Telepathy: Thoughts & questions.

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Dinosaur, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Dinosaur Rational Skeptic Valued Senior Member

    A poster to another Thread claims that he has telepathic abilities. I am interested in opinions, especially from those who agree with the notion that some people have such abilities.

    Do whose with the ability have both transmitter & receiver capabilities?

    Can a person with receiver ability read the thoughts of a person with no telepathic ability?

    Does the effect propagate in a particular direction similar to light from a laser? Does it propagate spherically similar to light from an ordinary light bulb? Can the transmitter direct communication to one particular receiver, not allowing others to know what is being sent?

    Does signal strength fall off with distance between transmitter & receiver? If so, does it fall off linearly, does it decrease in proportion to the square of the distance, or is there some other relationship between decrease & distance?

    If a large random group of people are measured or tested & the data plotted, the result is usually similar to a Normal distribution (Id est: A bell shaped curve), although some plots are skewed rather than symmetrical around the mean value. I am considering characteristics like height, ability to score on various types of tests, strength, running ability, jumping ability, et cetera.

    If Telepathic ability is measured would the results plot similarly or would there be some with the ability & others without the ability?​

    How is data transmitted? Via electromagnetic signals? Mediated by currently unknown particles?

    Has anyone tried to measure the energy (if any) expended by the sender?

    Is there any type of shielding which would prevent the sending of data telepathically? Id est: Sender is surrounded by lead, steel, or other material; There is a magnetic field surrounding sender.​

    Are there any characteristics not suggested by the above?
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  3. leopold Valued Senior Member


    i don't think it has anything at all to do with brainwaves.
    it's more along the lines of picking up on subtle clues and the ability to put 2 and 2 together.
    there are instances that defy description and i won't venture a guess either.
    - my opinion.​
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  5. rodereve Registered Member

    Yes, I actually agree with leopold, it has more to do with cues, visual and non-visual, that the "telepathic" pick up, whether consciously or subconsciously. Why is it that they always have to ask the "person" questions (Do you know anyone with a butterfly tattoo?) or statements and reply back depending on the person's feedback (I'm seeing a man in his 30s-- Oh yes, my dad died when he was 30...)
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  7. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    First of all, although I myself support psi topics I expect a moderator to move this to the correct paranormal sections as psi is currently not accepted as science.

    Telepathy at a distance however has been subject of many experiments, and it does not seem to be a factor. Even time seems to not be a factor which is unusually strange.

    Sir Hubert Wilkins was the well known aviator and Arctic and Antarctic explorer who has taken part in ten Polar expeditions, commanding six of them; he holds the Military Cross of the British Empire and has been honored by leading scientific societies throughout the world. It is also obvious from his name that he was knighted by the Queen. Mr. Harold M. Sherman is a successful author ( OVER 50 BOOKS,and a very popular fiction adventure series )and scenario writer. Both have long been interested in the possibilities of telepathy as a human faculty which might be developed in qualified persons and employed for human welfare.

    In 1921, Harold worked as a reporter for The Marion Chronicle in Indiana. He moved to New York City in 1924 to write several popular boys' sports and adventure books (notably the Tahara series) and to produce two plays on Broadway.
    The Sherman family spent the 1950s and early 1960s in Hollywood, writing for television and lecturing on his most recent work.

    They are both long dead but it was books written by Harold Sherman that first peaked my interest in ESP as a teenager with a book entitled, "How to make ESP work for you.

    A book was written as these two men contracted to attempt long distance telepathy while Sir Hubert Wilkins was on an arctic mission to recover Russian Pilots, and Harold Sherman was in New York City. This was in the Winter of 1937-38 and radio contact was not a great option most of the time back then. I also possess this book, and the impressions received were more often than not extremely accurate.

    I SPEAK IN "PROBABILITIES" WHEN I MENTION TELEPATHY, but when you actually do it or witness how an exact situation can be described in such vivid detail it really leaves no room for doubt. I calculate probabilities, but they are far from the most convincing factors.

    There was official "Blinds" in place, but these men were very reputable, and of 5 months of communicating 3 times per week they had 70% of readings were extremely accurate.

    Watch this video from 6:30 on to see Harold Sherman (MY HERO) speak about it.


    This is more on Sir Wilkins, and what a arctic flight involved back then.

    Distance, Time, and no known shielding could prevent thoughts from being percieved by the receiver according to Harold Sherman.

