The Beginning of the Universe

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by quantum_wave, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    QW, what do you specifically mean by "always existed"? (and apologies if you have already stated previously...).
    I ask as "always" surely refers to the passage of time, and if there truly was no passing of time prior to t=0, i.e that time itself was created at that point, then "always" begins at t=0.
    So to me "always existed" only has meaning while time passes, and thus a "something from nothing" universe could also be said to have "always existed".
    To conclude that they are distinct one must assume that there was a state preceding t=0 where time also passed, which I understand is what you probably imply with the "always existed", so really I'm probably just pointing out that the description of "always existed" could be considered ambiguous.

    Or maybe it's just me.

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    Similarly, "God did it", and I think this view has been suggested previously, might merely be seen as an explanation that doesn't quite go back far enough... i.e. either God has always existed and thus the full answer would be "always existed" or God was caused from nothing, and thus the answer would be "something from nothing"... At least as far as the larger universe is concerned (I.e. The universe from which our own arose).
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  3. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    All of what you say plays into the thinking that lead me to the Triangle of Cosmological Explanations in the opening post. All I did was sort all of the possibilities I came across over the years down into three major explanations for the existence of the universe. It was an effort of clarify the choices, but I would agree that there are various ways of looking at each one, and at the different possible combinations of the three as you have suggested. I think the ambiguity is the consequence of uncertainty and diverse human view points, but my conclusion is that there is only one universe characterized by the three infinities, time, space, and energy.
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  5. Engell79 Registered Senior Member

    First i say: "Can i find any were in nature, were we get something from nothing?"
    - No, nowere in the known realm of physicis or nature do there exist things that come from nothing, every thing is a reaction of something else. '
    so with current data, id have to reject that something can exist from nothing.

    God did it?.
    - i belive in god, oh yes i do, but... If god did it, evidence suggest that he has created governing laws threw out the universe. Thes laws must also be the same ones that the universe was created from.
    Yet we unenlightend souls, have yet to understand all of these laws written. so, infact, how ever the universe was created.. i would always assume "god did it." two of the best known bids are Q and GR.(Not talking creationism here but rahter explanations of "gods laws.".)

    Always existed.
    Well, thats kinda hard to wrap my head around, as hard as endless space...... but i guess this one is the most viable tbh. The universe always existed in some from or another... how ever the "great acceleration" of the
    universe might put some dents in this, since it would mean the know universe aint everlasting at at somepoingt even atoms wont be abel to hold coherency.
    but then again, maybe our universe is just a "blackhole" that is sucking in stuff from some were else. i have no idea...... theres also that soapbubble theory that shows that picture of a soapbubble and the universe in spectrum colors
    showing that two bubbles haning together has same apparant look as our universe. havent a clue what is most viable, how ever i shall state...

    in some form or other, always existed.

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  7. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    Thanks for walking us through your thought process, leading to you choice from the Triangle of Cosmological Explanations; I agree, "in some form or other, always existed".

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