The anthropic principle, evolution and economics.

Discussion in 'Business & Economics' started by wesmorris, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    As long as you act like a cunt, you will be treated like one. (Oh and me condescending to you, is merely an attempt to speak in a manner you can relate to, bitch.) As you apparently have little alternative, your course is set. Are you claiming that the text you quoted is indicative of dishonesty? Of so, that is the kind of thing I'd expect from a cunt.. so that must be what you mean. Okay cunt, I mean "I kindly suggested" instead of "asked". Whatever. It's good that you focus on what's important. Dishonest? LOL. Man you're disgusting.

    So you still get that part.. but can you actually apply it? You have yet to demonstrate that you can.

    Indeed it does.

    I have never rejected necessity you jackass. Try opening you eyes when you read.

    Okay. If you don't want to live air isn't necessary. If you have a tank of liquid oxygen, air isn't necessary. If you figure out a way to convert empty space into something breathable, air isn't necessary. Blah blah. Fuck you.

    You have to be authentic to be able to identify a poser you asshat. If you cannot see that I'm the real deal, you are obviously unqualified to make the call. Of course, you're entitled to your cunt's opinion, but I'll be having none of it you worthless fuck.
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  3. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    Uhm, tiassa claims that "scarcity is a myth". The conversation has been degenerating from there, as he insists that he's correct and that I've been "running from him".

    I assume you mean that scarcity cannot be debunked within the context of economics. Please correct me if that's incorrect.

    Hah. Asshat begs to differ. I can't remember exactly what he said. It was something to the effect of (loosely paraphrasing) "very little of economics is hard science".
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  5. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Wes -

    Insisting over and over doesn't count as an argument.

    Your misogyny doesn't count as an argument.

    Your dishonesty doesn't count as an argument.

    For example:

    Tiassa: Right, Wes. You didn't say what you said.
    Wes: What the fuck are you talking about?

    I like how you pretend the words you write have no meaning. Check your own record:

    Wesmorris: If you want to create a new system, (without concepts like supply and demand), plealse do so and then illustrate how time contraints don't matter within your system.
    Tiassa: Neither of you has established that accounting for the difference between necessity and desire within the generalized notion of demand equals negation or revocation of "supply and demand."
    Wesmorris: Well, I didn't write what he said, but I can infer because of my significant skills with understanding what I read. These comments are not directly related . . . .

    You chose to split hairs about whether or not you and 15ofthe19 meant exactly the same thing while running and hiding from the common point, that you both are invoking "new" systems that reject, negate, or operate without "supply and demand."

    You didn't write what he said. You certainly didn't write what you said:

    Tiassa: Neither of you has established that accounting for the difference between necessity and desire within the generalized notion of demand equals negation or revocation of "supply and demand."
    Wesmorris: Well I won't speak for 15 but I haven't attempted to establish that relationship. Your innattention to the conversation isn't condusive to conversation, but then again.. I've grown to expect this from you, you sorry fuck.

    See? You bug out again. You haven't attempted to establish that relationship?

    That's beside the point. And if you're as smart as you claim to be, you knew that. So how fucking smart are you, Wes, if you're playing dumb in order to run from having a discussion with me, whom you find so damned inferior?

    Answer: you're not smart, Wes. Get used to it.

    You have attempted to establish the relationship by inventing it and asking me to explain it. From where do you get it? Or are you just too stupid to understand the question?
    An insult from you is a poor excuse, you coward. Ever see a cigarette butt on the sidewalk after it's rained a couple times and the crows have picked at it and decided it's not worth swallowing? That's what an accusation from you is worth. Especially coming from that obsessive, hateful platform of yours.

    Is it that you're unwilling to look at your own argument honestly? Or are you unable? Are you afraid, Wes, or just too damn stupid?

    Wes, you wrote the following: If you want to create a new system, (without concepts like supply and demand), plealse do so and then illustrate how time contraints don't matter within your system.

    What I would like to know is where you got such a silly idea, and why you're dragging it into the discussion now?

    Is that too hard a question for your intellect to comprehend, Wes?

    Why are you inventing sidebars to distract the discussion? Are you afraid to consider the emptiness of your own, "It is because I say so," excuse for an argument?

    Answer the question, Wes. It's a simple question: What does the creation of a new system without concepts like supply and demand have to do with anything?

    Don't make excuses. Don't hide behind 15ofthe19. Don't run for the hills hating women over your shoulder as you do. Just answer the question if you're at all capable.

