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Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by adhams, Aug 13, 2015.

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  1. adhams Registered Senior Member

    toe theory space absorbtion part 1 its about 1s,0s and -1s now i hope after experimentation the theory would prove true the only experiment it needs is to get a u238 and move it against earths rotational move to the east in the same speed of rotation or maybe less... this will decrease the actual speed of matter in space leading to the ability of u238 to gain the bunch of neutrons shot at it and absorb it leading to the increase in the size of u238 in a short amount of time which leads to the increase of the general amount of space absorbed which is usually insufficient after the increase in the size of u238 now the size of u235 is perfect for both accepting the neutron and getting shaked by a heap amount of space absorption gained after neutron is added (relative to the amount of space absorption of 238 as the size is smaller so it gets affected more by the small size of neutron) (it gets shaked because of the increased amount of space absorption it takes after the neutron added to it since the increased size of u235 leads to shaking of it when it asks for more space than it used to ask for (where its already unstable due to the already insufficient amount of space exists in universe) and after the adding of the size of a neutron to u235 it collapses and explodes now this applies to u238 but with a faster neutron this is due to the size of u238 being perfect as well for exploding the same way after neutron is added to it but the neutron needs to be fast since when the neutron becomes faster it acts like a bigger matter (since it absorbs more space relative to the normal slow neutron) (since all matter absorb space better and more when they move and vice versa) now that is about the experiment now lets see some proofs that i didnt mention in the older manuscript if u ever look at a simple universe pic over the internet u would find some pretty awesome information: https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/...ZVYdfNMV-7UGbKX5J8ptF8URNK0Ma_nuhIj5jlFoXQKVc its that the universe has light in its center or middle (being the smallest particles around which absorbs the least amount of particles possible) this is due to the fact that universe in the middle has the least amount of absorbable space that there is (as all matter in the universe absorb from this area of space even if they are far away from center) leading to the decrease of space in the middle or center of space. now there are other postulates .. 1.all matter in space are formed from light and the accumulation of light leading to bigger and bigger particles with different properties like luster color and radioactivity since when the element is bigger or smaller it actually changes in properties with gradual disperse in properties... for example when light hits a piece of matter (a piece of shit for example) heh heh heh :/ .. it produces brown color since the photons escape the matter with the speed that effects the eye and produces this color in the eye... all matter produce light due to the fact that matter is already stable and doesnt need anymore particles or it will become even more unstable (as the space around it is more asked for after the absorbtion of light leading to the shaking of the piece of matter.. . 2.when matter becomes bigger its affected less by the space around it leading to it being more stable in the matter of movement and unstable in the point that the light particles that constitute it adhere (is unstable as in u235 and u238) (u know just like how ppl have more problems when they grow!) also u notice how there is much more particles at the half radius of the universe (a bit more outwards than inwards..) due to the same facts that in the middle or center of univers exits less and less space... generally speaking the bigger particles exist away from center. bigger stars and galaxies do so i guess... now lets get to the math! lets try to prove it i guess.. according to the spheres volume rule(yep iam using 6th grade stuff) <_< which states 4/3 pi r^3 whenever u go away from the middle or center of the universe the amount of volume(or the amount of space as a matter of fact) increases now to simplify this equation i would only be interested in the r^3 part of the rule since the other part or 4/3 pi is constant and unchanged and since the radius is the only variable here and therefor ima deal and meddle with radius parameter only in this equation... so if you try it you would find that the division between 1^3=1 and 2^3=8 which is 8/1=8 is way huger than the division of r=2 and r=3 as in 2^3=8 and 3^3=27 or 27/8=3.5 and as we progress further 3^3=27 3^4=81 81/27=3 where 8>3.5>3 as u notice the gap between the volumes decrease as u go further away from the center matter balances between the amount of space it needs to absorb and the fact that there is more decreasing space outwards(when u compare between the progressive volumes in all radii.... sorry i just had problems and all was deleted :-C so i cant simplify it more.... now there are other 2 tests i made for the theory one is stated here at this site.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hafele–Keating_experiment particularily this passage: the reuslts 1.3 The results were published in Science in 1972:[1][2]
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  3. adhams Registered Senior Member

