The Neo Conservatist Agenda

Discussion in 'World Events' started by 7DZ, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. 7DZ Registered Senior Member

    The so-called "Neo Conservative" doctrine of American foreign policy asserts that in this post cold war era where America is essentially the only superpower, America should carry a big stick and use it when necessary to defend its interests. Pre-emption has become the key.

    Paul Wolfowitz, an academic and currently US deputy secretary of defence, is said to be leading the charge. Among his supporters are Donald Rumsfeld, his boss, and other key figures in the Pentagon.

    When Wolfowitz's ideas first emerged in a leak of a draft defence document, the then US administration was taken back and officials were quick to sanitized his document and played down such ideas.

    Post September 11, when the new president became receptive to ideas to counter terrorism, Wolfowitz's ideas would re-emerge in force - the public labelling of "the axes of evil", the invasion of Iraq without explicit UN security council backing, etc.

    In opposition is Colin Powell, currently US secretary of state, once an infantry soldier who saw the real pains of war in Vietnam. He sees the diplomatic, multi-lateral path as the primary solution for long term stability.

    What are your views on what is happening?
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  3. It is not only neo-conservatives, it is also zionist jewish agenda.

    the zionist jews who control America are directing its foreign policy to serve the Israeli interests first.

    cant you see how they made the U.S. administration IGNORE the grave threat coming from N.Korea ??

    They will only wake up to this Jewish influence when the N.Koreans nukes started falling over the American cities.
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  5. Allahs_Mathematics Mar'Ifah Ahl As-Suffah Registered Senior Member

    I belive this neo-conservatism to be a well thought tactic/strategy from jewish side . It is absolutely not so that it is the neo-conservatives who actually run the show , the reason they are at top os because their interests collide with those of the jews , and a nice coherent unity comes out..... an american dream-like thing .

    So i do believe neo-conservatism to play a strong role . but not an independent role , not at all . If u know the rumours and theories of Jews cretaing the atheist revolution (nietzche etc) , im not a buyer really of that shit , but its in that direction u gotta c the neo-conservatives . They are functional more then they are powerfull .

    If u check at the capitalism in todays USA jewry....its no surprise they are living in the most capitalist state ever . Same thing happened with the commies (Lenin/Trotsky etc) ......its a matter of fitting in , assimilation and adapting the system to your latest assimilation , as in creating something new and strong together......same thing with neo conservatism . It goes along well with the uncle-tomism of the billionaire Jews...who seem able to adapt toward the power interesting to them (be it atheism , be it christianity) .

    Nkorea not to be cared about , has not only Jewish motives , but capitalistic motives . And thats the biggest trick ever pulled , the next big one after communism . The Jews have created the situation in whitch theit own capitalistic benefits equalize the capitalistic benefits of the state . Of course the big difference is that the jews themselves are not capitalist at all , but nationalists (zionists) ..... big up to the Jews ......... they pulled of some shit I couldnt even imagine to be possible . Somebody somewhere mentioned a low jewish Iq (and i care little for such a sad concept of IQ) , if we speak of intelligence.......i must say the jes are about the smartest people on this planet when it comes to self-development/self-persevering and survival ....... I havent seen anybody even reaching half of the levels reached by the Jews in this way of being .
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  7. 7DZ Registered Senior Member

    As an outsider to the arab-israeli conflict I must admit that it is difficult to understand the extent of hate that I'm finding here and there in regard to Israel.

    But in the end it's just a property dispute, isn't it? Israel was formed artificially and it apparently displaced some Arabs. And there is today conflicting claims over Jerusalem from all three religions.

    The (racist) idea that Jews are rich and overly capitalistic is actually from the European side of anti-sematism. The reason is early Christians were forbidden to perform banking and to collect interest. So some Jewish people took on this role in Europe and they accummulated wealth as a result. So actually this argument should not be in arabic form of anti-sematism?!

    In the end I imagine America and Israel and almost every other country only wants peace and stability - that is, to ensure national security.
  8. 7DZ Registered Senior Member

  9. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    The kind of anti-semitism seen in this thread is an easy knee-jerk reaction to current US foreign policy. It totally underestimates the complexity of the US democracy and diversity of views which exist in the US by attributing everything "bad" to one minority group.

    Back to the topic of the thread...

    I think that current US policy is short-sighted. Ultimately, strong-arm tactics will only create enemies for the US. They should be a last resort. If the US continues along its present course, I think it will see a dramatic increase in terrorism on its home soil.

    Diplomacy is definitely the way to go, unless there is no other option for maintain world order according to international law.

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