The Respect Crisis

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Lava, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Cole grey:
    Its why I said ‘social mysteries”

    But art, as I said once, is an endless realm of discovery and joy where the learning and learned blend into each other in a form of enslavement with no slave.
    No matter how perfect or neat, an element of mystery remains in it.

    A noxious coquette, makes me mad.

    Flabuert, for example, was an exceptional writer but to his death did he obsess and rejoice over every paragraph and phrase in his work.
    And died still in awe of the Written Word.
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  3. an>roid.v2 Registered Senior Member

    Enough of your trash, person.

    If you claim to understand me and why me, then... why bother telling me? But you're not actually telling me, are you?

    Wanderer is right about one thing about you: you are a queen. But which one?

    How about this one:
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  5. cole grey Hi Valued Senior Member


    But doesn't appreciation of intellect work the same way? And appreciation of the aesthetic?
    You see yourself in someone else, you see the differences too. Everything in life is like this. The further in you go, the more mysterious it becomes. Only the shallow miss out on the mystery.
    That is why I loved Henry James use of the word "non-masters" to describe himself and his contemporaries, when others wanted to deify their work.
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  7. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Yes, I'm telling you.

    You're a sycophant and hide behind others.

    Cole Grey:
    Not necessarily.
    Intellect is a social asset, and with it comes the social dynamic.

    You introduce envy or spite and those in possession of this know it.
    This is why its powerful.
    The same can translate to art, but only if one factors in the artist.

    But isn’t it just as shallow or self-destructive to only see the someone else without seeing you?

    I find that those that mystify other people, only see other people.
    Like Andy.
  8. an>roid.v2 Registered Senior Member

    Got your fabulous memory in a knot, your highness? You've got the wrong droid.

    Certainly not as crudely and revolting as you:

    You are so boring. So I should just hand you my self in your charge since you seem aching to control it. You know me better than I do, you know better why I post here than I do. Blah blah blah. But you have no clue. However, undearest, you're dropping hints about yourself all over the place -- legs widespread, as always -- and, well, you stink. You should try wetting your toilet paper under running water until your feces disappears from view. Just a suggestion.

    Oh, gosh. So I didn't nominate you as a representative to my mystery quote. And now you're foaming. You're "mystery" then is as profound as your (point upwards) as your "poetry". Happy?

    Silly bitch. You simply can't peel away the surface because you are stuck on the surface. And you call yourself an artist! Come to think of it, I forgot to include "superficiality" in my list of self-serving virtues. Thanks for the reminder.

    One thing I noticed about you, person, is how you describe things -- for every precious attribute in the human riddle, you illustrate an antithesis, and not the pearl itself. Thus directed at the person you hate, your antithesis creates confusion in your viewers, for you present them with an overwhelming discontentment, of said person, far removed from an actual pearl of knowledge. So -- what is an intellect? "A mystery to commoners, and since I name you a commoner, then every one here will know you are not an intellect." Right. You're so good at that, aren't you, missy? But never do you describe the pearl itself -- unless its to quote someone else in your stead. Quite original, you artiste, you.

    Peasants have more dignity in their little finger than you do in your "poetry".

    Hypocrite. Again -- you neglected to illustrate your version of "uniqueness" -- but how could you, right?
  9. an>roid.v2 Registered Senior Member


    What do you want of me
    What do you long from me
    A slim Pixie, thin and forlorn
    A count, white and drawn
    What do you make of me
    What can you take from me
    Pallid landscapes off my frown
    Let me rip you up and down
    For you I came to forsake
    Lay wide despise and hate
    I sing of you in my demented songs
    For you and your stimulations
    Take what you can of me
    Rip what you can off me
    And this I'll say to you
    And hope that it gets through
    You worthless bitch
    You fickle shit
    You will spit on me
    You will make me spit
    And when the Judas howl arise
    And like the Jesus Jews you epitomize
    I'll still be here as strong as you
    And I'll walk away in spite of you
    And I'll walk away
    Walk away
  10. WANDERER Banned Banned

    I never called you that.

    Can you try being a little less girly?
    Look how gendy does it.

    Either way, the outcome is the same.

    Now you see why language confuses more than enlightens.


    Ones existence prevents another’s.
    A space filled by one is a space denied to another.
    Existence is an act of Will and of aggression.

    Yet to be determined.