    I mean, for someone who allegedly hates dealing with me so much, you put an awfully large effort into dragging this discussion out.

    Just admit it, Wes. You made a mistake sticking yourself into my discussion with 15ofthe19. Otherwise he could have done all the cussing for you, and you could have carried out your hallelujah meeting with the enthusiastic throngs drawn to lick the wisdom from your very lips.

    Look, just answer the question about where you get that stupidity about operating without supply and demand, and then we can move past this latest of your grievous errors and get back to the topic you attempted to establish and have spent most of the time fleeing from as if it was the Devil.
    Please note that we're stuck on this tangent because you're simply afraid to address other issues. Keep smirking. If you're looking for shit, you might check your own drawers right about now.

    Have some self-control, man.
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  7. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    At last!!!!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I didn't expect you to openly concede and then reaffirm the myth of scarcity.
  8. 15ofthe19 35 year old virgin Registered Senior Member

    Some quick thoughts on the continuing runaway no particular order.

    #1 If the present context is indeed a myth, then why are we bothering to argue about it? It's seems to me that were it indeed mythical, there would be no way to take issue with it. So I choose to believe it real until it's proven otherwise. Call me naive, but the other possibility sounds like a great way to get a one-way ticket to being that guy standing on the street corner babbling semi-coherently about how George Bush and the Seven Star Federations of the Plaeides were behind 9/11 at the behest of the Vatican to get back at the Elders of Zion for killing Jesus. While that guy is entertaining for about five minutes, at the end of the day, I pity his life.

    #B No matter what some stoner tells you, stuff does really take time. That's the ferfuckingbefuddling thing about this threadjack. Stuff really does take time. That's it. It's that simple, but apparently for some it's not. Whatever. I'm done using reason and logic to argue with someone with the intellectual equivalency of Keanu Reeves. Fuck it. Good luck with your theories. Obviously you've been a smashing success as a human being thus far. Just ask your partner.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    #III I remember early in my tenure on this forum running up against another paper tiger, and he/she/it soon realized that their fiefdom of snobbery and condescension to the sycophants was in jeopardy. Shortly after I completely de-pants said paper tiger, he/she/it was banned and forced to change monnikers. Subsequent to that fateful day, I have apparently been permanently placed on ignore. Very telling, no? The truth really fucking hurts and I have forgotten more about that than some will ever know. The point: Don't try to lose me in effing circular arguments bitch. I'll burn you to the ground every single time.

    #Quattro Regarding misogony. Of the three of us, two have very successful and happy long-term relationships with their respective women. One has a complete train-wreck of a relationship. Need I go on? Is that enough for one day, my bizzle.

    #Z (extra credit question) When it comes to stewed prunes, are four enough? Are five too many?

    # /\ The notion that I need Wes or he needs me is ferfucking laughable. You presume we hold some secret fucking alliance against you bitch? That's the weed making you paranoid. Your starting to sound like Wizzle, and we all can safely assume he's a regular down at the funny farm. Paranoid shitcocks, both of you.

    # 7 You simply can't fucking stand to be left behind and relegated to the "irrelevant" bin can you? To do so would be to admit that you simply crashed a party you really weren't invited too, and after making a complete and total ass of yourself refused to fucking leave. That doesn't surprise me. My guess: You've had your shit kicked numerous times. You've got that whipped dog feel about your posts. Bitch. No go fix me some fucking dinner.
  9. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    It's nice to know that you have no answer.

    Good show, 15ofthe19. These are the things you worry about? Hey, I'm trying to discuss the topic post here, something neither of you are willing to do.

    As to the present context being a myth? Ask Wes. He's the one that jacked that conversation and decided the thread should follow this course.

    Two for two.

    Oh, and you forgot #8--You sound very secure about your life. I mean, look at how many paranoid delusions there are in your post!

    Some secret alliance? Hey, you're the one letting Wes' incoherence set your policy. I'm not the one who fell in step behind Wes invoking some new aspect of the discussion. And, unlike you, I'm not doing what Wes is doing, which is running from my own issues in this discussion. It has nothing to do with a secret alliance. But since you, like ducks in a row, happened to both decide to invoke this new aspect of life without supply and demand, I thought I'd ask y'all where you were getting it and why you were just now dragging it into the conversation. Of course, instead of actually addressing such issues, you both throw tantrums.

    Such is life, such is life.

