The Empty Words of Factless Claims, such as the xyz force.

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by SciWriter, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. SciWriter Valued Senior Member


    We will get on to some actuals of feelings and sensations, but first…

    The Empty Words of Factless Claims, such as the xyz force.

    Purpose: A handy timesaver to reference as a link when people claim truths with no facts, and then just repeat them and still refer to them as true without anything to show.

    Note: Various forces are observed through the science of physics and its instruments, but not an xyz force.

    A typical dialog:

    “There is an xyz force that gives life to life.”

    “That’s a dishonest statement of fact and truth when there is no showing of it.”

    “it comes from ABC, the creator of the universe.”

    “Yet another supposition stated as being true. Very unethical.”

    “There has to be.”

    “That is yet another mere proclamation. Shame.”

    “it’s possible.”

    “See, you are still pronouncing things as true just by the say so. Extremely misleading. You have not shown it to be possible.”

    “i believe by faith.”

    “‘Faith is a word meaning ‘belief in an unknown’, a word by your usage seeming to tae on a meaning of its own as having some substance of reason. You have just said that you believe by reason of ‘unknown’. No go.”

    “You have faith that the sun will come up tomorrow.”

    “Wrong usage, for there are known instances of that happening.”

    “The xyz force operates through the A-plane.”

    “More empty words. Disingenuous.”

    “What if i give them meaning by making them pronounceable, such as that the xyz force is the mysterious or etheric force, the ABC is God, and the A-plane is the astral plane?”

    “Yeah, that may fool some people, such as ‘by faith’ does, but there is still nothing to them, so let’s not do that. You have nothing to show but outright pronouncements, and they even increase by the minute.”

    “Well, they are indescribable and unknowable in their essence.”

    “Yet another baseless declaration, for you do not now that. Tsk, tsk. Plus, you have told me what they are not (describable) but not what they are.” Try again, and maybe tell instead what they do.”

    “ABC made all and operates by the xyz force on the A-plane.”

    “Supposition. Bad, bad to claim as true.”
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  3. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    …On and on anon…

    “Ok, smarty pants, prove that they don’t exist.”

    “Prove about ‘them’? There is no ‘them’ to be known to be so or not. Supposition.”

    “Ha, you can’t.”

    “There’s nothing there to work with. No show, no go, no concern, nothing. There is a lack of anything to deal with.”

    “What if we call the xyz force ‘Lala’?

    “You haven’t named anything known. Why do you keep claiming?”

    “Because i want them.”

    “To take care of you and to explain all?”

    “Yes, for it feels comfortable and when i think about them I feel them.”

    “Duh! Oh, that’s fine, but feeling and sensation does not mean truth.”

    “Oh, well, then they are still true and proved by prophets.”

    “Such continuing dishonesty. Why?”

    “They have been grooved into me, I guess.”

    “You have become unreachable?”

    “Yes, don’t I show it?”

    “You do, but your facts are a no show, a glaring omission.”

    “Yet you believe in no xyx, no ABC, and no AST.”

    “i disbelieve. it’s not a belief. There is no show to show or not show. Empty words. What do you have to show?”

    “They are invisible and undetectable.

    “Another groundless declaration. is there no end to shame?”

    “They could be so.”

    “No, this has not been shown. Where did this ABC come from?”

    “ABC is beyond time; it is timeless.”

    “Yet another pretended truth without proof.”

    “Have faith.”


    Because I say so.”

    “i don’t see anything.”

    “What if I put a million words in a thousand posts about what they do?”

    “Worthless words, and preaching is against the rules, too, for that very reason of no worth.”

    “What do I care!”

    "So, no supernatural can be shown?”

    “Yes it can, everywhere.”
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  5. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    …ad infintium…

    “Only the natural is seen, nothing more.”

    “The supernatural operates exactly as the natural. There’s nothing extra, beyond, or super to see. it’s not measurable as supernatural. instruments can’t see it.”




    “Yes, indeed, truly, and there is an afterlife, as a soul, or a Heaven with us just as we were, or reincarnation or we are all illusions in a universal consciousness in which everything plays out exactly the same as if it were real, or there are seven levels of being.”

    “These bald declarations are not even all the same.”

    “We believers often disagree, but only i am right, for my unknowns are better than their unknowns.”

    “You all can’t get away from the dishonesty of pronouncing notions as fact and truth, can you, as the strong nature of belief ?”

    “I will insult you if your don’t believe”

    “I see that you have reached your last resort.”

    “ABC will punish you in Hell.”

    “Not shown.”

    “You are a dog and a bottom of a shoe.”

    “Are not you against the ego (as Satan) and the use of the profane?”

    “Not in your case, egotesticle.”
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  7. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    And finally:


    “Let us now speak of something actual. Have you tried meditation? One can relax by letting all thoughts go away, especially the intrusive ones. it not only feels good and calming at the time but this practice helps one cope when a real bad emotional situation occurs in life, for you can then call on this technique.”

    “And i can meet God during meditation, prayer, chanting, or in deep focus, feeling no bodily boundaries, no self, and being one with everything, which is ABC.”

    “Sorry, but it has been measured that the neurologicals of the brain areas go quiet, those areas having to do with the body’s boundary and the identification of the self, as even expected when silencing most of one’s going’s on.”

    “Science is nonsense; it is ignorant.”

    “Or you are of it.”

    “The xyz force takes care of everything.”

    “And what is this xyz force again?”

    “i don’t now, really; i can’t explain it; it’s just a name.”

