The Atom Bomb Hoax and more jewish lies

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by cactusneedles, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. cactusneedles Banned Banned

    Item 1)

    The historical seismograms of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have mysteriously vanished. If not only for the sake of war-era memorabilia, that information should have been everywhere in the museums and in the press. Hiroshima is located in a highly volcanic zone called the Honshu Arc and those active volcanoes were under constant seismographic surveillance during that period and log before that. The so-called atomic blast at hiroshima was estimated to be the equivalent of 6.2 on the Richter Scale but no seismological outpost in the world appears to have noted it. The Russians said they exploded the biggest atomic bomb ever made (50 megatons) at Novaya Zemlya in northern Russia. That is hundreds of thousands of times more powerful than what they say exploded over Hiroshima yet again, not one seismic needle moved at all. How is that possible I ask?

    Item 2)

    In 1942 Hitler's Lufftwaffe had a plan to bomb Lower Manhatten in New York City USA. This plan included a special transport behemouth to fly the package across the Atlantic and deliver it to the target. This is fully 3 years before Hiroshima yet the so-called atom bomb they said they were using is the exact yield and deployed at the same height as the one they say they dropped on Hiroshima. This suggests to me that the atomic hoaxsters were shopping for a spot to nest the hoax. What other possible explanation can there be? When the US started using what they call atom bombs the used the uranuim hammer configurations but the Hitler model is not specific at that level. So, what is Hitler doing planning atom bomb attacks before he even had the facilities or infrastructure to even start planning such late strategies. They never said what they would replace that bomb with if it fell into the ocean with the plane. Why would he not have delivered the package by boat instead. How do we explain these contradictions?

    Item 3)

    The so-called nuclear industry, be it weapons or so-called commercially viable nuclear reactors is the hoaxster's paradise. The whole ripoff scheme is shrouded in national security protocols and security bonding which means you can't discuss your work outside the plant if you don't want to incur the wrath of the NSA and risk jailtime for attempted so-called nuclear terrorism. The whole scam is compartmentalized so Sam doesn't know what George is up to. Perfect cover for the atom bomb hoax clusters. So perfect in fact that I believe the jews could not resist pulling off those massive long-cons on the people of the world. How can they NOT have done it when the opportunities, the means and the motives were all there for them to exploit?

    Item 4)

    During the so-called billion-dollar east coast of the United States blackout a good portion of that area was completely without power. How is this possible when so many so-called nuclear reactors were supposed to have autonomy? How is that possible that people can shell out 5 billion dollars to build a reactor and it can't light a lightbulb when the grid goes down. My contention is that the reason the power failure is so absolute is because the conventional sources are fueling the hoax reactors. Who would build a distribution grid for electricity like a superhighway that cloggs up when two cars collide on a country road? Nobody would design a grid where a reactor can't support it's customers when the other grid elements are compromised. I say this is further evidence of the hoax. How can it be otherwise?

    Item 5)

    The mushroom cloud thermodynamics of the atom bomb hoax have also been examined. The first problem the competant examiner notices with the mushroom cloud photographed on the day Hiroshima was attacked is that the sun is shining brightly overhead at the noon position. The bombing was said to have been at 8:15 am. I have heard it argued that this was the Nagasaki cloud but it has been used by the hoaxsters themselves for Hiroshima and Justin Raimondo had this exact cloud for his essay, Hiroshima, Mon Amour. Why would the jews want to say it is Nagasaki if they have nothing to hide? I went to the public library in downtown Montreal as a youth and I looked at microfilm of newspapers for that day in 1945 and the picture I enlarged taken from the microfilm was the cloud at noon and it was Hiroshima indeed. So, more evidence of a hoax?

    Item 6)

    The firebombing of Tokyo March 9-10, 1945-100,000 dead. M-69 aimable cluster firebombs reduced 26 square kilometers of that city to ash using a few hundred U.S. Air Force B-29 bombers. Aside the cost of the aircraft when initially built the cost of destroying all that section of Tokyo was a little more than a million dollars. So, why build anything that costs billions to destroy a fraction of the land those B-29 bombers could have destroyed in under less than a million dollars? Because the atom bomb was a lie and those cities reduced to ash by M-69 firebombs and that also explains the mysterious vanishing of the historical seismograms of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Are they hiding the fact that there was no shock wave? Is that why the trees were still standing charred and many building facades still standing?

    Item 7)

    Hiroshima was not evacuated and life came back to normal very quickly. This is inconsistent with the models presented by the experts that said nothing would grow for 70 years and nobody could live there for a very long time. One week after the so-called atom bomb, oleanders were growing everywhere. The hoaxsters started stories of a miracle. More contradiction and nonsense from the jewish hoaxsters.

