The Poltergeist Machine

Discussion in 'UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters' started by Magical Realist, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Magical Realist Valued Senior Member

    It's probably not a stretch to say that on some level we are basically electromagnetic entities. What we are seeing with our bodies is essentially the effect of a brain-internal electomagnetic field selectively guiding the synaptic firings to make us sense and move. All that is required to posit a ghost or a poltergeist is a field structure induced by a conglomerate of wood/rock/metal for such a proto intelligence to subsist and feed off atmospheric EMF and present brains. The intelligence might evolve in a self-organizing way, naturally selected towards personality by the rewarding emotional reactions of the persons present. Here's an intriguing case of poltergeist activity being generated inadvertently by high voltage electrical equipment:
    "Consider the experimental findings of John Hutchison, the electromagnetics pioneer in British Columbia, Canada. After running his devices for a certain length of time, effects began to occur that were identical to what have come to be regarded as poltergeist phenomena. Paranormal researcher Albert Budden has asserted, "(Hutchison's) discovery reveals without a doubt that poltergeist activity is electromagnetic in nature."

    Some of the documented Hutchison effects are; objects of various materials levitating into the air or moving about and then falling, fires appearing in unlikely places, and from a distance of 80 feet away, a mirror smashed. Solid metal also distorted, broke, or became white hot but didn't burn any surrounding materials, water swirled in containers and strange lights appeared in the air and suddenly vanished.

    According to Albert Budden, "Everything that psychical researchers have been documenting for decades as poltergeist activity and that priests have been called in to exorcise, eventually turned up in the laboratory where John Hutchison's device operated. Although it was made up of different parts, it operated as a single entity, and phenomena occurred in the same unpredictable way as reported poltergeists: You could be there for days and nothing would happen, then suddenly coins would flip and fly, water would swirl and a transformer would blow."

    There are of course skeptics and scientists who assert that all poltergeist activity that they can't prove as fraud, are either self-delusion or pseudo-psychic phenomena. For instance, under some circumstances they believe poltergeists are caused by scientifically explained obscure physical effects such as electromagnetic fields, static electricity, ionized air, abnormal air currents, underground tremors or infra and ultra-sound..."===

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  3. Russ_Watters Not a Trump supporter... Valued Senior Member

    Yes, that's correct. Externally, some of the forces we feel come from gravity and pretty much everything else about how we operate is electromagnetic. That's basically the definition of "chemistry".
    That's gibberish. Specifically:
    "field structure"
    "induced by"
    "conglomerate of wood/rock/metal"
    "proto intelligence"
    "feed off atmospheric EMF"

    All of those are just sciencey sounding terms that don't belong in the same sentence together and are therefore meaningless as written.
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