    Learn to read. Pay attention to your own posts. If you refuse to do those things, there's nothing I can do to help you.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  10. 15ofthe19 35 year old virgin Registered Senior Member

    Believe it or not tizzle, I tried not to go too far with your bitch-ass in terms of getting personal, but you were stupid enough to respond thereby solidifying my argument that you simply can't stand being locked out of the room when you're irrelevance has become obvious. If you really want me to keep going, I guess I will get down in the sandbox and oblige your dumbass, but I was naive enough to presume that you didn't want to push the envelope that far. Silly me.

    This is your last fucking warning. I will make you cry. You know it, and I know it.

    Please go ply your obselete wears on a forum populated with lesser beings than myself where you might actually stand a chance of gaining acceptance. You are simply out of your league here.
    I suspect that this isn't a unique situation for you. Everything your write conveys my first instincts about your pathetic ass. Remember Dennis Miller...

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  11. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Yep. And you're still an illiterate pug.

    I'm just curious as to why you have to invent arguments in order to cover for the fact that you're unable to respond in a literate fashion to mine.

    I know, I know. That's a difficult task for you.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    And this is yours: Buy a clue, boy.

    What's the matter, 15? Are you afraid to answer a simple question?

    Why are you afraid of your own arguments?
  12. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    Yet you persist.

    The only woman I scorn in this thread is you, you stupid bitch.

    Neither does your short-sighted self-involved paranoia.

    LOL. What in the hell is wrong with you. How do you get "you didn't say what you said" from "I didn't say what HE said". Change a word and your argument fails? Okay you're right. If you change what I said, it isn't true anymore. Highly clever.


    No you see tiassa, as I believe I've explained to you, perhaps in the very text you're whining about.. it is your insistence that scarcity is a myth that requires such a system. 15 and I each made comments to that effect, his in the manner I explained, here's the gist of what i said:

    "If you want to create a new system, (without concepts like supply and demand), plealse do so and then illustrate how time contraints don't matter within your system."

    Can you read that as a question, directed at you.. after I'd just established a basis for it. Somewhere in all of this shit, I'd swear I demonstrated pretty clearly how scarcity, the time and space contraints of a system of resource distribution, is a direct logical consquence of demand. It's easy I think. If you want or need something, it will take you some time to get it as you will have to move or something. The terms logistics comes to mind. Crazy eh? Of course that something has to exist. No matter how much of something there is or can be, it is scarce via this definition. If you literally need it, and fail to take this into consideration, you won' be around to consider it. Good for you.

    That you would argue "you didn't say what you said", is clearly a sign that there is something wrong with you. Please stop to take that into consideration.

    LOL. You think that's "bugged out eh"? Okay then.

    No, not at all. If your "reading comprehension" weren't mythical, you'd understand that.. and that it's never even remotely been implied. I can't sort out your mess for you, so please let's see what your cunt told you about me and the lies I've been spreading.

    And to clear it up for you: That demand exists, regardless of whether or not it is need or desire creates the condition of scarcity. That was the point that was made. The point that was made about the validity of the dilineation between need and desire was that it is wholly political. Can you even fucking read? You're gonna spend thousands and thousands of words arguing and you can't even keep that kind of shit straight? WTF? Catch a clue, BOY.

    No it's exactly to the point you fabricated you fucking jackass.

    Show me how smart I claim to be why don't you?

    LOL. You can't be serious. I've told you "i'm not playing dumb". Does your cunt tell you different? I guess so since you've brought it up a few times now. You see, I understand "smart", jackass, so I wouldn't make a statement "I'm smarter than you" unless I was really just trying to insult you. I think I'm better at a number of things than you are, and vice versa. Perhaps thinking just isn't your forte, fuckwad.

    From you I'm supposed to care? LOL. The smarm! The SMARM! So do you really think that or you're just tryign to insult me? Who's doing the hating again? *giggle* What's that you said boy?

    No idiot, you simply don't understand what you read. Your poor comprehension has led you to a number of mistaken assumptions. Such is your way.

    *smirk* riiiggggght.

    Even the pope has to take a shit, eh? Who do you get to wipe your ass for you, your holiness? I hope your confessions wipe your sins squeeky clean. Wouln't want you standing on a platform of hate... right?

    That's what an insult is worth, yeah. Some accusations from me are woth the same.. well, usually their value is humor if I'm insincere, perhaps irony is the intended value from time to time. Hell who knows, maybe I sling accusations for a number of reasons.. but I assure you, at least some of the accusations I've pointed at you should be given serious consideration, as you have a serious fucking comprehension problem, and a major problem with misguided, hypocritical sanctimony. Oh, and you're a serious fucking smarmy asshat cunt.