    Although dated. I recommend anybody with interest to grab books from this long dead author. The sending messages during REM seems like it originated with him, and his stories seem believable, and many are backed by third party involvement as he mentions in the video (his readings were sent to reputable officials).

    You could read a lot more on that experiment without purchasing the book likely, by simply googling the names together.

    I successfully replicated an experiment outlined by Harold Sherman on my very first try when I was 17 years old. I broadcast the message "(Friends name here), (My name here) misses you very much, get in touch." which brought a written letter to my door in 5 days from an old friend in another country whom I had not heard of in approx 5-6 months.

    A sentence in the letter stated,"Last night I had a dream about you that prompted me to write.". I saved that letter for many years.

    Yes I highly recommend psychic books by that man, but he authored many books of various types, like..
    Someone else who used this method...
    Sigmund Freud once wrote," [This data] ...puts an end to any possible remaining doubt about thought transference. Henceforward the new knowledge was to be taken for granted" in 1910 telepathy&f=true

    Read the above link from page 99 on and see how Doctor Sigmund Freud once commented about psychic phenomenon (psi).

    Carl Jung his friend was convinced mind affected matter and coined a new term "synchronicity", and believed in signs and omens.

    How many years have you studied dreams and telepathy?

    So Woo was great with Sigmund Freud a man who spent a lifetime studying dreams and telepathy. I use the word woo sarcastically here.

    Read more:

    If you say,
    "He is a control freak"
    "he is so anal"
    or use words like Ego, or Id.
    you are speaking Freudian.

    IMAGINE FOR A SECOND: Imagine you repeatedly do your own psychic experiments that are very convincing and meet your own standards. Imagine how that would open your mind. Could you then imagine a global consciousness? An Afterlife? Even a god? For these reasons I implore everyone to please, please, please, read these books and try these experiments repeatedly until you can do it successfully all the time. I am not asking you support what I am saying here. Even if you do it in secret it will be the best thing to open your mind EVER.

    You can think I am gullible, but I swear on my mothers life (She's alive I'm only 45) I am being truthful about my psychic experiments I outlined as being inspired by Harold Sherman. I swear I have seen enough weird stories that belief can never be an issue. I really wish some of you will be inspired to actually try telepathy with half as much effort as you put into condemning it.

    IT IS EASY>>>>>

    One day we will all face death. Reading this material and doing these experiments could make you actually believe you have something to look forward to and could save you the misery of expecting a blank demise. TRY IT !!!

    @ Dinosaur,
    I have answered my STRONG beliefs (BECAUSE THEY ARE REAL), but have not addressed the medium of how the signals are sent. I honesty do not know. The idea that there is an underlying collective consciousness is a favorite explanation for it, but it is only a W.A.G. (Not S.W.A.G.). I do hope you will read those books however as you seem to have an interest.

    Electrical energy has been noted from the brain, but nothing connected with psychic phenomenon as they seem very weak.

    Everyone has this ability. Sending and Receiving require NO practice. Sigmund Freuds friend used to practice guessing strangers names on the bus and later asking them.

    I think anyone wanting to can tune into a thought. I think the thoughts are somehow material in nature and we can tune into their frequencies.

    P.S. Okay. I had my say. No skeptic stuff I have not heard already though, so maybe you can simply copy and paste the usual rhetoric. I had no involvement with this not being in paranormal threads. I do feel sorry for those who have not experienced this stuff, but it is your own fault as it is very easy to do.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2013
  8. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member

    The subject of telepathy is open to scientific proof.
    All that needs to be done is to perform successful scientific experiments.

    Science does not allow the acceptance of personal experience or beliefs
    as corroboration of some proposed principle.

    It may surprise you to know that I have my own social, socio-political, and religious beliefs.
    But they are not scientific.
    I don't think that that makes them less important.

    Science has limitations.
    It does not encapsulate the whole of human experience.
    It's a little bubble.
    And if you sit inside that bubble, you can see the things inside it very clearly.

    Science cannot deal with a three dimensional pendulum.
    How could it deal with, say, a children's playground.

    I have no problem with you believing in telepathy.
    But if you want to claim that your beliefs are scientific,
    you need to have evidence

    That's why this thread will be moved.

    You mentioned a scientific experiment involving the mental transference of numbers.
    That sounds quite scientific.
    What was that about?

    I realise that I have added lots more information.
    I didn't want to make a new post.
    Feel free to make new replies.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2013
  9. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Captain Kremmen,
    I did not open this thread in this section, nor can I think of any easy way to prove telepathy. Even if you experience it and can get long lost friends to contact you, or awaken friends at certain times using this method I doubt anyone of us has the means to turn that into valid proof.