    You forget kindness, respect, altruism, equality, compassion, love, cooperation, honesty, humility, selflessness, and openness.
    All acts of selfishness.
    You aren’t as innocent and magnanimous as you would like to believe.

    Or you misinterpret the intent.
    I don’t absolve them of anything. I compete.
    And that IS Olympian.

    Good for you.
    Now name one thing that is not “lacking”.
    In what universe have you discovered perfection?

    Who’s “hanging” you?
    Is your sensitivity something you have control over or do you surrender to your insecurities whenever pressured?
    And if there is a lynching being planned, are you going to weep yourself to safety or are you going to fight?
    Are you going to become worthy of praise by resisting, whether you succeed or not, or cry yourself to safety?

    Yes, it’s called ‘romantic delusion’.
    You are far too Christian and for a gay man that seems like an awkward thing to be.

    That’s beautiful, even if absurd given that we are all trapped in one.
    You are making the added egotistical mistake of assuming you are not.
    Which makes it highly unlikely that you’ll ever escape.

    When you seduce someone, are you not ‘forcing’ them to sing for you?
    But ownership is an illusion. We simply lease each other and ourselves from the unknown.
    You don’t even own yourself.
    Have you not noticed? The bottle empties and is returnable.
    How and when you drink the contents is the only thing you have some choice over.

    Because it makes you feel special through association and it provides material for your own personal fulfilment and growth.

    Yes there is something in the appreciation of mystery which I admit has some merit.
    It is the abandonment of self to fate and becoming a voyeur of your own existence.

    Then there are those that want to harness the self. They want to guide it and shape it before attrition inevitably wins.

    Perhaps a balance between the two is a more desirable way.

    And I appreciate that.
    But we are not talking about personal things here. We are talking about transcending things which have personal implications.

    Take you on?
    I thought we were only discussing.

    A high peaked mountain and a dark sea.
    I didn’t choose it, it chose me.

    I do, simply motivated by reasons of economy.
    In my experience most are retarded, so I assume it is so until the opposite is proven.

    You see, doing the reverse only sets you up for disappointment and wasted time and effort.
    Life’s too short to waste it with morons and if the other is not one, this will soon become apparent and pleasurably surprising.

    I used to assume, like you, the other to be a non-retard until I realized that half way through a conversation I was most often presented with a statement of such stupidity and absurdity as to place everything that was said up until that point under the light of doubt.

    Everyone gives the other a chance.
    Some give a chance to prove themselves worthy and some to prove themselves unworthy.

    Considering the general state of humanity, at present, your method seems quit inefficient and optimistic.
    Didn’t you hear, over half of Americans- that’s close to 100 million people, voted for Bush?
    There’s another billion people dying under the false assumption that they will be rewarded with an afterlife and that God is on their side.

    Allow me to think of people as what they are in their majority.
    You can do as you like.
    Good luck.

    Who someone claims to be or thinks they are, is just as much a product of subjective, wishful thinking as their thinking of who another is.
    What to do…What to do?

    Here’s a thought.
    Test the other or yourself, above all else, so that you prove that your opinion of who you are corresponds to facts and not hypothesis.

    What a person needs is inevitably power.
    All needs are extensions of it.
    We even associate with others and are attracted to them because they enhance our power or provide means to acquire more of it.

    There are two kinds of ‘reality’: The personal one and the communal one.

    The communal one is an agreed upon reality.
    The personal one either accepts it or confronts it.

    How does one live outside reality?
    Your mind creates reality or interprets it.

    We’ll see.

    And a very delicate and artistic mind it is.

    You are of cosmic dust but how it is arranged is determined by the magnetic effects of environments that adapt it to asset of rules.

    I only call them as I see them.
    Is not math another language?

    But my premise is simple.
    Everything is chaos because if it were ordered it would not change unless provoked from without.
    Things change, therefore things are imperfect, therefore things are not sufficiently ordered.

    In order to be free from something you must rise above it or absorb it.

    How do you propose to rise above the universe or absorb it within you?

    The responsibility of being, or more precisely of becoming, entails the necessity of accepting what is presented and dealing with it.

    Denial is not responsibility.
  11. Lava Let discovery flow Registered Senior Member

    A fine thread. Respect.

  12. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    What'd I tell ya?
    Ink's barely dry:

    ...and there you are with the boring. Mu-ha.