    Item 8)

    The pilot of the B-29 they said dropped the so-called atom bomb on Hiroshima is a known Hollywood insider and his B-29 crew was totally segregated on an island with the pilot Commander Tibbits fully in charge of security and everything. He had full autonomy and discretion. I believe his crew of talmudic cowards was near 200 aircraft when they sortie'd on Hiroshima then later on Nagasaki. Another brilliant example of the secrecy and security shroud of compartmentalization over the whole hoax. Why would this dumbass put his mother's name on an instrument of utter genocide if it were not that his mother gloats without end at jewish hoax accomplishments and mass murder that she would be pleased to figure prominently on the nose of that beast of destruction and mass murder. How can anyone believe such a mess of contradictions when it is obvious they would have been nuts not to exploit the means they had at their disposal under those circumstances. They pulled it off while everyone on earth was in a state of shock and would have believed anything the jews said just to stop the ignited gasoline showers?

    Item 9)

    Items said to be radioactive have in fact been doped with x-ray radiation for periods of time corresponding to the hoax expectations. At the Pantex assembly plant in Amarillo Texas they have a very powerful x-ray machine they say they use to look inside decomissioned so-called atom bombs before they open them up. That is totally rediculous because why would anything be wrong inside a bomb watched by the military night and day. I say the x-ray machine is there to dope the materials they assemble so that the x-ray detectors they call rad meters can read something expected from the mathematical models. When a rad meter is picking up x-ray radiation it is seemlessly and logarithmically converting this sampled energy and reporting the results as rads instead of x-ray energy that it is. When a student examines a sample said to be radioactive it is a sample irradiated prior using a high intensity x-ray machine. Again compartmentalization plays a key role here at the Pantex plant. Coincidentally they are the only plant in the US authorized to make the final assemblies of so-called nuclear bombs. What else could they be using that huge x-ray machine at Pantex if it is not to create illusions of atomic radioactivity?

    Item 10)

    Einstein the plagerist. At least a few links provided at my Hiroshima thread deal with the question of Einstein's honesty in claiming the authorship of a lot of his predecessor's work. Some say his wife was more the mathematical genius and coached him a lot. Anyways the original and official story of the creation of the first so-called atom bomb says that Einstein gave the letter he wrote to the president of the United States to a financier in New York that bounced it around town for a week before giving it to the president. This was a letter explaining in terms a president could understand that atom bombs can be made. The story says that everyone was paranoid that Hitler would discover the plan to build a bomb yet they let the letter concerning it's so-called feasibility float around town for a week. More contradiction.

    Item 11)

    The jewish question. Can anyone deny that the jews had the means, the motives, and the opportunities to hoax the world with fake atom bombs and fake CVNEs and fake DU and the fake nuclear navy? They even faked moonlandings and NAZIS holocausts lying bastards that they are. They call their genocides wars and failed diplomacy, degenerate freaks. They faked the dinosaurs too it would appear.

    Item 12)

    Iraq, why did they not find so-called atom bombs there?


    Suicide bombers, since when can't the underworld aquire atom bombs for suicide missions if they are not bogus?

    Item 14)

    Why 60 years without so-called atom bomb accidental explosions or terrorist explosions? Everything the jews running the government do is sloppy and anyone with entry level skills can steal a package from the military and configure it to their likings. Why has this never occurred with the so-called atom bomb?

    Item 15)

    The global conspiracy in negotiable instruments run by the jews and indoctrinated into the minds of the poor youth abandoned to those pathetic indoctrination centers called public schools worldwide is a very important factor in the widespread acceptance of the hoax clusters of the atomic variety by the mainsteam public. The jewish monopoly on the mainstream media is also another great element used to ram the hoax down our throats while we are still very young and vulnerable to fear. The gobal ring of jews running all the governments of the world and controlling all the military forces of the planet make the hoax possible also. Who can deny the influence of jews in every country?

    Item 16)

    So-called nuclear reactors- The buildings and structures as they appear to the human eye in as much as one is permitted to examine without special clearance are real enough and cost real money if we can pretend the money supply is really backed with anything of any real value. Billions of dollars to build each one. I have worked building a pair of reactors in Gentilly Quebec so that appeared real enough at the surface at least. Many people are salaried to work in these buildings and monitor security, supply and maintenance. All this, of course, is to be expected if you want anyone to believe the hoax it has to have at least the appearance of function and form. The real sham starts in the control room. What is a control room anyways you might ask, well, it is a representation of variables said to be operating to achieve the potential predicted in the mathematical models. The truth is that the control panel is an advanced simulator running on highly specific top-secret application software developed secretly a long time ago and refined many times since. So, the unsuspecting employees work all day monitoring variables fed to them by sophisticated digital processors geared to simulate a fully functional reactor core and cooling elements. The fake reactor is tethered to the grid and the energy from conventional sources is fed to the brushes of the generators making them instantly motors instead that circulate the water and perhaps also heat it for effect and steam. The instruments reading the output from the reactor is actually reversing the reading of the power pouring in. Who can deny that such simulator technology was not possible at the time they started those hoaxes?