    Are you sure it's me standing on that platform? Can you step back far enough to contemplate the alternatives? I don't think you can. To be fair though, I'm not positive I can either, though something tells me I've got better odds than you.

    Man now that's just perfect. I wish I could pull you out of your you for a second, show you what an asshole you are for having said something so fucking blatantly wrong and stupid, and then snap you back into yourself so you could laugh with me about how silly that was.

    It's just that as with the rest of your garbage in this thread (except for a few comments), you're irrelevant. In this instance, it's because you're just way way off base. You're assuming your points were relevant to something besides your paranoid lack of reading comprehension.

    LOL. Okay then here it is: You have been insisiting over and over and over: scarcity is mythical. I have said "scarcity is basically time and space constraints". Now we'll substitute: "time and space constraints are mythical". Okay, so since they're mythical, how do we account for them? Too complicated for you?

    I don't understand the question.


    Okay uhm, not it was a pretty easy question, fake thanks for your feigned, worthless concern.

    Was that me? Hmm. It's weird how I think it's you, you think it's me. It's almost like you're an asshat or something.

    What? Hehe.. that's just weird man. I'm not afraid to be wrong. I do however, require a reasonable argument which counters that which I've presented in order to consider myself as such. You have yet to present much that is even pertinent, let alone reasonable.

    I hope you understand at this point how I've clearly answered this question, a number of times I think. At least once.

    Oh come on. I want to really really bad.

    I think he's too skinny. You'd be able to see me back there. Why bother anyway? What's a bitch like you gonna do? LOL.

    Okay but for real, what is there to hide from? Is this a fight? Are you "winning"? How's that working out for you? Hey you're tattering my banner. Bad tiassa! Bad! Stop humping everyone's leg you little shit.

    LOL. Is that the gist of your something I should hide from? Your psychological assessement of me? LOL. Would you trust the analysis of a fucking MORON that associates the use of the word "cunt" directly with mysoginy, with no exception, with no real understanding of the intended meaning? You're a word snob and I love rubbing your face in it, you fucking cunt.

    A bossy cunt at that.

    LOL. It's all centered around you isn't it boy. LOL. Hey when you were an infant did you ever consider allowing the natural process of maturation to take place? What went wrong? LOL. Perhaps you should reconsider your self-serving horse-shit. Just a suggestion. I'm sure you won't.

    How so? Is my life now worse somehow? Let me see, I got to think about economics, which i enjoy.. I got to call you asshat and cunt a bunch of times, and generally antagonize you while presenting a rational, resaonable argument at the same time. Hmm.. Yeah I only see checks in the plus column.

    Why do I need someone to cuss for me?

    Why, that stupidity is your very own, brightboy!

    Please, eat shit and fuck off, you socially cancerous jackwad asshat.
  13. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    No, Wes, you haven't explained it.
    You established your basis? Where?

    Wes, you're inventing an argument to argue against. Good show. Now, would you like to let us in on the reasons for your grand appearance of cowardice? Hell, since your behavior is apparently not connected in any way to your motivations, perhaps you might let us in on them.

    Oh, right. You hate me. Surprise, surprise.

    After? Let's see:
    Perhaps you'd like to be a little more specific?

    Oh, of course not.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Really, Wes ... you shouldn't put such effort into being a prick. Let's pick up a couple fo your other sorry whining complaints:
    Please note the amusing irony that I wouldn't know if you had any points to make amid your apoplectic misogyny.

    All you've shown throughout this whole topic is that you're incapable of having a rational discussion.
    Quite obviously, Wes, other folks are reading this from time to time. There's nothing new about your behavior.
    I mean, really, Wes ... are you really that stupid?

    Yes, you're showing yourself to be.

    Quit hiding from the fact that you've twisted yourself up so badly that you're arguing my points (e.g. that humans exist in the first place) and claiming them as your own. You're a day late, well over a dollar short, and obviously not bright enough to understand the concepts you claim to be dealing with.

    So stop your petty complaining and either demonstrate the basis of those complaints or be a man for once and deal with the errors of your thinking like a grown-up.

    Really ... six whole days and, "Please, eat shit and fuck off, you socially cancerous jackwad asshat," is the best your sorry ass can come up with?
    Seriously, Wes, is reading that difficult for you?
    Just because you keep yelling it doesn't make it so. Try backing your attitude problem with reality for once, boy.