    One, that poem you have quoted up there I posted on a dare, it takes seconds to write slop.
    Two, you should learn to be a little less obvious about all your reverence.
    Three, I do know why it is you post where, when, and how my little amateur:

    "She adored celebrities. That was her mission in life. She hunted them grimly; she faced them with wide-eyed admiration and spoke of her own insignificance, of her humility before achievement; she shrugged tight-lipped and rancorous, whenever one of them did not seem to take sufficient account of her own views on life"


    Yes, I'm quoting cadavers again.

    And by the way, the only teacher worth his tutelage or your respect is your enemy- not a social con enamored of popularity.
    Like your idol.
    These are as common as you are.
    Far from, I'm mourning you calling me 'person' as if I were trash now.
  13. WANDERER Banned Banned

    Nice new moniker.
    Do I give you the impression of being someone that follows any herd?

    Why would I not engage a fellow human being that is polite and nice to me?
    Why would I slap away a hand of friendship?
    So I can pretend I am above such weakness?

    Let others play these stupid games.
    I am not ashamed of my humanity or anxious to prove that I am not weak.
    I accept myself as I am and strive to become better.

    Is my masculinity or dignity determined by their superficial understandings of me or of sexuality?

    These are people living in such prudish and sexually repressed environments that even a kiss on the cheek or a hug between males is considered gay.
    Imagine that!
    Males have to adhere to a Marlboro ideal, of the brooding, strong-jawed, aloof male squinting from a distance and only relating to others through violence and scorn.

    Guns have substituted penises there.

    Look at this:
    See how, despite her agreement for peace between us, she can't help herself from attacking me.
    There's a reason for it.
    I'll explain.

    She does not understand communion and intimacy.
    There must be distance between her and what she covets so that she can deny the attraction.
    She’s torn between needing certain things and her perception of her ideals, which force her to deny her needs.
    Schizophrenia ensues.
    What did Freud say about repressing emotions? He called it hysterics.

    Watch as she pushes everything away, because all that has touched her has hurt her.

    She feels the same need to be liked and to be admired and to have friends and to display her abilities and her sexual desires.
    And she hates these things about her self.
    She thinks it’s weak so she pushes down her humanity.
    She cannot accept it.
    She hates what reminds her of her imperfections and all the things that determine her nature. So she attacks anything that expresses these things openly and with little inhibition.

    There's more to it, but given the circumstances I think it prudent to stop at that.

    Look at this from the Masculinity and Madness thread:
    Notice how she flatters and insults me in one fell swoop.

    I’m the only male in that group, so she finds me worthy of being included within it. I'm honored.
    She can't completely deny the quality of my mind, so she focuses on how it is displayed to find reasons to distance herself from it and to maintain the illusion of superiority, when she really feels inferior.

    She hates me for reminding her of parts of herself, she cannot completely deny, so she insults by emasculating me, in the process.

    She cannot accept her nature.
    So she attacks whatever reminds her of what she is.
    She denies displays, even while conducting them.
    She despises a certain type of femininity she cannot conform to or feels belittled by.
    The Lucysnow types, the Bells, the
    She attacks them because she wants to be like them and hates herself for it.
    She attacks herself through the other.
    Look at this:
    A despicable display, if you ask me.
    If anything Fenris has been nothing but good to her. At least in public.
    He’s praised and worshiped her, he cried on her shoulder and asked for her support.
    He wanted to be her friend and her confident and...her .....

    Yet, she attacks him in public now, as if he were a nobody and his loyalty meant nothing to her.
    Why does he deserve a public flogging?
    I’ve had my confrontations with Fenris, mostly because he chose to attack me, but even I did not think he deserved public ridicule from someone that he showed affections for.

    Here the attempt at distancing herself from him is made.
    She pushes him away, in full view of everyone else.
    She did not pm or e-mail.
    She had to do it in public, so all would see.
    She’s saying;
    “Contrary to popular opinion, this male was never and will never be mine, nor I his. He is pathetic and worthy of my public debasement. I deserve better than him. He is my opposite. He is weak.”
    This leaves the doors open to any new suitors; any new inverted nexus’s or Mephura's that might come along and be taken by her style.

    She’ll deny it of course.
    Any male that shows some interest must be perfect or else. Any sign of vulnerability or imperfection will be met with hatred from her.
    Because she wants to be raised and not reminded of her self, by the people she associated with.
    She despises parts of her nature and so attacks anything that reminds her of them.
    She attacks everything and anything.
    She cannot be touched so her only alternative is to be slapped.

