The Gift or Plight of Words.

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  1. Anew Life isn't a question. Banned

    It is that this thread facets in the area of psychology as well, As linguistics does.
    It could be a poll, relative to ones relationship to words: "1.relative to produced material containing words: do you relax enjoying/infusing variable text, text books, movies, .tv shows, music,theatre,radio shows,human interactions: created material (with words and or sound utterance) in the exact value presented with standard agreement" Or "2.Do you keep yourself in place of what herent nonbiased good is and therefore standardly view produced material and human interactions as discernible with something literally of integral nonbiased value to mention"

    Aside, words aren't invented or to create nonequality.!
    Another poll" or simply platform for discussion:^

    here the psychological aspect involved: somewhat answered in the above statement.. of 'words aren't invented to create nonequality'
    Yes, it is that common nonequality arises from the emotional unequal positionality that arises relative to his or her consciousness of handeling of words, and produced material inclusive of words and ?sounds.

    Ahh.. here have the precept of emotional equality, wonderfully beautiful.

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    such begins with self. hmm.. And ones relationship to words and therefore 'Life.

    intruiged: by the precept of emotional equality relative to choice relative to 'consciousness. Ahh the beauty of words and satisfication with good can be even if it isn't presenting itself.

    )picture of the an adultish person walking pleasantly outside thus creating equanimity for he or herself to aceede common fail by enjoying the bliss of feeling free in the nonwordy equanamity of the outdoors.

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