Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by hotsexyangelprincess, Jun 30, 2004.


Who would win?

  1. Star Wars

    39 vote(s)
  2. Star Trek

    35 vote(s)
  1. Kawika Registered Member

    you may remember that SW created a ship capable of surviving in a sun.

    ST would lose a direct battle for the following reasons.
    1. ST does not have the multi-use starship platforms SW has
    2. ST does not have the heavy weapons platforms SW has
    3. ST does not have the raw number of ships
    4. ST does not have the capability of replacing lost soldiers (Clones - SW)
    5. Most ST ships measure around two hundred meters to three hundred meters ( you may remember that the ship Leia was on was about one hundred meters)
    6. SW has more planets to draw resources from
    7. The FORCE, (Darth vader can kill any one [at long ranges and has])

    1. The SD is a carrirer, troop carrire (thousands of clones and conscripts), home base for these troops, home base for ATAT, ATST etc...,
    2. The SD can bombard planetary surfaces and remain safe.
    3. The SD's armor survive four Enterprise D attacks and destroy three (after the SD is destroyed). The Empire would just call in three or four SD's or a super SD to take on a complete ST fleet.
    4. SW weaponry is much more massive and destructive.
    5. Sw has fighters of every size and desrcription.
    6. SW has missle boats capable of taking on the Defiant and winning. (imagne four mIssle boats attaciking the Defiant)
    7. SW can redirect energy blasts to it's origin (imagine a Commander firing at Vader and vader redirecting the Phaser back to him and killing him.
    8. Vader can remove weapons from hands and absorb energy bolts (Phaser fire)
    9. The one weakness a SD has is it's Command /control center c/c. it does not have a secondary one. ST does. This puts ST ahead.

    Over all, SW would win becuase of it's immense combines resources, readily replacible and trained troops, larger ships, heavier armed ships, heavier armored ships, greater variety of fighters and close support craft, Planatery shock weapons, etc...

    Also imagine Troi attempting to sense Vader. She would go bonkers.

    St does have Force resilliant races. Vulcans would potentially be immune to the Force. Cardissians would also be immune. Betazoids may be immune.

    SW believes in physical and mental torture. It even has a bot desegined to keep the subject alive and will not let the subject die. It will monitor that Subject and stop the session if death is coming.

    SW has assissan droids, ST does not. SW has Boba Fett.
    ST has the klingons, but a Bat leth may not phase trooper armor. Even a Klingon may find it difficult to handle the sheer numbers of troopers. ST has the Jem Haddar (drug dependent warriors who will die if not recieve that drug). The Empire has only to blockade the Dominion space and the Jem Haddar will die. (the empire has the ships to do just that on a continual basis).

    SW has the distinct advantage. ST has the Teleporters. (what if SW captureed a teleporter and put it in a SD. The empire could then teleport huge forces right into ST ships and reek havoc. The Empire could also assimilate phasers and ST shielding technology. SW could also capture a cloaking device. Imagine a cloaked SD (coming out of cloak and then firing upon a ST dreadnaught. the Dreadnaught would not stand a chance. Especially if SW used St phases at the strenght of it's turbo blasters.) No ST ship could absorb that amount. Even the Borg would have to say, "resistance is infutile and retreat is necessary). The Borg would be the only threat SW would possible face and make them think twice.
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  3. Rick Valued Senior Member

    Result of the thread :Star trek wins

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  5. TW Scott Minister of Technology Registered Senior Member

    Sit down before you hurt yourself. Don't be fooled a laser is a kinetic weapon just like any modern firearm. The one difference it is the "bullet" is a solid beam of Photons moving at the speed of light. Just imagine a bolt that weighs roughly 20 or three hundred pounds hitting you at the speed of light. I don't care what you are you are hurting. Now a phaser is a more elegant weapon to be sure. I seems to use a radiation to trigger certain atomic reactions like ionization or radioactive decay. Quite nifty actually. The problem is when you get to interacting with shields and armor. The Phaser is like a flamethrower and the Turbolaser is like a 120mm HESH round. Both are useful but damn if the 120mm doesn't take out the tank sooner.