    these are the numbers for eastward -59 ± 10 and westward.. 273±7 the place when moved eastward the plane moved slowly since it goes in an opposite direction of the earths rotation meaning that the speed of the plane was slow even slower than earths rotaion... this means according to my hypothesis that the atomic clocks would go slower than usual causing the eastward -59 ± 10 delay now as the plane flies westward it would fly much faster than earths rotation leading to increase in the atomic clocks speed meaning that the planes speed is faster than earths rotational speed meaning according to my hypothesis that say when matter moves in more speed it absorbs more space leading to westward 273±7 more time since the clock runs faster the clock absorbs more space and exists more and more leading to it having the clock running more! since according to my hypthesis it also says that time is the result of a piece of matter existing one more time because as matter absorbs space it exists again in a newer time frame that is how i see time its existing one more time due to space absorbtion as in here 1+(-1)=0 where 1 is matter (-1) is absorbable space (not antimatter where anti matter is -1 not (-1) ) now matter absorbs space and the (-1) changes into 1 as noticed here in these two equations 1+(-1)=0, (older time framed matter) 1=1(newer time framed matter) as the clock exists more as it goes westward(due to more space absorbtion due to more speed) the clock would produce more and more time noted in the 273±7 now lets get to the math

    i believe that god created matter and antimatter adhered together as zero as in 0=1+-1 and as u see matter and antimatter exploded from nothingness which is quite acceptable because matter and antimatter negate each other now not only matter and antimatter was created but also space absorbable by matter and anti matter as in the equation 0=1+(-1)+-1+(1) simply the space is another form of matter and antimatter that exists with different properties as like they are absorbed and do not absorb so generally space is (antimatter) or (-1) of different properties from the original -1 or antimatter same for (1) or space (matter) which is different from the original matter or 1 also antimatter absorbs space (matter) or (1) as in the equation -1+(1)=0,(older time framed antimatter)-1=-1(newer time framed antimatter) now occasionally original matter and original antimatter would clash forming again a 0 as in 1+-1=0 as when stars enter a blackhole and they both vanish.....now lets see the last test of my hypothesis... hmm my theory says that matter absorbs space and that when it finds no space it explodes this is what we see here in the decay chain page....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decay_chain if u look at the tables u would find that large pieces of matter are radioactive more than the smaller ones this means that they have shorter half lifes.... we see that in the tables as we progress less and less in size of radioactive materials we find that the half life of matter increase generally meaning that as u go down with the table u find that the life span of the matter increase as it becomes more stable! but wait! why isnt the table consistent! i mean why doesnt the life time just increase throughout all the tables?

    that is due to the bigger pieces of matter absorbing more space than that of the smaller ones meaning that the smaller pieces of matter which are supposidly more stable than the bigger ones(since they dont need much space as the bigger matter pieces) are actually even less stable than the bigger ones but generally we fin an increase in the half life of matter and at some point the process is reverted for smaller and smaller pieces of matter..! to explain more thoroughly i would say look at the tables please and see the progressive half life times as u go from bigger to smaller pieces of matter! u would find that half life increase for smaller and smaller pieces of matter! now u also notice that this cycle stops at some point and in fact half life decreases for a smaller matter than the previous bigger matter! again this is due to the unfair competition in space absorbtion between the stronger and bigger pieces of matter and smaller pieces of matter

    part3 now lets explain some of the forces tat exist such as gravity:gravity is caused due to the competition on space between matters when 2 pieces of matter that are unequal in size absorb and compete for the same space they actuially go closer to each other as in tug of war now as two similar in size pieces of matter absorb the same space they actually repel each other! since they take the space inbetween with the same force leading to the space inbetween them gets depleted and then they reach out for space outwards from each other and not inwards leading to repulsion! now lets explain electricity electricity is due to the fact that electron are of the same size so when one electron aproaches the other one they repel and the second electron continues the journey till it accidentially hits another electron and so on till electrons go to the end of the wire magnetic force is rather the complex interaction between these stuff it isnt as the way scientists believe that its a seperate force its the same force of gravity but is rather due to the interaction between different sizes of matter and the space inbetween them....

