The Battle For Earth?

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by SetiAlpha6, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. SetiAlpha6

    SetiAlpha6 Come Let Us Reason Together

    If the entire world were converted to Islam would there be peace on earth?

    If the entire world were converted to Christianity would there really be peace on earth, goodwill towards men?

    If the entire world were converted to Buddhism would there be peace on earth?

    If the entire world were converted to "Your Religion or Philosophy Here" would there be peace on earth?

    If the entire world were converted to Atheism would there be peace on earth?

    If the entire world were converted to just one Religion or Philosophy, which one would be the best one? Which one would bring peace and harmony to all of the peoples of the earth? Which would bring about the end of war?

    Let the battle begin... He He...
  2. imaplanck.

    imaplanck. Banned

    No but, yeah but, no! because you know Kelly Philips? She gave Andrew Baker a blowjob after P.E...........
  3. SetiAlpha6

    SetiAlpha6 Come Let Us Reason Together

    So... Umm... You are saying that Kelly Philips could perhaps bring peace to mankind all by herself? Interesting theory!!!


    Wait, you may just have something here!
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  4. Turtle

    Turtle Guest

    Only god could save this earth, if there is any honest one. Otherwise will be better for us to self destruct. I will be honored to push a button. This planet is a devils nest and the devils should be killed.
  5. Godless

    Godless Objectivist Mind

    No Islam is not a homogeneous relgion, it's broken up in many factions. i.e. Sunnis, Shiets (spelling? who cares) amongs others...who are constantly in confrontation. If you basically watched the news Irag has two factions fighting over superiority rule!

    Another mythic religion that has been broken up into many factions, constantly waging war amongs themselves througout the ages. No! there are apx 33k different sects of christianity all claiming to be the right path of god!

    Though buddhists are not generally violent, historically for religious factions to have majority rule has been brought through violence. So again, no relgious faction can have superior numbers world wide, without confrontations from other idealogies, which basically are forced upon others with other believes.

    The key word here is (converted) how do you suppose that an idealogy, can be made to be accepted between so many world beliefs? Historically idealogies have been forced upon others. My god beat your god, so now you follow my god, and your god is subject to my god cause my is greater. Hence the reason why there exist many gods, demigods etc..

    Again how do you suppose atheism can be accepted, when there's so many beliefs out there? Every individual has got to come to grips with their idealogy, and realize the truth, on their own. One world government, one world religion, or one world idealism, will not solve the problems of greed, political power, or material necessity. What are you supposing? That if all think the same, we would have a utopia?
  6. Enterprise-D

    Enterprise-D I'm back! Warp 8 Mr. Worf!

    Hm...and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Turtle were speaking out of honest belief.

    There would be significantly less conflict if there were no humans bogged by any religion...since even in ONE religion there are barbaric or even questionable practices that humans will riot against.

    However, humans have not evolved enough to eliminate conflict entirely as yet. A lack of religion will show only a decline in (not an elimination of) violence.
  7. Enterprise-D

    Enterprise-D I'm back! Warp 8 Mr. Worf!

    Godless...did I see correctly? 33K christianity sects???? K as in thousand???
  8. SetiAlpha6

    SetiAlpha6 Come Let Us Reason Together

    But there is some good in this world, perhaps even you!
  9. SetiAlpha6

    SetiAlpha6 Come Let Us Reason Together

    That is correct!
  10. imaplanck.

    imaplanck. Banned

    :eek: Really? Name them please.:p
  11. SetiAlpha6

    SetiAlpha6 Come Let Us Reason Together

    Most people, on this forum, seem to have the idea that if only everyone else agreed with them then all would be right with the world. But I do not regard that as likely.

    What do you recommend then? What would the best approach be for the world to take? How does man solve man? Can he even do so?
  12. SetiAlpha6

    SetiAlpha6 Come Let Us Reason Together

    I can't!

    Does that mean that the information is wrong? I am not the one who did the research.

    I will look into it further, however.

    Thank You!
  13. imaplanck.

    imaplanck. Banned

    No it just seems incredibally unlikely that so many different sects of jesus creepers exist.
  14. GeoffP

    GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum

    I couldn't agree more with the premise so far.

    Universal blowjobs would indeed end all conflict. No one would have the energy to start anything of any importance.
  15. Baron Max

    Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    That's true. But the actual, tiny bit of "good" in the world is consistently overwhelmed by the "bad". And what's worse is that the better the "good" become, the easier it is for the "bad" to overwhelm it. "Good" simply can't stand up to the forces of "bad" without resorting to "bad" themselves.

    Baron Max
  16. imaplanck.

    imaplanck. Banned

    Tut tut Auntie, you should know by now that the good Guys always win!:m: :m: :m:
  17. SetiAlpha6

    SetiAlpha6 Come Let Us Reason Together

    I have looked into this a tiny bit in the past and I also grew up in the Christian world myself. From everything I have seen, 33,000 sects, or denominations of Christianity really is, at least, possible. Every single individual church has it's own leader, a single man, a pastor or a priest. And every single one of them tries to figure out what the "truth" really is. They are constantly, at least, verbally fighting over this doctrine or that doctrine. They routinely condemn each other to hell. And historically they have even killed each other over differences of belief. There probably really are thousands. How many exactly? I do not know.
  18. SetiAlpha6

    SetiAlpha6 Come Let Us Reason Together

    I perceive that you are a wise man.

    What do you recommend to solve the world's problems?
  19. imaplanck.

    imaplanck. Banned

    That would be to kill everyone who is different to himself and his goat clarabell.:)
  20. geeser

    geeser Atheism:is non-prophet making

    well SetiAlpha6 quite right in his estimation.

    According to David Barrett et al, editors of the "World Christian Encyclopedia: A comparative survey of churches and religions - AD 30 to 2200," there are 19 major world religions which are subdivided into a total of 270 large religious groups, and many smaller ones. 34,000 separate Christian groups have been identified in the world. "Over half of them are independent churches that are not interested in linking with the big denominations." Most people in the world follow one of the religions listed in the table below. Included is the name of the religion, the approximate date of its origin, its main sacred or ethical texts (if any) and its estimated numerical strength (both in absolute numbers and as a percentage of the world's population.)
    and also check here

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