    Actually there are cloaking devices, try reading some of the books. Thrawn uses them quite handily.
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  7. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    Don't you mean 50,000 years? The Rakata, the Republic, the Sith etc. all of it spans over fifty thousand years of technological revolution, evolution, and war.
    SW to me has better story than ST.

    This is not even taking into account the weapons Star Wars has, which are in orders of magnitude more powerful than Trek weapons.

    Hell, they're even in the movies. Darth Maul's ship in Episode I for instance.
    They're also mentioned in the original trilogy- "a ship that size can't have a cloaking device."
    Last edited: May 27, 2006
  8. DarthBanevv Registered Member

    SW wins for the following:

    1. Star Wars has better weapons
    2. Star Wars has many more Super Weapons
    3. Star Wars has the advantage of numbers
    4. Star Wars has better tacticians
    5. Star Wars has the Force.
    6. Star Wars has over twenty-five thousand years of histroy to draw on.

    I won't continue to list more reasons why SW will win because SW already has won.
  9. Nasor Valued Senior Member

    Don't forget that SW ships are vastly faster than ST ships. They could probably defeat the federation without ever having to actually fight - just outrun the federation fleets from one planet to another.
  10. TW Scott Minister of Technology Registered Senior Member

    Actually SW ships are embarassingly faster than even Subspace. Only thing that matches the speed is transwarp but you have to build easily detectable and fragile Transwarp conduits.
  11. Kawika Registered Member

    Some one mentioned the Ocampa as potential Jedis. that may be true, but the Ocampa only live up to seven years and then die. Yoda lived over nine hundred years. Vader lived over fory years, some of the SW aliens have extremely long lives.

    One may also remember that Vulcans have the potential mental ability to use the force. That may be a half truth. Vulcans are too logical to rely upon a "universal living" force. Also, Vulcans would have to unlearn thier training. What makes a Vulcan a Vulcan is the Logical teachings. :bugeye:

    Romulans are more likely to be Jedi's, but they are more likely to be siths. thier passion would lead them to the dark side.

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    Cardassians would be potential siths. Cardassians would have the potential mental capability, but thier untrusting would be thier down fall. The Obsidian Order would frown upon any Cardassian capable of any feat such as the Jedi. A jedi is still succeptable to poisons and a well placed sniper shot. A jedi is also succeptable to a well placed explosion (note Garak's tailer shop in DS9).

    Beta zoids would make poor jedi's. they are too empathetic. they would have to learn to control thier emotions. They would make excellent Empire torture assistants. they could tell if a person is lieing or at the brink of submission.

    I can not see a Jem Heddar as jedi. thier chemical dependenc would taint that issue.

    I can not see a Founder (shape shifter) as a jedi. Where would they put the Light saber (when in shape shifter mode)?

    ST (in my opinion) does not have the races to be Jedi's. Many of the races are too unstable, emotional, or chemically dependant to be Jedi's.
  12. Fafnir665 You just got served. Registered Senior Member


    I dont care if this has already been addressed, but I am going to add in my two cents.

    If youre having this debate, you have to keep in mind that the characters arent all of a sudden going to be hell bent on the destruction of the other side. They will stay in character. Q isnt going to start fucking up the Star Wars galaxy just because The Empire is invading. He might fuck with them if they run into one of his traps, or he feels like fooling around with a ship or two, but he wont go "Omg pwnt" and genie blink them out of existence.

    That being said, the ST galaxy is so much more fragmented than the SW galaxy, any galaxy wide defense would be impossible. You have a bunch of sectors/quadrants all working alone to defend themselves, with a couple species capable of traveling across the galaxy at any significant speed.

    Who knows which would win, Gene is dead, and Lucas probably doesnt care

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