The Ancient Man Theory

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by lok, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. lok Registered Member

    I'm working on an alternate theory to the Ancient Astronaut theory(just for fun). In it I state that Humanity is much older than we thought and that we have reached different levels of civilization before something happens to knock us back down where we have to start over. I state that Humanity only requires between 15,000 and 10,000 years to advance from a hunter/gatherer society to the technological point that we have reached today and even beyond. However, each peak of our separate civilizations has been met with an unexpected extinction level event that dwindled our numbers to a few thousand at most. All is lost. Humanity either barely survived or sent their people out to the stars to continue the species.

    Eventually Humanity relearns the basics such as hunting, creating fire and eventually agriculture. We move on to societies such as the one we live in today, so confident and sure of our everlasting hold on the world before, once again, we're wiped out by an extinction level event. Arrogance unmakes us every time.

    Now, I present to you my wild theory's poorly researched and completely weak evidence.


    [Had to remove my links because I don't have enough post for links]

    Basically, the Ancient astronaut evidence but without the aliens.

    What could have happened and could it happen again?

    The amount of written history that we have doesn't even cover a second of the [LINK REMOVED]. That link shows the natural events that have occurred, could have occurred and may occur again. The Earth didn't go into a stasis field when we learned to read and write; extinction events are still happening. The[LINK REMOVED] erupted about 75k years ago and almost wiped us Humanity. The Earth endures constant climate changes to include our last great ice age that had North America covered in mile high glaciers. At any moment, an asteroid could slam into the Earth, a coronal mass ejection could fry most life away, a super volcano could erupt and kill hundreds of millions... events we haven't even witnessed and are ignorant of could take place. Then there's the man made events that could wipe us out such as nuclear war.

    Every time our civilization was wiped out, we went into survival mode. Reading, writing, science... "luxury" thinking will be put aside in exchange for survival thinking. History will be passed on through stories, stories that all the survivors of the world will share(How the world ended, religious beliefs, what man had accomplished). Over the generations these similar stories will evolve into their own and history will have changed. These could become the beliefs that form new religions and the foundations for future societies.

    You may wonder why nothing was left of ancient man's civilizations and I would say there is! The Great Pyramids, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Puma Punku and Nan Madol just to name a few. What has the ability to weather time best? Stone! What will be left over from our current civilization in ten thousand years? Stone! Think Mount Rushmore, weathered, eroded and cracking, stumbled upon by some human explorers tens of thousands of years from now. They'll be mystified and wonder how primitive people could have made such a thing? Some will claim ancient aliens must have helped because how else could primitive people carve that? Obviously things such as glass and nuclear waste from very advanced civilizations would remain, unless they became so intelligent that they cleaned their world up before being wiped out. Or there could be a 100,000 years of Humans barely surviving extinction level event after event. No time to build a great civilization, so nothing remains from the last great society to the next. Then we get into a calm period such as the one we are in and we flourish.

    Your role:

    Tear this theory to pieces! Poke all the holes in it you can. Try to avoid any arguments that are based on other theories, assumptions or incomplete works. For instance, do not try to use fossil records to disprove Ancient Man since we're still working man's evolution and only have the oldest human fragments to go on. We can't disprove Ancient Man with fossil records if the only thing we have is a very old human skull, and something older that is close to a human skull.

    Ok, have at it =)
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  3. ForrestDean Registered Senior Member

    I definitely agree with those theories. I would not be surprised whatsoever if humans have inhabited this Earth over many millions, or even hundreds of millions of years with the rise and fall of countless advanced civilizations.
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  5. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    Agree a great deal with all the above. I particularly note "Arrogance unmakes us every time. - and we certainly have an unhealthy dose of it today.

    Pity we couldn't see your links. Would have been interesting. Maybe you can post them later.
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  7. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    As far as your links go you can still identify the links in text form.

    The problem with your theory is quite simply there is no evidence to support it. How can you cite the pyramids and such as evidence to support your claim when they already have been shown to be dated in such a way as to dissprove your claim?

    You say your evidence is the same as the ancient aliens without the aliens. There is no evidence at all to support ancient aliens! The you are using the same complete lack of evidence of ancient aliens to support your claim? That seems kind of weird.
  8. lok Registered Member

    Nope, I can't post anything even similar to a link. I broke it up in such a way that it was completely useless and the system still refused to let me post.

    To address the pyramids, the time period we've given them are just best guesses. For all we know the Egyptians were squatters that took up residence in the abandoned city. There is the Sphinx water erosion hypothesis that states the Sphinx had to be much older than believed. There is also the fact that later dynasties attempted to construct their own pyramids which were inferior to previous ones. Everything we know about the Pyramids is just theories based around the idea that the Egyptians built them. We really have no idea.

    Sunken cities Here we have a sunken city off the coast of Japan. Now we know that islands do sink and that during the melting of the last great ice age water rose about 100 Some say that it could be natural, and maybe it is. However the more you read about the more it appears to be man-made. I believe that there could be more to this and that a vast city could be beneath it. That is an assumption, of course. However if true, this city must be far older than believed to be since A) it is only 10 miles from Okinawa and there would be a written history of the city and its sinking or at least myths. Since there is no such myths or history we can assume the city was unknown to some of the oldest Human civilizations on Earth.