    Let's take a minute to savor this one:
    Do you ever stop lying, Wes?
  14. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    LOL, the typical dodge. You're pathetic.
  15. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    Hmm.. How about here?:

    If you actually understood the text above and weren't just here trying to save face, you'd shut the fuck up. I understand clearly that you are clearly unable to understand it. Hell just the opportunity to come up with gems like that makes it all worth while. *smirk*

    Fucking asshat. *giggle*

    LOL. I did not invent your problems fuckface. You do that for yourself just fine.

    Quite simple. I appear cowardice to you and only you. That's why I find your "we" comments so uhm... well, self-involved. You seem to think your rancid perspective is popular. LOL. More irrelevance eh? Since that's all you have to offer, I expect no more from your pathetic ass.

    It's funny how you blame your problems on me, a disembodied voice. Behavior and motivation are alway connected, you fucking moron. I'd wager you'll never come to terms that you're really, REALLY fucking bad at determining the connection between them.

    Indeed. It's amusing that you feign surprise. Why? I hate you. You're pathetic and disgusting. I've been exactly open about that. You are fucked in the head and you make me fucking sick. At the same time, I find your fuckedupedness fascinating, and it's though it takes a little effort for me to wade through all the disgusting shit you spew, it's still fucking fascinating to watch you work that cunt of yours.
    No you see, it was before. Note how:

    Preceded the part you are now claiming was "after":

    Now I realize you have little recourse than to piss and moan about how I didn't establish a basis for the comment... but that doesn't mean that it didn't happen, you fucking moron.

    How much more specific can I be? LOL. If I am, you'll simply apply your pathetic double standard and say I'm dragging out the argument. LOL. Disgusting bitch.

    And really cunt, I don't give a fuck what you think I should or shouldn't do.

    LOL. Yes it's been duly noted. What's fascinating is that you apparently haven't noticed how I've been shoving it in your face for the bulk of this thread. Fucking dipshit.


    Wow you're fucked up. Now you're making a game of saying what I said to you back to me! Sweet. Good for you. I'll play along.

    Yah, and you assume they see what you see. That's what's fascinating. Wow.

    Where did I claim there was something new about my behavior? How is my behavior relevant? How is anything about your fucking post relevant to the goddamned topic?
    LOL. Okay, I said:

    In response to your assertion (note that you randomly pick this out from a number of posts ago):

    And you claim my response is stupid? Here is why you are such a cunt: From my perspective, it's quite obviously a valid question, as you apparently think I'm "scared" of something. If I hadn't wanted to discuss the stuff in the topic post, you fuckign asshole, I wouldn't have fucking posted it. Get it dipshit? So why would I post something and then "run from it"? I'm not running, having been running, haven't intended to run, blah blah. I'm here, engaging your fucking horseshit over and over and fucking over. RUN???? I've been fucking beating you over you fucking head with your own goddamned words for the length of this goddamned thread and you're still too fucking stupid to goddamned get it. Ack. If I was RUNNING, you fucking IDIOT, I wouldn't be typing this sentence. If I was RUNNING, I wouldn't have tried to come up with a thousand different ways to get across the simple fucking point that demand->scarcity. I would not continue to communicate said point if had at some point been shown to be invalid... but it hasn't and it directly refutes your stupidity while simultaneously establishing its irrelevance.

    Okay so in the correct order:

    Okay I'll try to explain it to you, since you're so kind and hateless to call it stupid. Here goes:

    Why would I post something I intended to dodge? Why would I dodge something I posted? The fact is: I haven't. It seems to me that your accusation that "I'm not up to dealing with issues I've invoked" implies directly that you assume I did post something with the intent of avoiding it. As I meantioned, it didn't occur to me that we'd be debating the validity of the concept of scarcity. So obviously, I must have established my thread to avoid something I didn't see coming, right asshat? How stupid of me!

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    I'm fascinated with your pathetic, disgusting nature.

    So says the king of the self-important morons. So says the chief banner tatterer. LOL. You are a colorful piece of shit though, I'll give you that.

    LOL. It's funny that you make the claim but do not in any way establish a basis for it, while in the same post bitch at me about not making a basis for something which I clearly had. Then you call me twisted up. I'm fucking superman respectively, for having sorted through the mountain of goddamned shit you've piled up in this thread.

    LOL. Man it's like fucking bizarro world over here. What fucking thread are you reading? You're obviously not reading the one in which I have repeatedly dessimated every comment you've directed towards me. Read back through your last ten posts to me. Find a smidge of substance? LOL. Yes I'm sure you do but I don't think we do, since the substance you do see is merely a product of your fucking dimensia.

