Strip mod status/ban WellCookedFetus

Discussion in 'SF Open Government' started by Mr. Chips, Jul 14, 2004.


Should WellCookedFetus be removed as a moderator or banned?

Poll closed Jul 28, 2004.
  1. Nothing should be done.

  2. Strip him of moderator status only.

  3. Strip him of moderator status and ban him for a certain period of time.

  4. Ban him forever from participating at SciForums

  5. No opinion

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  1. an>roid.v2 Registered Senior Member


    if we couldn't catch the xe-bra
    then anything else seems a tad plebeian.

    let it live.
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  3. craterchains (Norval What will you know tomorrow? Registered Senior Member

    Don't forget me in your note OCF,,, *winks*
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  5. Logically Unsound wwaassuupp and so on Registered Senior Member


    mr. chips, look at this way:
    what do you find more likely... that,
    a) he was joking
    b) he actually went and found someone to harass someone he can very easily put on ignore.

    you may be right, and it was fetus, but im not going to agree just cause he said b) first and he doesnt get on with paulsamuel.

    but as you said *waves fingers spookily* we will never know.
    so whats the point in us arguing?
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  7. Mr. Chips Banned Banned

    I don't know what the truth is but he actually stated "I'm joking...almost." Since he went back to edit that out and claimed it was because it was too mean which makes no sense, I find it quite probable that he had something to do with it.

    If you see things as pointless too often, Logically Unsound, you are liable to advertise that belief, like in your alias for example?
  8. Logically Unsound wwaassuupp and so on Registered Senior Member

    chips, as i said, it doesnt matter what he said. he could, in fact, have been playing around with everyone for his own amusement, since he realized that the thread wasnt really going anywhere... i do things like that all the time.. although i dont pretend to be stalking people.
    in a forum that sort of thing is not hard, since you can have as long as you want to think about what your going to say, and its highly impersonal.
  9. paulsamuel Registered Senior Member

    jesus fucking christ, dude!
  10. Undecided Banned Banned

    Yah...sci should never be a “comfort” sci should be a diversion for a while and for intellectual stimulation. If you fall ill, sci won’t be there to take of you, your carbon based friends, and family will. We all have our own sob stories, we all have periods in our lives where everything is in the shits, but we eventually get stronger from those failings (I know I sound like an after school special). Now I don’t know about the situation with Paul and WCF at all, but we all on sci have our nemeses, and we all deal with them in our own ways. Some people just simply go way too far; you have to remember that sci is in no way real. I think it would healthy for you WCF to take a long break from sci, and reconsider what are the real priorities in your life, sci should not be one of them.
  11. Closet Philosopher Off to Laurentian University Registered Senior Member

    Hmmmm Fetus, it's not the first time that you have stirred up a bit of controversey. I like it that you admit that you sometimes post stupid things (in the other thread, I think). I think it is entirely wrong to call another Sciforums member without their permission. I see what you were trying to do though, fetus, but I think it was still worng.

    Paul, Bells was right when he/she said that you should never give out your full name and personal information on the internet, especially in forums. You made it easy for anyone to call you.

    Guys, this is a forum and these hate battles shouldn't be taken too seriously. I think we can all say that we may have regretted certain posts and we all have differences in opinion.

    I don't think Fetus should be banned but I think a punishment is necessary. Sorry, Fetus, i think you're cool but calling him was just nasty. I think stripping the mod status is punishment enough. If thr problem continues, a more heavy solution should take place. Mr.Chips, thanks ofr pointing the problem out. I would be freaked out if I got a call from a Sciforums member that I argue with, I think behaviour like that should be punished.

    The final word is up to Porify.
  12. sargentlard Save the whales motherfucker Valued Senior Member

    Yeah PORIFY....PORIFY will know what to do.