    Item 17)

    The money- now there's a good motive for hoaxing these clusters of deceit. How many people making big money in that fake industry feel like letting it all go so the truth be known? They will fight to the death to keep that salary and income no matter how bogus the industry is proven to them to be. Who can deny that important obstacle to the truth? The money stolen because of these hoax clusters is beyond understanding.

    Item 19)

    Mushroom clouds do not grow out of radial airbrust explosions. The mushroom cloud needs to be seeded from the ground. The thermodynamic conditions caused by a circumferential airburst explosion would superheat the air all around and send radial shock waves emanating from the center outwards like the popular festivity fireworks and that would negate the conditions required for a mushroom cloud to grow normally. A mushroom cloud grows from the ground up in a predictable circular pattern that develops and flows through a relatively cool and stable upper air mass because the explosion was at the ground level. Who can deny that mushroom clouds can't grow out of radial airburst explosions?

    Item 20)

    The so-called nuclear subs are either fully battery operated and recharged underwater secretly or run with Stirling Cycle engines or more likely both. That would explain the absence of deisel fumes and would explain the very long underwater periods. Stirling cycle engines are perfectly suited to hoax a nuclear navy. Who can deny that?

    To read more about these hoax clusters you may browse down to and see the Hiroshima Before and After thread I authored in the History and Archeology section of that forum. That thread is 3 years old and has garnered over 37,000 page views and is 80 pages long.
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  3. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    Anti-semitic bullshit.
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  5. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    I can't figure out what any of this has to do with Jews, other than you mentioning them in your absurd text.
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  7. leopold Valued Senior Member

    delete, delete, delete.
    ban, ban, ban,
    delete, delete, delete,
    ban, ban, ban,
    delete, ban, delete, ban, ban,
  8. cactusneedles Banned Banned

    Great rebuttal of my points Einstein. Define Semite?
  9. cactusneedles Banned Banned

    Nice avatar Charlie. Feel up to addressing the points raised in the text or are you just spamming through?
  10. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    I like it too.

    I have addressed the "points".

    Regardless of whether or not any of it is true, what does any of it have to do with the Jews?
  11. cactusneedles Banned Banned

    Ah, the ravages of public school indoctrination. Can you spell other words too? Perhaps your uncle Bob works in a fake nuclear plant or your aunt Mable is an accountant with a firm that supplies fake rods to the fake nuclear reactor industries?
  12. cactusneedles Banned Banned

    Who else but the jews had the means, the motives, and the opportunities to hoax all those fake technologies? Do you believe the americans went to the moon? Did you know that the plaster arts were well established when the fake dinosaur stories were hoisted upon humanity? Do you care?
  13. Zakariya04 and it was Valued Senior Member

    Dear Cactusense (or whatever0

    thank you for starting this thread.

    just a couple of things

    1) why do you keep throwing the jews in the mix, i dont get it
    2) how does the chernoybl disaster fit into your equation.

  14. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member

    So all of nuclear physics is fake? How did you arrive at this hypothesis?
  15. Zakariya04 and it was Valued Senior Member

    Dear cactus

    thank you for your further analysis!!

    what was the motive of the jews?

  16. cactusneedles Banned Banned

    You are welcome.

    The jews were the only ones that had the motives, the opportunities and the means to pull off these hoax clusters. My 20 points make that perfectly clear.

    Yes, the Chernobly disaster fits in too. What can I help you with there? You want to know what really happened? Are you familiar with the concept of energy efficiency and bleeding excess energy? Would I be wrong in assuming you might be an energy-efficiency denier?
  17. leopold Valued Senior Member


    want more?
  18. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    Semite in this context means a Jewish person.
  19. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    Wow, we got another woo-woo. Why isn't this in the Cesspool?
  20. cactusneedles Banned Banned

    All I am saying is that commercially viable nuclear energy is a hoax. I do not deny the physics of nuclear energy proportional to mass. I deny only it's commercially-viable aspect as represented in the models presented by the nuclear hoaxsters. Do you have an explanation why all the so-called nuclear reactors in the New-York billion-dollar blackout of 2003 failed to come online? Why would anyone pay billions of dollars for a so-called nuclear reactor that can't light one little light bulb when the conventional sources go offline?
  21. cactusneedles Banned Banned

    No, lol. Not really, thank you for clearing that up. Feel like discussing the topic of this thread perhaps?
  22. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    It's only a mtter of time before this hate-filled drivel is locked unless you make a valid point and provide some real evidence that the Jews were behind anything.

    Make your point quickly or just move on, thinking this palce is ful of a bunch of brain-washed imbiciles.
  23. cactusneedles Banned Banned

    It has always been my understanding that an so-called anti-semite is someone the jews hate. What else can it be if jews are not a race nor are they a religion?
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