    this is how i would like to show how to make u238 be fissle the process need that the u238 moves through space in 2 directions first against earths rotation this process is where u shot a neutron at it u slow down in that direction with the u238 and reverse at that moment u shoot the neutron preferably when the u238 is already going to reverse as much as possible now the u238 should be already on the earths rotation direction and should achieve maximum speed in that direction when it absorbs the neutron. now repeat this process as rapid as possible after some tries the u238 will become fissle.no need for slingshots but anything that holds the u238 and moves it is ok.

    ok will write a brief explanaion now

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    after all one needs to know why he should do something

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    the reason of making the u238 go in the direction against earths direction is to make it like u235 as when a bigger piece of matter moves faster than a smaller piece of matter it absorbs more space according to the theory so making the u238 move against earths direction would lead to it acting like u235 thus absorbing slower neutrons(wont explain details of why u235 absorbs slow neutrons and u238 absorbs fast ones(covered before)) now the reason of making it go to the other direction ie: direction of earths movement is to make the u238 absorb more space along with the increased space absorption due to increased mass of u238 by adding the neutron this will lead to it resembling the u235 where u235 is effected more by the neutron due to its smaller size(the boost in space absorbtion in u235 is bigger than in u238) so in other words the relative space absorbtion of u238 achieved in the process / (divided) the relative space absorbtion of u235 in the normal process = 1
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  5. adhams Registered Senior Member

    i already gave this to peers i need to know what u think and if u can disprove it i'am more than happy to know why :|
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  7. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    It's meaningless unsupported word salad.
    Expecting someone to "disprove" it is like asking for "Wibble wibble weeerg!! to be "disproved".
  8. adhams Registered Senior Member

    iam expecting u to tell me what u feel entirely not just say its unsupported i need to know (WHY) where its not supported etc
    not just get some intro to some details i want u to tear it up nicely i need wolfs not just u
  9. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    It's unsupported because the entire thing consists of CLAIMS and ASSERTIONS - none of which have anything to do with science.

    Why? What does -12 second have to do with anything?

    Theories don't get to be "proved true" - they just fail to be disproven.

    What makes you think this?
    What evidence is there to support the claim that U238 will gain neutrons?

    Why do you think that the U238 will "increase in size"?

    What do you mean "space absorbed"? Have you any evidence that space gets "absorbed"? What's the mechanism?

    Um, to become U235 U239 loses neutrons - it doesn't "increase in size".

    The rest of it equally nonsensical drivel.
    Like this bit:
    Wrong. Colour isn't light "escaping" from matter, it's reflected. And all photons travel at the same speed.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2015
  10. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    Tell you what, if you go back through that mess and put in some punctuation I will consider reading it.
  11. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

    Oooo, I love your poetry! I see the influence of E. E. Cummings.
    exchemist likes this.
  12. adhams Registered Senior Member