    She finds your attempts to flatter me and to show admiration as undignified.
    She finds any show of human affection as unseemly.
    Especially since they are not turned on her, so that she can at least garner some pleasure from it.

    So you differentiate according to consequences, even if motive remains the same?
    I agree, there is a difference between selfishness that endeavors to harm and one that wishes to prevent it.

    There’s not a willful motive, but there is a motive behind it.

    But then who would be Queen?

    Honour, nobility, self-respect, and integrity, are self-imposed limitation to our Will.
    It’s what distinguishes one person from another.

    Mercy is one of the most sublime human inventions.
    It’s man saying ‘enough is enough’ to the universe.
    Of course not all deserve it.


    I give them the benefit of the doubt, knowing that they cannot help themselves from acting in accordance to their nature.
    It’s what entertains me.
    It’s the absurdity of life and of mankind.
    I started a thread on it called Humor but, as was expected, it didn’t receive any participation.
    I guess this Forum is now completely involved in interpersonal relationships.

    It is human nature but that does not absolve one of the responsibilities.
    It is why a god had to be created to unburden us from the weight of guilt.

    Did you notice how perfectly the title fit the participation?

    Yes…and I once cried while hugging a tree.

    She is free because I would not soil my dignity by making someone tolerate my presence.

    I have no experience with this.
    My addiction to control is my bane and my glory.
    It is what has made me see, but also what prevents me from fully participating.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2005
  14. cole grey Hi Valued Senior Member

    WANDERER says, "I guess this Forum is now completely involved in interpersonal relationships."

    You lie in the bed you make/are making.
  15. WANDERER Banned Banned

    Not complaining, I'm commenting.

    I can go either way.
    Discussing abstractions can be fun and so can watching human behavior.
  16. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Yes. It's all about the certain queen, yes? Or is it the fact that it seems that every post you make, regardless of the thread topic or participants, echoes with the strident cries of Gendahling or some such attempted debasement of your arch-nemesis, the Forum Queen? You really are obsessed with her, you know. Far more so than any of us whom some would call her 'he-bitches'.

    And another thing that people (I at least) find distasteful about you has just been demonstrated once more in this very thread with your number one post with your new moniker. Where'd it go? Your wonderful post has vanished. Could it be moderator interference? Or is it just more of your cowardice? Do you realize how annoying it is to have people delete themselves out of a conversation?

    And look. Now you've done it to Wanderer who was treating you so kindly. You leave him looking the fool conversing with ghosts. Why? Who knows. You probably decided that Pink Noise wasn't a good name and so you're registering for a new on or something.

    195 posts for the good An>roid.v2. And how many have you deleted? And before that with your earlier nicknames?

    But, this is just TOO perfect:

    Really. Really. Funny. And wonderfully ironic.
    But, I guess reading the posts of those you're trying to ridicule would be too much work and you'd risk corrupting the innocence of your mysterious mind, eh?
    Ha ha.
    Come on. Do it with me. Everybody.
    Hee hee.

    By the way, this thread has gone so far off topic that it's not even funny. The topic is why honesty leads to disrespect. Not the nature of respect. Or the nature of the Forum Queen who you two so love to discuss with every other word.

    Really, why don't you two get together to write a book on the subject? Think of it. You'll be famous at last. And all thanks to the Forum Queen.

    Cole Grey,

    Just who the hell do you think you are? Coming in here and being the voice of reason and all that good shit.

    As Gendanken said elsewhere, you're a breath of fresh air. Don't leave anytime soon.
    And how surprising it is too, considering our initial meeting. I was sure that you were a condescending self-righteous prick when you came in talking smack on the quotes.


    Not really surprising. Many threads follow such a course. Especially those that aren't inflammatory or excessively brief.
    However, I do plan on responding to it, I just haven't as of yet. Been sick and not really up to any serious posts at the moment.
    So... Fuck Off!!
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2005
  17. Fenris Wolf Banned Banned

    I must have done something particularly abominable. She has done me the greatest insult, given me that which cannot be changed, regardless of circumstance or later explanation.
    She has given me their pity. And now remains aloof for her chancellor to clean up afterwards and prove his loyalty once more.

