The power of anomalies

Discussion in 'UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters' started by Magical Realist, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    MR didn't post his opinions.

    "from post #2" where I asked MR to post his opinions, what is wrong with that?


    Or, is it safe to say I don't appear smart enough to you? Would that be because I don't go and simply paste other peoples words?
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  3. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    post 74 was about 2 scientists who discovered anomalies
    and their struggles with their data

    no comment?
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  5. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    There was no motivation in your post that would lead anybody to watch the videos. What are we supposed to take away from them? You haven't made them relevant.
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  7. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Watching these would take 45 minutes of my day I don't have for such trivia. What point is made?
  8. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    Ok and exchemist:
    Point taken
    Both videos were of scientists who found anomalies----game changers--- paradigm shifters.

    The first video was of paleoclimatology, wherein the team led by Julie Brigham-Grette discovered superinterglacials. They became anxious that no current climate model could encompass their data... when your data does not conform to the current paradigm, it seems as though it is extraordinary proofs time.
    Great stuff they found there---including the superinterglacial mis 11 which coincides with the time that south African heidelbergensis reached over 7 ft tall with 1800 cc cranial capacity. How nice to have a climate paradigm which fits an archaeological peculiarity. Meanwhile it took them about 2.5 years to gather enough outside agreement/support for their findings before they published.

    and then
    The second video is by and about Tom Dillehay who excavated monte verde in Chile which was a pre-Clovis site.
    Once again a paradigm(Clovis first) was threatened. Despite gathering a team of experts supporting and corroborating the findings and associated dates, Tom suffered attacks from the Clovis first mob that lasted almost 20 years. On a good day, he was accused of sloppy workmanship, and on a bad day he was accused of fraud. Many have supposed that the reason he was doubted was because the find was in the southern hemisphere. There is and was a tendency in the sciences to ignore or disregard information derived from that hemisphere----this was evident in the slow time that it took to recognize continental drift. Meanwhile circa 1997 Professor Dillehay was finally vindicated.

    Both linked showed the wonder and dangers of paradigm changers.
    Both relate to my areas of interest.
    How silly of me to assume that both were known to and appreciated by damned near everyone.
    mea culpa
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