    I did replicate an experiment (variation of) outlined by Harold Sherman in his book "How to make ESP work for you", and it not only worked on the first try, but has worked for many on the first try, and has worked for me in many situations. It has also failed. I do not think I could get Oprah Winfrey to contact me using this method because she does not know who I am to begin with.

    I do expect this thread to be moved. I am not offering proof. I am very busy with another aspect of PSI/Clairvoyance and am in contact with various mind power organizations (and Josephson) about these type of things. I do agree the Dream Telepathy was subjective, and all hits were eventually given a score out of 100. An ubrella pulling you down the street by wind compared to a sailboat might be worth a score of 35 out of 100 but I could see how scoring could be "cheated".

    My last post was about proving it to yourself first, as that is a much easier step than proving it to the world. It is very easy to do with friends or family.

    I think one did involve numbers. Maybe you can try that and tell us how it goes.

    NOTE: My last post was very long and it was an honest attempt to get people to try this.
    HOWEVER... I DO NOT FEEL I AM THE ONE IN NEED OF ENLIGHTENMENT. I am not typing all this to prove my side of anything. It is my honest hope some people here actually start trying this stuff. I am typing it in spite of the fact I am expecting heavy skeptic responses.
  10. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member


    As for proving it, scientific proofs only ever aim for increased certainty rather than certainty itself.
    And that, I think, is only scientific certainty.

    I'll have to think about that one.
  11. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    "How to make ESP work for you"

    That's funny, I read this when I was 12 and tried it out. It's one of the things that made me a skeptic. The relaxing exercises also led me to the real thing, Zen Buddhism. I think that if telepathy is anything like electromagnetic radiation, the strength of the signal would fall off with the inverse square of the distance. Long range communication would require far more power than the brain is capable of producing.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2013
  12. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ spidergoat,
    Funny. I don't have that book anymore but recall an experiment where two friends agree to a telepathy test. The broadcaster picks a night at random and does the test. He waits until he thinks his friend has been asleep for at least 2 hours (REM timing was not mentioned, but seems fitting). Then he attempts to make his friend wake up at 3am by sending the message, "you will wake up at 3 am and remember this message". The friend woke up and was "freaked out" saying he felt as if the broadcaster was inside his room. It was this experiment I adapted to contact a lost friend. Harold Sherman did outline a period of relaxing and visualizing a white screen beforehand.

    The "Thoughts through Space" book has been in my library (a.k.a. washroom) bookshelf cabinet for the past 6 months.

    I do not think communication is in any way electromagnetic (although I have no way of knowing), and have never had problems with distance. Even my very first attempt reached a person with an unknown address (How did it focus direction?) who turned out to be living in Rochester, New York, while I was broadcasting North of Toronto, Canada. The location of the person was not known (or direction), and it reached the person across Lake Ontario.

    When I was younger the only avenue for information was libraries and schools and other books. When the internet arrived I thought finally I would find some scientific reasoning for why psi occurs, but instead have only had reasons (none valid) why it cannot occur shoved in my face. That is not true actually as I have progressed further in many areas because of the Internet.

    Even something as simple as repeating to yourself that you will have a dream about tomorrow that you will remember vividly might be a good start. Your mind is very obliging and you need no set of instructions. I have in the past tried to pick lottery numbers in advance, as I feel that the question, "If psychics are real how come they don't all win lotteries?" is a valid one, so I have tried to perfect a method to do this.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2013
  13. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    How can this subject be in this forum, shouldn't it be in pseudo science instead?
  14. KitemanSA Registered Senior Member

    Yay verily!
  15. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    I can prove it.

    Every one of you, consult the Passive spirit. Your mind is cluttered, clean up and it will be obvious.

    Make your life rhythmic, and wear matching colors. This is how to telepath.
  16. Danger2 Registered Member

    I don't understand. Already is proven telepathy system as Sy-T system and all these your blabs seems me as ordered for somebody's needs.
    In previous post was about the telepathy of interests. It is a telepathy kind, when people are stiking by their backs. The mostly poor telepathy's idea simply, as a troubles kind it is known for Sy-T users.
  17. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    Bot make good talk sounds
  18. tonia Registered Member

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  19. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    Not a convincing test. Nothing specific was communicated. So you told your friend when to expect something, something both of you are inclined to believe, and he wakes himself up, and easy enough thing to do, and has a subjective experience of "presence". Proves nothing.