    So you think the time of response has much to do with it's content? LOL. Why?

    LOL. Avoiding the meat of the post for the flair eh? Seems like all you're capable of processing, loser.

    Derpy derpy doo, fucknut. LOL. Idiot.

    Man if you could only hear yourself.

    Man.. the denial in this statement is palpable to us. It oozes from your words.


    It's apparent, my disgusting asshat, that you wouldn't know truth if you shoved it up your cunt. (especially since I know I've spoken nothing but truth, you've shoved all of it up your cunt, and than you say shit like "do you ever stop lying"?) It's not me that's lying to you, you despicable piece of shit. I can't keep you from lying to you.
    Last edited: May 1, 2004
  16. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    So, in other words, you never did establish anything and are still a cheap liar with an attitude problem?

    All I ever wanted was for you to deal honestly with these issues, Wes.

    But you're a rude, lying, misogynistic loser without a useful idea in that poor excuse for a brain.

    Here, let's just cycle back to the beginning of this topic:

    Your topic post is horseshit. I tried explaining to you what was wrong with using mythic ideas as the basis of an operating theory, but you chose instead to get all political and pissed off about a discussion I was having with 15ofthe19. So if you would like to discuss these ideas that you are so demonstrably incapable of discussing, you might wish to go back to the beginning and address my posts for once in a manner that doesn't involve you running like a frightened monkey from the very ideas you've raised.

    Give it a try, Wes.

    In the meantime, keep lying if it makes you feel better. At this point, you're just putting on a performance, showing your Sciforums neighbors how vapid and low you really are.

    "Already established."

    Wes, I already established, a long time ago, that you're wrong, you're dishonest, you're a miserable hateful wretch, and you have no idea what you're talking about.

    And I've done a better job establishing those points.

    So you should at least try to match that standard instead of just lying all the time.

    But we know - that's the best you're capable of, Wes. All you have to do is admit you're wrong and this whole thing goes away.
    Hey, I'm just trying to figure out what the hell you're claiming. You never wish to come out and say anything except how much you hate me and how much you hate women. In the meantime, you keep saying you made certain points, but you never show anyone how you did.
    You mean that really was your "established" basis?

    (chortle! guffaw!)

    So in other words we're back to square one and you're just a lying, angry, hateful, illiterate wifebeater?

    You should try a more original act, Wes. This one hasn't established jack for you.

    As far as I can tell, the only thing you established with that passage was a reinforcement that you do not understand the issues you've invoked in this topic.

    Right now you're up there with Anselm, boy.

    Jesus ... you established that you're arguing my points in order to support your position with no explanation for your annexing of the point. Tell me, Wes ... how does the fact that humans demand to not die from starvation or exposure reinforce your point? It doesn't. All it does is open a metaphysical door that you are obviously incapable of passing through.

    Perhaps if you weren't so focused on hating me and excoriating women while you do, you would be capable of understanding this simple point.

    Come on, Wes. Give it a try. Give us some substance, not just religion and hatred.

    Show this forum you're capable of something other than woman-hating temper tantrums in lieu of a purpose or point of posting.

    Oh, and learn to read. You're the present low standard of Sciforums. Take a look around, boy.
    I stand answered. You don't stop lying, do you?
  17. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    I suppose if that's what your reasonable english to cuntular asshat translator tells you, what am I gonna do to change your mind? Apparently, I don't speak cuntular asshat. Sue me fuckface.

    But how do you expect that you could tell if that were happening? It has been happening the whole time, yet you claim it hasn't. Seeing as how I don't speak in your disgusting horse-shit-speak, I'm not sure how you expect me to communicate with you. You simply don't respond to reason, so well.. fuck you.

    LOL. Slip a few curse words in there and you're on your way to a quality insult. Okay, let me figure out which of those ideas actually apply to me.

    - rude.

    yeah I'm rude sometimes for sure. no doubt. I would argue though, that everyone is rude to somebody sometime, as the idea is subjective.

    - lying.


    - misogynistic.

    not even close. funny that an asshat with a self-destructive relationship with his "partner" could accuse anyone of misogyny. i understand that your "condition" requires you to project you problems onto those around you. it's sad really, but amusing too because at the same time you're pathetic, you inspire spite for your pathetic nature. It's kickass.

    LOL. How did it feel to stretch your cunt about that one? LOL. Your negative characterization is obviously constructed to insult. That's fine, but your insults carry more weight if they're based in reality. Given that you're unfamiliar with "reality", I can see how you end up impotent.