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    Sorry...couldn't resist.
  13. Closet Philosopher Off to Laurentian University Registered Senior Member

    So far, more people who are certain of a punishment/no punishment say that Fetus either should be banned or should be stripped of the modertor position.
  14. ElectricFetus Sanity going, going, gone Valued Senior Member

    what is wrong here, I said I did not call the guy? what more is there for me to do?
  15. Undecided Banned Banned

    Well WCF can you prove that?
  16. ElectricFetus Sanity going, going, gone Valued Senior Member

    That is a good question, I don't know how I could prove that I did not call him here on this forum, I could talk to him personally and to prove my innocents, but that is between him and me. If he want to accuse me of this he should have in private, blaming me in public has only aloud him to smear my name and and in a result of my own stupidity of joking around with this now everyone blames me (for soemthing). Considering how bad things have gotten paulsamuel must be very please, which is why I wonder if he ever did get a phone call.
  17. hotsexyangelprincess WMD Registered Senior Member

    yeah. thats between you two. but this whole thing is really weird. kind of surreal, but makes a little sense. I don't like it. :m:
  18. Closet Philosopher Off to Laurentian University Registered Senior Member

    Fetus, you can't prove that you didn't call him and he can't prove that you called him. It seems like Paul has made it quite a cast to try to prove that you, Fetus, has called him.

    *insert dramatic music*

    A distant voice exclaims "All Rise" in a firm tone.

    Sciforums court has officially begun.
  19. sargentlard Save the whales motherfucker Valued Senior Member


    No it hasn't. This has gone from amusing, to concerning, to absurd to just plain pathetic.

    1) 2 calls in which obviously no threats were made = Boo hoo...move on and get a caller id

    2) A person in the field of science can not hide his/her real information without career harms = stop blaming him for having personal information out there

    3) With that said he didn't have to use his real name here. Could have made up some half-ass witty name like we all did.

    4) He did pester WCF a lot...if karma exists...then it came to bite him in the ass.

    5) Deal with it one on one.

    6) WCF shouldn't be stripped of mod powers....what he did is outside of Porfiry's and Sciforums jurisdiction....Dave can not control what you bring upon yourself or what memebers do. Unless he was abusive of his mod powers then he should be stripped...

    7) Two threads on what is an issue between two posters is retarded.

    PM each other, talk it and move the fuck on the rest of you.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2004
  20. Bells Staff Member

    I think maybe it's time you stepped back from the artificial life you have on this forum and got yourself a real life.

    If a person on a forum, that you do not know at all, can bother you to such an extent that you've put him in your suicide note, then it is more than high time that you do get a real life away from the internet and possibly get some form of help. Get a hobby that does not involve the internet. Take up a sport or something. Start dealing with people face to face instead of through a monitor and keyboard. In short, get real!

    Let us know when you've made up your mind about whether you were involved in this whole stupid, purile situation. You've changed your mind so many times on whether you were involved or not that this whole issue is getting even more ridiculous.

    Actually scratch all that. Don't let us know. You shouldn't be spending any more time on here seeing that this has become your sole source of comfort. Forget letting us know and just get yourself a better life that does not involve the internet.
  21. whitewolf asleep under the juniper bush Registered Senior Member

    Well, I understand that calling someone's work place could be a bad thing, since there may be some employers who dislike it when people have frequent casual conversations over the phone at work.

    However, two phonecalls with content mentioned somewhere are the most harmless, silliest prank. Really, there have been worse things! So it is a minor offence.

    Also, he can't prove it wasn't him who called, and you can't prove that it was really him! Records of all phonecalls made aren't given out to regular people, as far as I know.

    Besides, that was what, one thing which is WCF's fault ever since he signed up? You want to ban him for some minor offence (considering it was really his fault)? His opinions and knowledge are valuable here, which can not be said about far too many members. He is a good mod. I say, let the issue go, live on.
  22. CounslerCoffee Registered Senior Member

    Are you FUCKING MOCKING ME? I swear to God I will cut off your balls if you are.
  23. FieryIce Tic Toc, World in Cobalt Blue Registered Senior Member

    Some examples of SciFoolem's great moderators and their professionalism.
    Actually I think the moderators are displaying very well their grubfest lunch that is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

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