The Hazaras of Afghanistan

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    Since whitewolf has shown an interest in why the Hazaras are persecuted in Afgahnistan since the last century.

    The Hazaras are the descendents of Turks and Persian rulers who ruled over the native Pashtuns of Afghanistan.

    Disregarding the stories of their origin and reign and their long history in the region:
    one can move to 1818, when the Hazaras were relatively independent.

    And then came the British

    The British played a two fold game. First they supported the neighboring Abdul Rehman and backed by British funds and arms, the Hazaras were defeated and later oppressed.

    After the British had taken over Hazara, they divided it into several tehsils for administrative purposes.
    Then the British supported the pro-British Habibullah to topple the government of Amanullah. The Hazaras supported Amanullah and when the British coup failed, found themselves once again marginalised as non-Pashtuns

    In the then spirit of nationalism, they became the non-nationalists, and their culture was declared taboo.

    The Hazaras also opposed the Soviet occupation:

    When after the Soviets, Rabbani came to power (1990s), he continued with the colonial politics:
    Which led to then trying for an alliance with the Taliban.

    Why the Taliban murdered Mazari is a mystery.

    Their own version of the story is that Mazari grabbed a gun and in the resulting skirmish was killed along with six Taliban guards and nine other leaders of the Wahadat.
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