    You should have agreed to pick a number, not tell the other guy, and have them guess which number you picked at a distance.
  20. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Spidergoat,
    That experiment was NEVER done by me. You indicated you had read a book entitled "How to make ESP work for you" in which that experiment was used between friends.

    So first; that experiment has NOTHING to do with me.

    Secondly; the one friend "A" NEVER told friend "B" when the experiment would take place. It was to occur on some random night within a few weeks from what I recall. I would accept your interpretation if friend "B" approached friend "A" on every single morning saying "Whoa, that was freaky, etc.", however the friend "B" only seemed to react (in the book) on the night the experiment was performed.

    This is still a friendly light hearted telepathy experiment two friends could do for the purpose of fun and to help convince yourselves about telepathic reality. It is not meant to be a rigorous lab experiment with double blinds and locked doors.

    @ Kiteman,
    I never put this in this section of Sciforums and expect it to be moved however if you agree with Buddha and myself that it is the wrong section when you say "Yay verily", then why even bother reviving this post after it has been dead for so many days.

    Take your meds!
  21. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    Any experiment can be designed properly, even if it's just for fun. This wasn't designed properly, since you still have a very high chance to guess the correct day. If the time period is two weeks, that's 1 out of 14. If you pick a random number, that's 1 out of millions (assuming you accept some upper limit on the number).
  22. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    For the obvious reason that it does not satisfy the Rule of Laplace: Extraordinary assertions must be supported by extraordinary evidence before anyone is obliged to treat them with respect.

    Considering the energy content of a brain wave (our brains already consume a considerable fraction of our caloric intake), for brain waves to be detectable at such distances would probably require a 100,000 calorie daily diet. To assert that there is a way around this rather simple application of the laws of physics is, therefore, obviously an extraordinary assertion. No extraordinary evidence has yet been presented to support it. The evidence presented so far is irrefutably ordinary, at best. Just considering controls, coincidence and ethics keeps it firmly in the realm of the ordinary. Perhaps this is no reason to halt the support of all research in this field (as opposed to, say, research into sheer poppycock like past life regression and yogis who claim to not have eaten a meal in six months), but it is a reason for anyone who chooses not to regard this research with very much respect.

    On SciForums it will not be moved into the Cesspool, which is the repository for ideas that deserve unmitigated disrespect. But it will be moved into the group of boards which can in aggregate be referred to as Crackpottery.
  23. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    @ Fraggle_Rocker,

    As delightful as it is to have yet another skeptic jump on these sort of threads, it sounds like copy/paste banter that is common. It is sad that your life experiences have left you with such a closed mind and that you must endure that skeptic stance. It must be horrible to think that once you die, that is all that is.

    However I do understand this shallow thinking although I think it is very unreasonable for people not to, at least experiment with telepathy themselves, as it is very easy despite your theories upon how it operates. your notion of energy required is a unique physical perspective on the phenomena, however I do not think that would be a possibility. There would need to be a more plausible explanation.

    I did not start this post in this section. I could care less about your opinions on the matter. I would also have posted this in the paranormal forums.

    I do not think you have been exposed to any truthful psychic experiment and refute your claim that there is not a high degree of evidence on this topic. Any idiot can put together a psychic test which fails, and there have been countless attempts at proving psychic phenomenon using flawed methods (i.e dowsing contests, card reading, etc).

    Influencing dreams has been the easiest and most valid form of evidence seen in my opinion, and yet I doubt you have even heard of it. You can easily do it yourself, but is more likely you would rather wallow through the rest of your life in your spirited skepticism than spend a few hours of your time in an endeavor to apply telepathy. This is a common scenario and is sad. I actually hope to crack a few more skeptics from this stance, and have before.

    I feel it is your stance that deserves unmitigated disrespect. I feel like you (skeptics) are all blind to something so obvious.

    Imagine you had participated in psychic experiments. Imagine you have done telepathy for 30 years and have been able to make it work at will. Spend a few weeks experimenting with a friend where one broadcasts their day, and the other receives the messages at a given time and take notes. You can even take turns broadcasting and receiving in the same 30 minute session (15 minutes each). Do this for two weeks and compare notes and you will never doubt again. Imagine you wrote about their lives in each instance as if you lived with them.

    Imagine your belief in PSI was so concrete that you knew anyone doubting it must be (looking for polite word) less than intelligent. This is how I feel about people who are skeptics. It is sad and I feel sorry for them.

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