    I take pride in knowing that it is the act on her part itself which hurts more – not the pity or sympathy extended by others as a result of it. Their pity is a light touch, easily swept aside. Her actions are not.
    I wonder if she stings, now, seeing her gift unwrapped and left on the table where she placed it.
    I will never know. She hides well.

    I am clean.
  18. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Jesus, lord, men.

    You just told me what you haven't done, Wolf.

    You'll never guess, and it does sting.

    Ask yourself who I go invisible for.

    Please. No. Cum.Back.
    I love you.

    Shut the fuck up.

    Thread's dead, Lava sucks, and 2 days unitl my full blown depression.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2005
  19. cole grey Hi Valued Senior Member

    Fenris- I still like you but watching you snuffle up to Gend is kind of pitiful. You too are lying in the bed you make for yourself.
    Oh... also, there is little that is unchangeable.

    Invert- Our little scuffle was fun. It was useful as an introduction to two of the people on here who can actually think beyond the memories of things they have learned.

    Gendanken - The world needs your mind. Don't give up.

    The thread is how honesty leads to respect? Good.
  20. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Cole Grey:
    Easy for someone who does not have the dread, terror, horror of a birthday coming up to say.
    Funny they call it birthday, when with each day of it you die.

    I'm not "giving up"- I just loathe these predicaments of biology.

    Not 'fear', loathe.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2005
  21. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    What happened to the herpes brand of tranny art I thought I saw in this thread?

    It was a deliciously revolting commentary on venerial disease, gender ambiguity and the generally hideous image such notions conjure in the minds of men. I assume. I mean, thats what I took from it knowing nothing of the pieces history.

    So aesthetically displeasing, it jumped out and offended the appreciator.
    A courageous and defiant piece. You could swear it litterally stunk when you looked at it. You feared for your health while in it's presence. So powerful it was, that an effective means of torture would be forcing someone to sit in the same room with it.
    A paedophile would be wise to present the ultimatum; fuck me or look at this picture, if he desired that his victim display enthusiasm.

    Who was the mysterious artist?
  22. pink:noise Banned Banned

    I didn't mean *that* literally. Bored, as in: "not again!".

    I recall criticising Xev for the very same thing last year: you too, gendanken, presuppose me (or anyone like me), unable to fit me into your compact box of predefined assumptions. I can understand how frustrating that can get while pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are flying all over the place, all disconnected and stuff -- and especially whilst attitude is urgently pressing.

    So now that you understand the nature of my "boredom", the rest of your lovely poem no longer applies. However, when I'm truly bored: I literally go blank. A sort of out-of-body experience. So... who will try to convince me that boredom is self-serving?

    Another stigma. BTW, I don't belong to any caste -- unless you wanna paint the Galactic Union of Civilized Planets one big solemn milky family, then, of course, I'm in. (Just to let you understand where my head is at -- up in the heavens, not lost in some petty myriad of dingy hierarchies.)

    But you would tattoo me? I'm sure not.

    How was I to know? SchEEze. I only noticed that it was posted in the wake of the Jean Genet period. Besides, my appreciation for your poem was forbidden 'cuz I instantly saw that it was not meant to be appreciated. And I hate becoming a hapless voyeur. And feminine heat is not my sort of thing. You know, there's something of the sacrilege, tho', with porn art forms. That's why "secret" rooms exist for a select audience. Such, uhm, delicate works, I suppose. I've never been in one, of course, but I hear the Vatican has one. That really offends the principles I stand for. The voyeurs into the human spirit that is Christianity! How gruesome.

    Anyway, when I've had seconds, I might delete my slop afterwards -- I so hate dried up vomit. Besides, I have to deal with a very strict sobriety during "normal" times that will immediately take eminence next day, demanding -- as it should, in fact. So I don't delete simply because "things get too uncomfortable", as you assumed, but because I can reprehend myself at Will. That, I'm sure, is one of those new dandy moralities being heralded by our spiffy digital age. We *do* have the option to edit or delete ourselves from some unknown data bank! Or so we should. (I would actually like to explore that concept further as "art". Still munching on it tho'. But it will have to be amateurish, if I follow your encouragement, since you don't exactly approve of art that doesn't enslave or some such thing. Which is fine, absolutely fine, because that is how you work. But not me. I have my own approach. And it suits me fine. Wink.