    This could be the top of an an ancient Asian Rome or Egypt or it could be the concrete and stone skeleton of an ancient modern day city. How can we rule this out? We dig! Geologist and archeologist are still exploring the site today and until they have ruled it out, it stands as evidence to support my theory. Keep in mind, evidence does not have to be confirmed to support merit. We haven't found the missing link for Humans but that doesn't mean we never will. More on the Japan's sunken city: / Cuba's sunken city. This one could predate Japan's sunken city as it is over 600 meters below water! This means that the city could have been built from before the last Ice Age, long enough that not only the waters rose but also the area had time to sink. If this were true, that would place Humans in the Northern Hemisphere far longer than the 14k years believed.

    //] India's underwater city! Are you starting to notice a trend here? All across the world we are finding human cities underwater. 60% of Human population lives on the coast which would make sense for ancient Human cities to also be located on the coast. If we could map the ancient coastlines, I have no doubt that we would find many ancient ruins. Now, a modern city wouldn't last for thousands of years underwater, but certain older features would. The stone and concrete structures for instance. These things could last for tens of thousands of years especial if buried.

    To find one underwater city is great, but it can be chopped up to many things such as rising sea levels and earthquakes. To find three (And this isn't all the ones I have found) all underwater seems pretty clear that Humans have built cities on the ancient coast that predates our oldest known civilizations. These cities are all underwater which means they could have been built during the Ice Age when the seas were lower, but what about a sea port far from any water? Tihuanaco, a seaport 2.5 miles above sea level: This would mean this city had to have been around before the last Ice Age and around a time when the Earth was at its warmest.

    The atmospheric pressure is nearly half as low as at sea level and the oxygen content of the air is similarly small. This isolation and altitude makes the very construction of the city all the more remarkable. There is evidence that the city was once a port, having extensive docks positioned right on the earlier shoreline of the now inland waterbed. One of these wharves is big enough to accommodate hundreds of ships. The inland waterway is littered with millions of fossilized seashells.

    According to Incan legends, Tihuanaco was built by a race of giants whose fatherland had been destroyed in a great deluge that had lasted for two months.

    Relics of an ancient civilization: Ancient industrial tools & Ancient shoe print, millions of years old! I'll come back to this but just look it over for now. More ancient tools Fossilized Human(possibly) hands. We'll address this too. Ancient stone city covering 500 acres in New Zealand - Ancient Terrace of Baalberk. Goes to a forum with someone who has collected nice information on it.

    Ok, I could go on and on with these examples but lets go back to some.

    The fossilized shoes, hands and other items: Either our dating methods are extremely flawed and/or easily faked or there is evidence to support the possibility that Humans(Or other primates) had evolved long before we think. If we discredit these things without just cause then the whole system is thrown in doubt. How can we trust one if not the other? It's easy to scoff at this as absurd, but instead of just making an off hand reason why it's not possible why don't we explore the possibility that it is possible. Anyone know what it would mean if Humanity has evolved more than once, or there were intelligent apes before us or that Humanity has endured a much longer reign over this world than even fantasy would have us believe?

    I believe that there are unexplainable mysteries to this world. I believe that we may never have answers if we continue to be bullheaded and ignore possibilities because they do not fit into our theoretical comfort zone. I'm not saying I believe in ancient aliens or ancient man, but I do know that what we believe today is only theories based on best guesses. If best guesses are to be accepted as facts then have we not already played into the "arrogance unmakes us every time" prediction? If we only explore the best guess, we may end up ignoring the worst truth.

    Afterword: I've just spent an 48 minutes trying to get around the link issue. This. Is. Ridiculous. Who came up with this idea? Basically it wants me to spam 15 post in order to prevent spamming.
  9. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    Most of these sites are just silly woo-woo sites, that have no scientific value. The one article by the BBC from 2002 on gulf of cambay after further review is at best very suspect. Extaordinary claims require extraordinary evidence - this evidence does not come close to extraordinary, these 'evicences' are more along the lines of conjecture and lack any authority or rigior of any sort.
  10. lok Registered Member

    It's funny you say that because that's the only reason these things are discredited for. They seem too fringe for serious consideration. The only people that are interested in them are the 'loonies". But none of the things that I have listed have been actually proven to be false. Professionals in their fields refuse to study these anomalies for fear of ruining their reputations. This means it falls to the hobbyist to resolve. We don't have the vast experience and knowledge of the professionals but we also have nothing on the line so we can ask these questions.

    All of these things I listed and more, don't you think it's at least worth digging into just to rule it out?
  11. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member


    You cannot prove something is false. For instance, prove that there aren't fairies living at the center of the earth and are using mind control on Rush Limbaugh - you cannot. I can be pretty damn confident it is not true though!

    Not true. Professionals looked at the data and said - nope, nothing here. If a professional or anyone else was able to find proof that there were advanced civilizations 10,000 years ago he would win a Nobel Prize and be the toast of the town.

    No, the lack of knowledge and lack of scientific training allow the hobbiest to look past the evidence and make up silly scenarios that seem really neat.

    They have been looked at and ruled out as so much hogwash.

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