    “Ah, we are getting somewhere about its empty word placeholders?”

    “No, for it really does things.”


    “Let us get on to some actuals.”

    “OK, I’m relieved, too.”

    “Some mystics and believers tend to regard feelings and sensations as showing the presence of God.”

    “Ah, as you have shown, that is an unwarranted conclusion, and unethical when preached as truth.”

    “Through brain science, which some may not care about, we note that the brain makes something of its neurological inputs through its neurology, this often colored by the actions of the chemicals of neurotransmitters that regulate brain traffic and heighten or lower feelings, newness, moods, and sensations. These are molecular events, as we note from observations of the actions of serotonin and dopamine on their varied receptors.”

    “Good, something actual, for we all have feelings and sensations. Please continue.”

    “Some mystics and believers consider only their states of being, and these states of being are blind to the neurological states beneath. They have a “second story” but know nothing of the first floor. They may even disregard science and never get informed of the externals found, relying only on their internals.”

    “They tend to neglect anything contrary to what they want their states of being to represent, which they say is God.”

    “They do, and they believe their own thoughts, feelings, and sensations simply because they have them, as gospel even. perhaps arriving via a mysterious force.”

    “This doesn’t lead to or mean God.”

    "Sensation, sensation, sensation."

    “From the brain and its structure.”
  8. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    What? Do you disagree that religion is man made? It surely is, its an idea that brings millions of people together based on historical events, and theories, thats all. If we want to have a meaningful discussion on God we need the believers to continue to believe, and we need the non-believers to ASSUME G.O.D. is up there.

    I base my belief on the fact that if God made me, he made everyone, and if he can make people, the perfect killing machine, then he surely is capable to make plants, and animals. If he made life forms then water and land scape would have been cake.

    How did he do it? I dont know, but lets speculate that God can interact with matter, manipulate it. Maybe God came to this empty universe, the third dimension with the knowledge of mater and how to manipulate it. Maybe he split a atom, and that was the big bang and that created the stars, and planets including Earth. From there it would be my guess he traveled the universe and learned everything there was to know about science. With this new knowledge, and his natural ability to manipulate mater he came to Earth, or maybe another planet and created the first single cell organism by mixing atoms, and neutrons and all that biology mumbo jumbo.

    This is just a thought, don't get angry at me. This theory sure beats the hell out of it all just started from nothing one day. I know someone will say if God created people why didn't he give us wings... IDK, but there are rules to creation. Think of it as a big old puzzle.
  9. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    At least you are changing to 'if' and 'maybe', but we cannot take those as so either.
  10. arfa brane call me arf Valued Senior Member

    When you say "that is what they do", you mean the thoughts in your head?
  11. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    You also need a rational rationale.

    The slight flaw is that you're speculating that he did make you.

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  12. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    Those proclaiming superstitions as truth.
  13. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    Thou shalt not have impure thoughts.
  14. arfa brane call me arf Valued Senior Member

    Do these proclamations look at all like "science can disprove a personal God"? Or is that claim based only on superstition?
  15. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    No, they look like astrology, reincarnation, astral planes, souls, angels, devils, planet X, and seven levels of being.
  16. SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    XX vs. XY chromosomes…

    So, I see and like that females are doubly rated 'X', but when females do strange things, males must scratch their heads and wonder ‘Y’.
  17. SciWriter Valued Senior Member


    What is this conviction, in many, that innate sense of impression, fond, of those spirits invisible and beyond? Who or what put them there, those notions of the thin air? To investigate, one must put aside the very judgment that descends from the conclusion, deep-rooted, for the inherent blocks its own analysis.

    Whence it came forth, so prevalent, this indwelling urge to believe? The plot ever thickens and twists and turns upon itself, bare—natural selection put it there!

    One can have many feelings that surface from the heredity of long ago. Some are not so good, obviously, and some are even forbidden thoughts. Life’s still emotionally primitive—‘negative’ feedback mechanisms in the central nervous system, some useless, still send out thousands-of-years-old messages.

    And so the feelings may be banished, but subtle is the difference of these and those inklings closer to the boundary of distinction. We don’t fall for thoughts of violence, usually, although it is possible for some to hear these directions as gospel; yet, we may fall for some ‘innocuous’ views, slipping over the threshold, indiscriminate, saying, “Well, I felt it, so thus it must be so.”

    Do we control our thoughts or do our thoughts control us? Could we, silly as it might seem, just be falling, hook and line, for the thoughts? Think deep—thoughts may tell you the answer! We may fall for our thoughts, hook, line, and sinker: conditioned responses, reflexes, or overwhelming emotions, some spurious, or ancient, planted by evolution, or unbalanced.

    Emotions are slow to react to logic, like molasses or slow forming crystals, or not at all, like rocks, blocking one. Unless and until they change, progress halts. Reason and emotion are hard to coordinate, each having a separate pathway to the mind, and that perhaps is all there is to tell about the miseries and follies of human history.

    From its safe subjective place that’s free of fear, the higher self, our conscious awareness, can witness the strange thoughts and emotions that surface on the mind, sent there by the subconscious brain. First-level thoughts are beliefs and desires, but second-level thoughts are beliefs and desires about the beliefs and desires, thus becoming able spectators of the scene beneath. Higher awareness, which can but witness, is a safe haven from which to observe the drama of our lives playing in our minds, granting us a sobering distance from it. This detachment allows the “thinking about a thought” without the thought itself being able to steal the show.

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