    cool i got what i wanted! now time for answers (note that i deleted the shit thingy coz i wanted a formal talk in fact i gave this stuff when there extra + word (sht) and informal talking anyhow i deleted all that but some of them escaped and didnt see it and even after searching it got away
    (It's unsupported because the entire thing consists of CLAIMS and ASSERTIONS - none of which have anything to do with science.)
    science is indeed claims and assertions how do u expect someone even if not a scientist to give a theory? i mean i tried to give proofs bah too much typing but its ok lets see what u dont approve on and u can update later on
    (Why? What does -12 second have to do with anything?)
    its -1 and s written beside each other -1s
    (What makes you think this?
    What evidence is there to support the claim that U238 will gain neutrons?)
    i think so because it already accepts neutrons (fast ones) so why not accept slow ones with some modification?
    (Why do you think that the U238 will "increase in size"?)
    will increase by adding the size of a neutron not much added but it effects the u235 as well as the u238
    (What do you mean "space absorbed"? Have you any evidence that space gets "absorbed"? What's the mechanism?)
    space decreases in size now which leads to the assumption that it goes somewhere.... i believe that it goes to matter
    here is how it works black holes(-1) are the same type of space that came out of a 0 along with the matter or 1 black holes become zero when it meets the matter and they both disappear while this is true matter and anti matter can take a detour
    and matter can absorb other antimatter (not one of the source) but another type of antimatter or what we know as space)
    and antimatter or black holes absorb a different type of matter which isnt apparent like earth and others which is the same thing again its space! so what i believe is that space is actually a fabric made of two things 1 and -1 (the second type)
    (Um, to become U235 U239 loses neutrons- it doesn't "increase in size".)
    actually i was speaking about u239 gaining neutrons leading to it gaining size(negligible one) and not by it gaining size by losing neutrons and becoming u235
  13. Kristoffer Giant Hyrax Valued Senior Member

    What does this mess mean?

    I try to read it and then my brain refuse to go on.

    If there's ever an edited version I might give it a try.
  14. adhams Registered Senior Member

    which part u need to know better? maybe i can help
  15. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    Your first two posts are a virtually impenetrable wall of text.

    If you want anybody to take you seriously, try breaking up your text into properly punctuated sentences and paragraphs.

    What you have written looks more like a stream-of-consciousness mind-dump.
  16. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    I'm not sure if you're ignorant or trolling. Science is SUPPORTED claims. It asserts only when there is EVIDENCE.
    You, so far, have neither.

    All of this is gibberish.
    Go to school. Learn something.
  17. adhams Registered Senior Member

    why u think its bad?
    (It asserts only when there is EVIDENCE.
    You, so far, have neither.)
    why u think i gave no proof? where is proof needed?
  18. danshawen Valued Senior Member

    You can't make U238 "act like" U235 that way. Why do you think Iran builds all of those gas centrifuges? It's not to add or subtract space from atoms.

    The difference in energy between a slow neutron and a fast one:
    • Less than 1 to 10 eV is slow
    • a mean energy of 2 MeV is fast

    is actually close to the difference in kinetic energy of objects rotating with the Earth at a point on its equator (1000 miles/hour) vs. not rotating. Large amounts of free neutron flux would be lethal at the levels you are suggesting for your experiment, or in order to transmute uranium. What makes you think they are just flying about everywhere you go, unless you live in a uranium mine?

    You need more practice in the "defining the problem" stage, as well as understanding the results of experiments that have already been performed.

    Try learning more basic science before jumping off the deep end into the realm of atomic physics or radioactive boy scout.
  19. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Don't you mean e.e. cummings?
    danshawen likes this.
  20. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    What you write is incomprehensible nonsense. If you want to taken seriously, you need to write in properly punctuated and spelt sentences, in which you explain ideas one at a time and show how they are related. People will not waste time trying to understand posts that are as badly written as this.
  21. spidergoat Venued Serial Membership Valued Senior Member

  22. adhams Registered Senior Member

    hello danshawen! can i please know your opinion exactly why do you think the theory is wrong? also i would like to know what gas centrifuge does? what i understand is that it separates u235 from u238 and then they use 235? am i understanding correctly? also i would like to know what does that have to do with disproving the theory at all?
    also i dont think a few deaths would suffice a possible working nuclear theory muahahahahahaa
    kind regards
  23. adhams Registered Senior Member

    danshawen i think the peers are going to reject the theory =O so i hope one day you will try the theory and kill everybody with it and i hope that the scout succeeds in achieving his SAW like successors so make the dream come true kill everybody =D
    maybe i will die too in radioactive action soooo beautiful
    p.s there is no moral in that even except pure hatred =D

    Last edited: Aug 21, 2015
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