The curious home chemistry experiment of a novice (myself)

Discussion in 'Chemistry' started by charles brough, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. charles brough Registered Senior Member

    I wanted to know how I could eat fresh fruit even though it was so acid that it caused stomach and intestinal problems. I had been chewing up a Tums anti-acid before eating a peach, for example, and another immediatly after. It did not work well enough. So, I decided I would do a test:

    1 ground up the kiwi fruit mixed with two TUMS. I tested it with a test strip and the result was acid (4). I was surprised at how little effect the Tums had. So, I ground up two more Tums into the mixture. It also still tested an acidif 4 and was even bubbling!!!

    Should I keep adding Tums until the ph rises to 7. I cannot imagine eating all the tums it would take to bring it up to the neutral 7 number. I must be testing wrong somehow, and until I figure this out, I will be unable to eat fresh fruit again. I am gluten and lactose intollerant, so it is a major problem for me when my diet has to be restricted even more. . .

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  3. wynn ˙ Valued Senior Member

    What happens when you eat fresh fruit?
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  5. kohaaa Registered Member

    Where are you getting your fruits? And are you sure it isn't a problem with your health rather than the fruit?

    And tums is a weak base so you'll need a lot to neutralize your super acid fruits.
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  7. scheherazade Northern Horse Whisperer Valued Senior Member

    Though you express a desire to eat the fruit fresh, perhaps it would be more in aid of your digestion if you slightly cooked the fruit first. Some foods are much more digestible after a modest amount of heat has been applied.

    I personally would not continue with the Tums experiment as messing with your body level of micro-nutrients and calcium may cause significant adverse reactions in some.

    A lot of digestion problems can be alleviated by food combining. Eating a simpler selection of primarily protein with up to 10% carbohydrates, or the opposite of carbohydrates with only 10% protein, seems to be the operative formula for optimum digestion. Simple to remember, the 90/10 rule.

    Most fruits contain significant amounts of sugar and are best eaten on an empty stomach either between meals or shortly before them, not at the end as is customary with dessert.

    Adding all that sugar to a full load of carbohydrates with added protein and fat.........just imagine what that would be doing in a vat in a heated chemistry lab.

    Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble........yes, that's what's happening in most people's stomach.

    As you state that you are lactose and gluten intolerant, that unfortunately does come with a number or restrictions to diet. Though you are blaming the acid in the fruit, are you certain it is not the sugar that is to blame, or the other things that may be in your digestive system already?

    I have a friend who regularly quaffs down a cup of hot chocolate before bed and then suffers from reflux and biliousness. She has an auto-immune system disorder that slows down digestion so tossing in all that sugar after a late snack or meal is what does her in.

    Just some more ideas for you to kick around. All the best in finding solutions that will work for you.
  8. charles brough Registered Senior Member

    I feel a mild abdominal pain perhaps the second and third hour after eating it. Also, I have gas that I have to belch.
  9. charles brough Registered Senior Member

    Thanks! I did not know TUMS were weakly base. The fruit is good,my problem is a sensitive gaster and deuodenum. I depend upon paregoric to lessen the problem of the latter and also take pescribed enzymes because of pancreatic insufficiency.
  10. charles brough Registered Senior Member

    Thanks for the great response. I have printed it out.
  11. Varda The Bug Lady Valued Senior Member

    The acidity in the fruit is not what is making you sick.
    Remember that pH is a logarithmic scale:

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    That means that, unless you are drinking straight vinegar or lemon juice, eating fruit is actually raising your stomach's pH, as it is diluting the much more acidic content.

    In fact, fresh fruit diet is recommended for ulcer and gastritis patients for its high fiber content.
  12. Believe Happy medium Valued Senior Member

    My condolences.

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