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    Brains are of different sizes, so can be any size. What happens when the size is 0?

    The data flow through any active thing is:
    nature -> sensors -> brain -> motors -> nature

    Remove Brain and you have:

    nature -> sensors -> motors -> nature

    The functions here have a functional complexity of 1. To get above one in complexity you must add a brain.
    (functional complexity = sensors/motors.)

    Notice that a brain has flow from motors to sensors.

    Sensors remove units of measurment. Motors add units of measurement. So a brain reads numbers, adds units of measurment if needed, does a computation, then becomes a sensor and removes units of measurement again.

    Replace brain with neuron or with node and all this above remains true.

    Valentino Braitenberg Wrote a book "Vehicles", MIT Press 1994
    "Experiments in Synthetic Psychology" is what he called its contents.
    To bad he did not know how to make a brain.

    I made some brain code for all the vehicles that had proper description. I sent this to a reviewer of the book. Got no response of any kind.
    Perhaps it is good that he did not know how to build a brain.
    It has not helped me.
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