The false halo

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by birch, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. birch Valued Senior Member

    I've noticed that many new ager's and metaphysicists are also inclined to be blindly assumptive that such concepts as angels and light are always a source of honesty, ethics, and good. I also notice the ones who are most dangerous push the extremist views of these as infallible or trustworthy. They are blindly trusting and tend to assume the astral realm is a magical higher realm where it's all skittles and rainbows with no serpents of deceit if garbed in the appearance of some form of religious or ethereal motif.

    They seem unawares that a being in the form of an ethereal or even fragile appearance can be malevolent, unethical and untrustworthy. the deception is because the process is not obvious, it is done by using subtlety, seduction, blindsiding and especially guilt or low self-esteem.

    When I read some metaphorical interpretations of what angels (social memes) supposedly want humans to do, I realize some are often perpetuating evil in the guise of innocence. It's actually socially irresponsible, even obnoxious and bullyish in disguise.

    One of the main tactics is instead of strong-arming a victim, which anyone could detect a mile away as well as being very obvious, the ruse is to convince one to be a WILLING victim instead using very manipulative, even conventional (but often erroneous, exaggerated, misleading, extremist etc) ethical platitudes.

    The key aspects and clues of this ruse is it will ask you for 1) self-sacrifice, and 2) complete forgiveness, especially of others and is very vague, pie in the sky and unrealistic dangerous/irresponsible if practiced to this extreme and is insisted as 'ethical.'

    If you think about it, you will realize just how utterly ethically perverted this is using innocent pretense of allurement/guise based on subtle feelings of guilt for no rational reason. Very jezebel in metaphor but veiled as somehow heroic. The real root of this dynamic is that the one who is more selfish will benefit greater. It is literally the very opposite of trying to 'save' people or improve their lives or promote ethics. Instead, it is asking you to be a victim of unfairness as if there is a ridiculously (buzzed) drunk assumption in society that self-sacrifice is always somehow justified versus the sacrifice of others. when in reality, both of these are horribly sad. true ethics is about trying to distinguish the points of balance and fairness.

    Another aspect I've noticed is that it foregoes all boundaries as if they are unnecessary, equates everyone as being equal and thus deserving of forgiveness, love and acceptance for any situation and at all times. Another blatant one I read was insisting that people should be open to any and all people and experiences because the 'divine' must have willed it to be or it was providence, destiny and that there is always a beautiful lesson in it for you etc, etc. It also promotes practicing absolutely no discernment or discrimination, again, using the lure (even guilt) that people should not be judged. it is that abjectly extreme.

    so, if you were the proverbial devil masquerading as the light, this would be a very good tactic. much more sophisticated but not to those who have some brain cells and common sense. unfortunately, you have people like this who try to push these evil platitudes shrouded as ethical onto you or else you are a mean or not so nice person. they don't realize they are the assholes. i'm sorry but asking others to be a doormat because of an obviously irresponsible metaphor makes you a bad person, even if your stupidity isn't aware of it. actually, it just means I understand real ethics better.

    the concrete and real manifestation and result of these extremes doesn't result in promoting ethics or good but in defeating and weakening the victim while empowering the evil/unfairness it supposedly claims (on the surface) it wants to remedy.

    after all, it is literally a masochist and sadist dance. then there is no devil or angel. it is exactly the same with different appearances and methods. in effect, both are promoting evil itself.

    the true metaphorical angel/halo of righteousness is neither of those two extremes.
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  3. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 69 years old Valued Senior Member

    Most aspects of gods are exaggerate aspects of humans to give the story more punch but still keep the anthropomorphism aspect to make them relatable

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  5. birch Valued Senior Member

    Yes, one can often choose knowingly to sacrifice at times in their life for a cause, where there has been unfair inequity or to be a good Samaritan but this ruse is often used by people who are unethical and trying to get over or use you also. it can be used by both genders too. I've noticed that this ploy is conveniently used by those who have hidden malice or envy toward another as if their wants or needs are paramount and based on no rational or legitimate grounds.

    With any social metaphor, it should be grounded in reality and common sense. No, you can't and shouldn't be open to any and all people and situations because of your mistaken belief (someone priviledged or relatively sheltered, no doubt wrote it) that all experiences and people bring you a positive lesson. That is not the real world and universe we live in. in fact, if you don't use discernment and discrimination, the only lesson you may get out of a situation or person, is not to repeat such.

    Also, if someone is in a leaky boat, two people going down with it is hardly a solution. Unless, it's someone you love personally and choose to do that, it's irrational. People who choose unhealthy life objectives or lifestyle or simply not in your best interest or even desires who want you to sacrifice (your goals, desires, dreams, wants and needs) for them or join them using some form of vague attempts at guilt trips of irrational altruism are narcissistic, users and human scum. Oh, and this is the most bizarre one of all: if they can muster up any feelings for you at all, you owe them just based on their desires alone.

    This is the most dangerous part of being a humanitarian is interpret that you are supposed to or required to be giving to anyone for any want or reason or for anything that you may have. That you are required to be altruistic to them simply based on the notion, they may perceive you have more or have the ability to improve them or their lives. Nevermind, they don't operate that way. Somehow, you are supposed to sacrifice for them as if you don't have the same rights or its not as important. Just from the very fact they can see you have some compassion, it's seen as a right to exploit that to the fullest possible extent on their end and for you to give. these types of people tend to see unselfish people as deserving of exploitation to give everything of themselves, as if they were put on this earth for this purpose. it is interpreted as a social obligation.

    I once had a man actually state verbatim, "but you are compassionate......," when I said I am not interested in a friend of his beyond platonic help, in a very aggressive, sarcastic, nasty, grudgingly entitled tone that hinted that compassion itself is a weakness to be exploited fully. It literally made me shudder cold and made my skin crawl.

    From my extensive experience, honestly most people who have tried to get their hooks into me or used such ploys don't deserve shit beyond the essentials and that is shelter, food, clothing and medical care and even that is stretching the term 'humanity' to include such people. Their values and ethics are absolute garbage and untrustworthy.

    These platitudes that float about in society are a favorite default ploy of those who don't mind pulling others down rather than just pulling themselves up or at least to be noble enough to own their situation and resolve to be alone to deal with it. If you have a deadly disease, it's hardly right to ask or expect another to become infected along with you just so you are not alone. NO one who cares for you or has any human decency would expect such. unfortunately, there are a lot of human scum like this.

    I have met a lot of selfish people who want to abuse, take, use etc and are extremely self-entitled. They are just awful. I have gone through hell and back and I still did not expect others to join me in my actual plight. I fought it on my own as well as sought help from organizations like you are supposed to, not looking for additional victims or co-dependents in my life. I have zero sympathy for such people and it makes me angry.
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