    Oh? You couldn't have just said that up front eh? Hehe. Good thing you're not rude. LOL. Idiot.

    Certainly, but your analysis was/is stupid. I don't care who the fuck said it, it doesn't work for the context I've established. It's irrelevant. I displayed directly, two posts ago, exactly what the problem is and you paved over it. No big deal though, as if you hadn't, your translator would have just mucked it all up anyway.

    Oh? Perhaps you should check the record asshat. I was merely pointing out how your analysis is/was fucked up.

    LOL. Did you realize the contradiction in this statement when you typed it or do I have to point it out for you?

    If it were a reasonable person I was dealing with, I'd consider the suggestion. Since it's you.. nah. I'll just stuff it in your craw one more time: YOU ARE IRRELEVANT. That's not my fault. You are free to become relevant at any time, yet I know you won't. That you're too fucking stupid to see your irrelevance, is not my issue. I thought you'd try to read something and have an intelligent discussion, but you are ill-equipped. And one more time, just to piss you off:

    That demand exists creates scarcity. Classifications of demand are political.

    I've got something I'd like you to try to fuckface, but I don't speak your language so I can't figure out how to get the point across: FUCK OFF. I suppose your cuntular asshat translation device only allows that comment to go outbound and simply squelches incoming messages to that effect. How annoying.

    I'd have to start lying to keep lying, dipshit.

    My intent is pretty simple. I'm responding to the horseshit you're piling on my thread. If my neighbors find me vapid and low, then so fucking be it. I'll let the cunts worry over their image. LOL. And below you lecture me on substance? ROFLMAO. Shallow whore.

    LOL. Boy that's your wet fucking dream isn't it? LOL. Vacuous ego? CHECK! You've only established that you're a long winded cunt with an attitude problem boy. LOL. Thanks though, for finally confessing your only reason for being in this thread.

    I'm sure you think you have. I doubt our audience agrees. I can't speak for them, and I'm sure there is someone out there who sees your POV more clearly than mine. Regardless I can say for sure that from my POV, you've simply been crushed by me on a number of occasions, but your proud cunt keeps you yammering about how I'm a lying jackass. Again, please eat shit and die you useless fucking bitch.


    LOL. Yes I bet "WE" do, dumbass. It's strange how you seem to be the only one saying it.

    If I were wrong, I'd be quick to admit it. I wouldn't want to go through my life living like you.

    That's a fucking LIE.

    Hey cool look, another fucking straight lie. You're losing your shit over there cunt. I do say how much I hate you, that part is true, but it's rather obvious to a non-cunt, that this is not all I do. Oh shit I'm not supposed to split hairs on your cunt eh? I'm really fake sorry about that.

    LOL. Uh huh. What was that about "repeating yoru stupid shit over and over doesn't constitute and argument"? FUCKING MORON. Dude, maybe you shoudl see a shrink. Did you stop taking your meds? I'm serious, you're fucked up.

    That you apparently don't understand it makes it laughable? Okay. It's interesting to note that you haven't attempted to actually refute it. You just keep saying "you didn't establish blah blah". Try reasonable refutation? English? LOL. I realize I ask too much.

    Okay let's break this down. First, your insults are to no point, but that's fine. Let's see if they're relevant:

    Lying - obviously your paranoid stupidity shining through. You can't back it up. You'll quote weak bullshit you say is lies but you still can't back any of it up.

    Angry - sometimes.

    Hateful - my hate is very selective and plays a very small part in my life. At this point, YOU are the only thing really keeping it alive. Of course, you'll just add that to your list of "lies my cunt told me that wes said'. LOL. Pathetic wretch.

    Illiterate - that's just stupid.

    Wifebeater - again, simply stupid.

    If you're going to bother with insults, please make them either relative or amusing. LOL. Ah, it' doesn't matter.. your smarm will fuck it all up anyway. Poor you. LOL. Pantywaste.

    "originality" is not a conscious concern of mine, dipshit. I am what I am. If that's unoriginal, then so fucking be it.

    Seems to me that almost everyone I meet or interface with in any capacity begs to differ. I'm am generally very well liked and have a lot of good relationships with the other humans. It's something about respecting them. I don't think you'd understand. I'm sure you think you do, but your obnoxious display of smarm speaks to the contrary.

    Whatever you have to tell yourself, cunt.

    I have no idea who Anselm is, and I'm not your boy, you fucking cunt.

    Please asshat, show me where I've adopted your piece of shit point as my own. Aren't you the moron who said "repeating it over and over doesn't count as an argument". It's funny how you continually fail to remember it when it counts.

