to make it seem like you zipped by really really fast with a dripping glue-bucket before the cops could possibly spot you.


    W: You project yourself into eternal space, don't you?
    But I'm not Lost In Space you know. It's more like... trying to understand the feel of the Solar System's star gleaming in the spiral of the Milky Way, and that it's not the Sun that sets I'm watching but modern man's self-imposed curfew.

    No, it relieves.
    I'm relieved that you're relieved that we are all relieved.
    It's hard being Frankenstein for too long. Hard work.

    See…That’s why you’re gay
    Not-x-act-ly-Wan-der-er. What about Athena and Artemis? And their rejection of a man's touch?

    Marketing cares not what it markets, it cares if it is effective.
    But designing around a product is a whole different thing -- and viewing design beyond the marketing is to also discover a different type of art. Of course, there's different qualities of design. But the trick -- and to get inside a designer's head -- is to burst the mirage of marketing. I remember a huge apartment I went to once, oh, a long time ago: the long window drapes badly needed pressing (it embarrassed me), but watching the curtains ruffle in the breeze I became totally mesmerized by their movement, by the wind's invisible fingers -- by the wind's effect. The wrinkled curtains were transformed -- and I lost my innocence.

    This ‘collective psyche’ is what the battle is about.
    Tsk -- yeah. But we will win in the end. The aliens will win, I mean. And so will the galaxy -- 'cuz I exist. (oooh. hev-eee)

    She may not turn me on, but I kinda admire her -- I mean, uh, I simply adore her wardrobe.

    Plant your own.
    Nobody or nothing will ever be able to replace that tree. She was... alive.


    G: An enemy will teach you what's worth learning for an expendable organism- as replaceable as soldiers are- but a friend gives that organism value.
    and that friend's value, I know, will never fail -valiantly- to substitute a broken sword with a cleaner one during the din of battle.

    you're a good writer.
    well, i won't ever -- that "i won't ever" isn't conclusive enough -- ah; got it

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    I will never be one 'cuz... well... it's too late. My brain's already been formed. I suppose it's like, on a clear day, from a mountain peak, far far over there in the horizon and in the opposite direction you see other mountains you might have climbed. But your direction's already been set. Oddly enough though, those mountains too become -somewhat- accessible.

    If you in fact wrote this, :
    Ha. Here's an example of a friend's value for me:

    I knew too well that your passage required delicate handling, but that I was still reeling from it because I also knew that that impression of me was an entirely plausible one -- circumstantial evidence, right? -- of my character. But on second thought and with a quick jaunt back in time, I realized I had too often represented my symbols in the absence of their proper context -- not within the framework of a recessed psychology. You see now why I could never possibly be a writer! Well anyway, it was Noël Coward who came waltzing by that night when I put that story together, passing me his sterling sword for my chipped one. But of course, I couldn't swing it like he does.


    Insert Dirty Poem Here.
    I didn't mention that your poem succeeded to drive me wild with dark jealously, not of you or your poem, nor of your soldier -- but for the displeasure of his damnable heterosexuality.

    ...its this right here that's alchemy.
    ...thus the collective psyche develops beyond itself. As the aliens want. Feels oddly effortless, doesn't it?

    Take care, guys. And thanks. I may pop in now and then -- but I just need some distance.
  11. cole grey Hi Valued Senior Member

    This is a good example of how someone can turn lead into lead.
  12. WANDERER Banned Banned

    Not self-imposed.

    But fun.

    Damn lesbians!
    What about the rejection of all touch? Exiled in your own body.
    It’s like wearing eye patches over both eyes because the sights are uncomfortable.
    Of course how one touches or is touched is more interesting here

    In the end one must decide if practicality matters or if posterity does

    This is the most fascinating aspect of it.
    Gazing behind the curtains of a well rehearsed play.

    We must keep in mind that the basic tools of the marketing trade are always the same and the fundamental motives of the need are also common.

    Words are words and acts are acts but language and movement is the central thread that unites us all.
    It is the hand in the puppet.

    First impressions can be hasty.
    Sometimes the gaudy imperfections, the shabby needlework can be compelling.

    It’s not the finished product, so much, but the potential behind the hands that sought to create something from rags. It’s audacity for thinking it could or that it should, makes one forget the embarrassment and remember the motive.
    Not all have access to the same raw materials or to technologies that facilitate creativity.
    Improvisation can be just as praiseworthy.

    There is majesty and beauty in a piece of paper dancing in the wind.
    Trash or a dancing filament? Both and neither.
    It’s how it gathers the invisible forces and jostles with the air that can make a piece of paper sublime.

    Are you a leader?

    And her spunk.

    Aren’t all trees alive and do they not all give ‘wood’?
  13. hanged_one Registered Member

    Women trying to act like men to capture the masculine spirit - LOL!
    Blind to the subtext
    Women have really shot themselves in the foot with feminism!
    Now men need no longer aknowledge the vile feminine!
    Devoting ourselves to the pure and masculine warrior spirit under the aegis of
    HOly HOMOsex
  14. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Pink Noise,

    Ah. Plate presentation. I used to work in restaraunts too.

    Hanged one,

    Are you retarded or just illiterate?
    Oh. You're part of the wave of homowarriors that seems to be coming to our site now.
    Shutup. You have no idea what's going on here.


    A common trait of humanity. It's funny. We have the mind to find awe and wonder in the simplest of things, the cliched plastic bag dancing in the wind, but we also have a defense mechanism against being constantly in awe and full of wonder. We take the phenomena for granted.

    Been there, done that. Bored. Yawn. Pass the chips.

    It's a tossup which course of action to take regarding humanity, to love or to hate... or to be bored or in awe... to yearn for or to push away... so many conflicting possibilities and between them stretched like a tenuous thread lies humanity. Walking the edge of a razor.
  15. hanged_one Registered Member

    I am not.
    It is a given that women are competitive.
    Feminism has failed. Women used to act like LADies.
    They try to force men to comply with the social order.
    The social order is the only reason men interact with women.
    Beyond sex to make new males!
    Now they try to interest their men by acting competitive and brutal like men.

    HOly ApoLLO and HOly HOMOsex!
  16. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Then a start a thread about it.
  17. water the sea Registered Senior Member

    Who are you?
  18. hanged_one Registered Member

    BE silenT foul she-creature, I onlY respond to thE caressing words of the WANDERER.
  19. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    The 'other' harpy.

    Read close.
  20. WANDERER Banned Banned

    FucK yoU!
    THat'S a caRess and a sLaP in onE.

    I tHink the cHilDren waNt to PlaY aGain.
    tIme fOr me to Wear my ShaDes.

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  21. water the sea Registered Senior Member

    Like, yeah, alright, whatever.
  22. WANDERER Banned Banned


    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    There we go.
    I’m wearing my rose-coloured glasses now.

    Let’s talk about what you people can relate to and have a hunger for…Sex…gossip…penises and pussies…Sex…..

    Then the men can indulge their primitive sides in some verbal sparring and the girls can pretend they are disinterested or above such primitive proceedings, as they post tiny comments, letting them know they are watching.
  23. water the sea Registered Senior Member


    You really just want someone to talk to, don't you?

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