Discussion in 'Architecture & Engineering' started by birch, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. birch Valued Senior Member


    A factory the size of a city. Their lives are built around it which is more efficient. It's pretty interesting.
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  3. birch Valued Senior Member


    the worst part of this type of factory work is the mundane redundancy and lack of mental stimulation. this is unfortunate because most of those workers are usually above average intelligence.

    this is not the case in contrast in the united states as i've worked at a factory (very short though) once and it wasn't the work that was the worst in america, ironicly it was the people you were working with that made it unbearable. the most honest way to describe it is subhuman, even if it's not politically correct and i would have rather been locked in a room with pitbulls than them because it was similar except they were people. it's not even about the intellect either, they were severely lacking in the emotional intelligence department which such people inclined to extreme rudeness, crudeness, bad manners, disrespectful of boundaries etc. any type of sophistication is out of the question except perhaps cunning. usually the demographic is a mixture of white, hispanic, black and southeast asian. i'm not trying to be racist, it's just what honestly observed that it's even a pattern i've noticed and though there are northeast asians that are riffraff or -ish, they don't produce as much of such people as whites, blacks, hispanics and southeast-asians do.

    even a white girl at the temp agency at the time, told me before i even started there that she refused to do factory work and insinuating not because of the work either. i thought well, how bad could it be? it was bad and not worth the money or overtime. after a few months, i couldn't take it anymore. what's even worse is people like that are very animalistic and if they get a whiff you are not like them or differ from them in any way, they will bully you out of there anyways. it's security and comfortable for the scum that are the majority in such places though.

    same thing with the stint in a chinese or japanese restaurant, it was never the asians who were as rude except for a couple (generally) as much as, again, whites, blacks, hispanics and southeast asians. actually, in general i always observed them to be more rational, calmer, polite, nicer and definitely not as rude.

    i have no idea what is wrong with the assbackward logic of americans or their stupidly bent radar but asians are definitely not the most rude people. i always hear that stereotype in the west yet in reality, i've consistently observed non-asians to be not just slightly but outrageously and blatantly more rude in comparison. in fact, i've picked up some pointers on how to be an outrageously obnoxious person from experience with them! there are definitely evil or bad asians though but rudeness, stupid or obnoxious behavior in comparison to other demographics just don't come close to winning that prize.

    even when in south korea, you will receive excellent or more astute/sophisticated as well as polite customer service from mdonalds employees or even at a coffeeshop. this is because not only are most of them more highly educated (at least bachelor's degree for most) but there are not enough higher paying jobs to go around for such a majority educated workforce. it is a shame they have such small land because they are an ambitious and intelligent people.
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  5. Gawdzilla Sama Valued Senior Member

    They can't go home at night?
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  7. Bowser Right Here, Right Now Valued Senior Member

    I've worked in production and warehousing. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I certainly wouldn't want my life revolving around it. As for the people, it was a mixed bag, depending on the individuals.

    If I remember correctly, Henry Ford had a problem retaining his workers. Even more money couldn't keep them on the job. If you're not happy with your work, no amount of money will make it better.
  8. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    It's dehumanizing work in general. It's not about blacks or whites or whatever as opposed to the situation in Korea (in the example above) but it is about the "class" of person. Most people have better options than that type of work in the U.S.

    You might find yourself out of work, go to a temp agency and have to do that for a short period of time. Those who can't do any better are usually (in the U.S.) the type of person that you refer to.

    Work conditions are bad partially just because that's the way it is. It's also that way because you can't give people like those you've described more leeway so it's a Catch 22 kind of a situation.

    To the person who asked if the Chinese can't just go home at Home is now this large city in the middle of nowhere.
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