    It reinforces that animals do not demand anything. They simply are. Humans are creatures burdened with abstraction. We are not simple. We don't just exist. We are conscious that we might die and demand that we don't. The fact remains, demand is an abstract concept that reflect directly into reality. If you fail to meet the requirements of reality, you fail to continue the abstract condition of "demand" and all is good, since you can just die and quit worrying about it. Then demand doesn't exists and your argument is satisfied.

    It has been shown to you a number of times, how delineating between need and want is a political concern. It has also been shown how scarcity is a direct result of demand (regardless of said delineation). Quit running from my argument. LOL. Fucking idiot.

    Glad to dissapoint you.

    Right. Have you a clue? I think you're lacking merit here fuckface.

    LOL. If you were to say, GET a simple fucking point, I'd wager I'd understand it. Actually, I clearly understand the point you're trying to make.. it's just that it's fucking STUPID, so I'm trying to clarify things for you.

    Oh please, your entire fucking post is filled with wes hate speech and dogmatic regurgitation of your rejection of fucking scarcity. Fuck your sorry, hypocritical, skank assed cunt you worthless moron. Really, you simply make me sick.

    How about you realizing that your requests for me to behave in a manner that you desire are horribly horribly pointless?

    LOL. Do you see how fucking stupid you are? How could I read "learn to read" if I couldn't read? LOL. Thank you for making me laugh so hard today. I appreciate it.

    I am? What the fuck does that even mean? How can you cite an individual as the stardard for the entire board? Admit it fuckstick, you're just pissed because you can't handle what I present you. NO no wait, that's not it.. sorry. It's that you're pissed because people actually seem to like me, and you think I'm a piece of shit. LOL. So you blame the people eh? It's fucking SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET for you, that your wagging, skanky cuntular finger never, EVER wags your way eh? You are despicable.

    I'm not your fucking boy, cunt.

    You stand like a dirty cunt stalking a trick to rob.

    You are demonstrably unqualified to make that determination.
    Last edited: May 1, 2004
  18. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    I already have. If you devoted a fraction of the energy spent on hatred toward something productive, like learning to read, you would know that.
    That explains a lot. Anselm was an eleventh-century Christian philosopher who tried to do too much with his arguments. He came to a great point of argument and then extrapolated it to the point of being a liability instead of an asset.

    But he has a very solid argument, as long as you accept the undemonstrated presuppositions--as long as you believe in the myths.
  19. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    Have you noticed, T, that I generally offer you the courtesy of addressing any point you attempt to assert, and you only pull curse words or whatever you like from my posts to support your dimensia? Hehe.. well, just thought I'd mention it since it's obvious you didn't notice or don't care.

    Excuse me? You see, that you fucked up and couldn't read what I said, or that you failed to properly understand it, isn't my responsibility. I've expended a LOT of energy attempting to explain this shit to you, and you've demonstrated you're only interested in pretending I'm not talking, or skewing what I've said to fit your narrow little mind. You have only demonstrated that you can't tell truth from lie from misinterpretation.

    LOL. That you could call something that i have repeatedly demonstrated, "undemonstrated" is a testament to your monumental smarm.
  20. 15ofthe19 35 year old virgin Registered Senior Member

    A prediction: The situation that causes T to be the way he is will continue to deteriorate until one of two things happens.

    Possibility the first: T will bottom out, gain insight, wisdom and contrition and really start to get it. As he bounces off the bottom the whole world will open up to him and he will truly begin the trek toward the truth.

    Possibility the second: T will continue to believe in myths and will die trying to convince himself and everybody else around him that up is yellow, down is #132, and shit doesn't taste like ass.

    The acceptance of our flaws is one of the key steps to wisdom. Obviously, lord of the asshats is still in denial. Good luck with that.

    See you in hell T.

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  21. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    You were actually doing well until you bent over and let Wes start thinking for you. Looks like you're ready for the trip, too, anyway. After all, your sh#t is already well-packed.
    Which is why I wonder why you won't bother to learn to read.
  22. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    Everyone except T, learn to read.

    Okay, now you can shut your fucking idiotic yap about it?

    Yeah I doubt it. Why is it everyone else's problem? Is it the banners you tattered?
  23. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    You'd have to show that it is. As you see, there are people I don't have problems with. Actually, maybe you don't. You generally can't read my posts; why should I presume you can read anyone else's?
    How in the world does A lead to B on this occasion?

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