Sticky situation, need advice.

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by CIEan, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. CIEan Registered Member


    I'm in a sticky situation right now, and I need to hear some comments on what I should do. I'm hoping that maybe I'll get some good advice from you guys. I don't think the situation is my fault though. Anyway, here it is:

    Our university's student counsel has organized an educational trip to China. I was not sure if my parents would be willing to pay the price, so when the organizer asked me if I could go, I said that I was not sure (Made it quite clear, as I said it a few times), but that I would fill up the insurance form and the visa application for now. I also gave them my British passport, and some photos for the Visa. All the 15/16 people that were going had paid all necessary fees by this time.This was a friday.
    On Saturday I talked to my father about the trip, and he said no. Same with my mother.
    On monday I forgot to tell the school that I couldn't go. But on Tuesday afternoon I did.
    The lady in our office, who is in charge of dealing with the travel agency told me that the agency had purchased all the tickets from the airline Mon afternoon. This was the lady that I said "I'm not sure if I can go, but I'll let you know if I can" to.
    I was not happy about this, and told her to have the ticket cancelled. She calls, and finds that that can't be done.

    Next day I call the agency and am told that the tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, but I can use them another time within six months. I don't have any desire to go to China within this time though.

    My parents say that they are not going to pay for the tickets, and that the agency was stupid for doing that. I have to agree, they were taking a risk by doing that. I could pay for them myself, but it would not be easy.

    The agency expects me to pay for the ticket. But I don't want to, beause I don't think it was my fault that this happened. They have my passport at the moment, but I think they will give it back to my school over the weekend, with all the other passports. I heard it would be illegal for them to keep it. I will pay for the processing fees though.

    Would it be right for me to just say no? After all, I don't think I have any legal obligation to pay.
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  3. Steve100 O͓͍̯̬̯̙͈̟̥̳̩͒̆̿ͬ̑̀̓̿͋ͬ ̙̳ͅ ̫̪̳͔O Valued Senior Member

    I don't think you have any obligation to pay.

    When you didn't tell them you could go, they should have took it that you weren't going to.
    They can't keep your passport either.
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  5. tablariddim forexU2 Valued Senior Member

    You signed forms and supplied your passport etc in other words you signed a binding contract, so they took it on good faith that you would go. Your school's trip organiser should get onto the ticket issuer immediately and ask that your ticket be cancelled with full refund, I don't know if airlines give you a 'grace period' to change your mind (probably not), but I think it would depend on factors such as where the tickets were bought from and with which medium (cash, credit card etc) and also how far into the future the tickets are for. If your organiser is a prick, ask for all relevant details such as issuer, airline, agent etc and ask for a copy of the payment receipt and then get on the case yourself directly.
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  7. John99 Banned Banned

    Best thing is to try and get up the money to go. if your under 18 it is easy to get out of if your over 18 put it on your credit card.
  8. Ghost_007 Registered Senior Member

    He never signed a contract, those mateys assumed wrongly.

    CIEan, if I was in your position I wouldn't give a penny. You stated you weren't sure if you could go, you never told anyone to get the tickets, they bought them assuming you would be going - that is their mistake. If they tell you to pay up just say no. And I don't think you should be talking directly to the agency either - just tell them once that the tickets were bought on your behalf - without your approval, tell them to chase it up with the organiser.

    Try not to worry about it though.
  9. John99 Banned Banned

    yeah. screw 'em. thats always a good plan *sarcasm*
  10. Betrayer0fHope MY COHERENCE! IT'S GOING AWAYY Registered Senior Member

    Could they have bought them later than when they did?
  11. CIEan Registered Member

    "Could they have bought them later than when they did?" Yes they could have. They bought them on a monday, and the trip was scheduled for the next monday.

    Anyway, thanks guys. I won't pay for it, even though I'll have to do some arguing. I don't like arguing with people older than me, because they almost always assume that the younger person is wrong..

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    Oh well, I think I have a strong case.
  12. Steve100 O͓͍̯̬̯̙͈̟̥̳̩͒̆̿ͬ̑̀̓̿͋ͬ ̙̳ͅ ̫̪̳͔O Valued Senior Member

    Just say "Tell me when I said I was going".

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