Taking long hot baths or showers means you're lonely

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    Researchers at Yale University claim people who take long, hot showers or baths may do so to ward off feelings of loneliness or social isolation, and say their findings could help treat mental illnesses and social phobias.
    They conducted four studies – the first of which concluded that people suffering from chronic loneliness use hot baths or showers as a substitute for emotional warmth. A second study showed that physical coldness induces feelings of loneliness, whilst a third demonstrated that the need for socialising or emotional wellbeing, triggered by memories of past rejection, could be relieved through physical warmth. A further study showed that the above behaviours are all subconscious, and that most people’s perception of someone who takes long baths or showers is that they are sociable and happy.
    The more isolated a person feels, the more baths or showers they will take a day, the hotter they will be, and the longer they stay in the bath or shower.
    Interestingly, it’s also thought that holding a warm drink can make someone more trusting and generous towards others.
    Researchers say their findings have potential significance for the treatment of severe mental and social disorders with major public health benefits.


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