    I don't know who or what you are insinuating here, and why my reverence should be dampened. It doesn't make sense, gendanken! We're not dealing with intimate porn, are we? If you can post dirty poems, then why shouldn't I be permitted to post crazy reverence? Too insane, perhaps? I never said you couldn't post what you did. I simply referred to it as a, uh, as a critique. What we all do best around here, I believe. Anyway, poetry is not my bag. Too indirect for my taste. But I like songs sung tho'.

    I confessed a long time ago, on several occasions, that I was no a writer- or a reader-type person. But you probably missed those. Does one require the craft for writing just to communicate? Granted, I don't twist and turn like you or Xev or Wanderer or Fenris Wolf or even that foxy lunatic, but frankly, you can, at times, come off as being a bit of a Dali. I'm pleased tho' with my own achievements 'cuz I've come a long way, baby. So I won't let *that* prejudice exclude anybody else's frame of mind, for I respect the act of communication too much; that which writing owes its own allegiance to. However, if you mean that my *intelligence* is amateurish, then I can only assume that sapience is a damnable certified art form in your world. And that would be a bit of a drag, right?

    No -- you've got it wrong. Here, allow me:
    I wouldn't say that, gendanken. My tutelage requires enlightenment, peace, quietness, solitude, rest, and trust. My masters send me to battle as their son. My enemies mean to destroy my credibility -- thereby destroying my masters. Respect, with my enemies, is a distraction, often a clever ploy. Disrespect is a red flag. No one here is my enemy, tho'. You just all get on my nerves sometimes! But I know I do too. So we're even.

    Or, perhaps, like your art, that's how you learn? America is tough. I realize that now.


    Thanx. It's been waiting in the wings since last year.

    But even my own civility and interest don't always add up to civility or interest. I deleted, btw, my two posts because of a personal contretemps I couldn't resolve regarding those and the current (then) climate of Sciforums. Not because of two certain somethings that each held, although those were compensations for deletion. I'm grateful you didn't bother to quote your part, tho', thereby eliminating a surplus tax on my part. Were you being intuitive when you edited your post? Because when I logged in to delete, I was still at the tail of the thread. Had anyone done a followup, I might have reconsidered -- depending on the contents of their replies. So since no one had responded at the time, I thought, what the hell. At least I was still interested enough to delete myself out, which meant I cared about my inputs -- thus all of your reactions. (roll eyes.) I'm afraid Lexus_invert has it all upside down. I hadn't realized the extra twist I caused. It feels weird. But hey, like Joplin sang, "get it while you can."

    Then, at that level weakness is no longer a weakness but an effect, I should think. It's like the result of something, that weakness. The cause for it is unfamiliar and must be localized. Then ratified and determined and tested. Thus is how mankind is detected, I believe, because it all fits in so well at the other end. Or at least that's what I've noticed. The cause usually leaves a trace, for it typically originates from an outlying circumstance. Know thyself? I'm not saying we are perfect, but that our imperfections are often times the result of damnable circumstance -- that could be changed at the other end.

    Slinging spears. I'm afraid my targets have become quite distant now: I must metamorphose into a new being just to reach them. And I am finding resistance: the outlying environment is incredibly tense and hostile. And bustling. It's disturbing at times. And noisy.

    Of course not. Similarly, I have long ago discovered that my gayness and my masculinity can manifest independently from each other; I mean my gayness will not dictate nor intrude where it couldn't make sense for it to do so. And I leave it at that. I mentioned this in Xev's Schizoid thread last year: half the time I'm not even aware I'm gay. Nor male! However, I believe that gendanken is hinting of a renewed "interest" on my part. She couldn't be more wrong. Hope that doesn't disappoint! lol. I suspect it's not from me though that she is perceiving this from. For all your acuteness, gendanken, you should have noted that my initial participation here in this thread was a continuance of another thread and an appreciation for Duendy's thoughts. I *was* an innocent participator:

    I find those old world gestures incredibly charming and civilized. And two women too, walking along together, arms entwined, laughing, or deeply conversing. Communal affection at its most relaxed. A welcoming neutrality. And an acknowledgement that is a painless perk. But I can't stand a women's touch. Unless she understands thoroughly, and even then some...

    The reason for that is that they are, quite frankly, boringly unperceptible about their short-comings and underhandedly paranoid -- but always so imperitive on the surface: a steel-cold phallus symbolizing potency, defense, repellence and status -- and the ever helpful crutch for an incredibly terror-phobic and vengeful ego: the neocons play their mob well. And the imagery of two men or women getting along together too well would pose too much of a marketing nightmare. Shame, isn't it? Show me a government who cares for their people, and I will show you the galaxy.

    Well, none of that is any of my business, nor do I care much -- Fenris Wolf showed gallantry and support during your Valentine's thread when all of you were ripping me apart (except Lucy). But then he had to go and kick me in the crotch last summer... I'm sure he stifled his sneer. It didn't hurt, mind you, but presented a new perspective. So let him taste what I had to go thru last year in Night of the Living Dead.

    To be fair, about this exposure stuff, lets not ignore the medium that this platform relies on. And it's a pseudo-type medium that's still stretching its form. Newer technology will transform it, of course -- but also complicate reality as we know it. I mean, we're projecting our views of reality into an invisible stratosphere. But not many realize this. Homo sapiens have never, in all of its millions of years, experienced this projection. Think about: millions of years of psychic development, and now finally it discovers its true medium because part of that stratosphere is actually the collective psyche that we all are a part of, floating up there in space, hanging like smog around the planet.

    So the psychic human collective hasn't yet been realized enough, I feel, or acknowledged enough because each and everyone present -- and we are all a representative of our global localities -- each one present here is still too conscious of their proper realities; their local environments, and the bathroom mirror is always near-by. They don't realize the impact of their psyches -- not their words, but the spirit behind those words. And the will behind those words. And motive and stuff. So the computer screen will either project their very own private worlds back at them, full-force, like the mirror does, and embellish that privacy of existence, or the screen will be a windowpane to a real live civilization connecting invisibly somewhere up there in the stratosphere. I'm presently viewing the net as some sort of precursor to a future of telepathy. We are learning, I believe, how to communicate without having to yap yap yap. Didn't I say I had geek alien comrades flying motherships? Lol. AND -- yet another reason why I come here at Sciforums: learning how to infiltrate telepathy into the human psyche. (I'm toying with the idea of becoming an emotive vibe stabiliser. That would entail first-contact teams. Travel-travel-travel. All very very exciting. Too much, eh?)

    Well I wouldn't call it flattery, nor admiration, Wanderer. For all my "wildness", I too enjoy civility, and a good fuckin' chat, man (I'm funner when I'm drunk -- but I haven't drank much: has it shown?). I'm surprised tho' at this outcome. Unpredicted change of scenery. But it'll remain distant. Don't worry.

    (Damn. I had *wanted* to slip into my exit plan for this week -- and here I am writing endlessly! My timing is not off! I swear. But all of yours' is... Nobody actually reads this pussy stuff, right? (You see, a telepathic exchange has already taken place, and continues to take place.)

    Consequence is innocent, I think. Motive originates from Will. Will from Character. Character from Self. Hence motive is a circuitous lead to the Self, thus Self itself. Motive has its flavours, as do character, which is a facet of Self. Consequence is the result of an equation, so what math is the Self? (I was just musing, skip it.)

    Right! The Self is Selfless when it breathes because the Self switches to its other form -- the machine! (I've always wondered why modern man, who is still very much medieval man, adapted so well to the automobile -- the Self is also a Machine. But who cares, right?)

    Gendanken reincarnates as Barbarella?

    Oh no. I see it as the opposite. These virtues will enhance, extenuate the Will's capacity for performance because the Will will design traction and direction -- not limit itself to endless circulation.

    I never thought of it that way. But isn't mercy also punitive? Perhaps mercy can also be perverted?

    They slaughtered my solitary tree at the airfield, you know. I'll never forgive the city for this.

    She seemed sympathetic though. Like your sister. But none of that is any of my business, for she's not here to represent herself. I'm sorry I brought it up.

    I was upset when I saw you using the exact same word gendanken used against me about "mystery". I suddenly felt a cold draft. So I slammed the door shut. But now I'm over it. Gone. All melted away. Perhaps you both had a point, tho'. I'm sorry about my "sensitiveness". I too can get on my nerves, you know. Even when no one is around.
    Note: how do we end this thread?
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2005
  23. cole grey Hi Valued Senior Member

    The beauty found through depression is the mark of an alchemist.
    Found what I like about pinknoise/android/whoever you are.

    Now I just need wanderer to put down the politic-speak, and open up and say something, and my detective work here will be finished.

    Maybe it will have to wait for another thread...

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