Splinter: Dispute From "Timeless vs Time"

Discussion in 'SF Open Government' started by Undefined, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. Undefined Banned Banned

    Irrelevant much? When complaints are made, they say 'you have no proof', go away!

    When proofs' are presented, they cry OCD much!

    See how it works, against the victim getting 'painted' in such a way that he becomes the problem rather than the abusers?

    How could you even go there, mate? Have you no common sense or decency regarding all the other victims out there who are also fighting for the right to be heard by a system which up till now was stacked against them being heard and so being called/characterized as you have just done??

    Shame on you. Such issues as these IN PRINCIPLE and IN REALITY all over the world, in many contexts, is beyond mere 'cheap shot' politics like that. Reconsider your 'impressions' from being uninformed in the matters you are making so light of.

    If you didn't mean to demean victims in such circumstances, quinnsong, then a simple 'sorry' will suffice to clear you of any taint as 'apologist' fro the abusers, whatever the context. Thanks.
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  3. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    If Victor can have a Thread of Intrigue, can't RC have a Thread of Melodrama?

    Or wait--is this RC's outcry? (is RC trying to say he's the victim of a dirty priest?)

    maybe Thread of Recovery? Something; anything but Thread of WorshipMeAndBashEverybodyWhoBotheredToGoToCollege.
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  5. Undefined Banned Banned

    *Sigh* right back at you, Kitt.

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    And what you just said exemplifies EXACTLY what has been happening in the mod ranks! And it's because you are too close to it to see it, that you just used that 'characterization' about THE VICTIM. See how subtle the 'cultural brainwashing' of 'groupthink' happens when you are too long in a 'group' situation which makes you blind to the faults developing in that group? It's called "group degeneration by stealth" because you are not even aware it's happening until the 'shite hits the fan' and people point it out.

    And I haven't 'taken a stance', anyway. I have provided proofs and instances over the YEARS that prove the troll-mod gangs still exist and try their tactics thinking no-one has been watching and recording. How can you, now, just new and innocent to the longrunning problem they have created, have any real exhaustive idea or even an inkling about what's what. It's all over the place, so any 'impressions' you have got about me ore the problem of victimizations of others as well, is most probably UNINFORMED and hence WRONG. So best you DO keep out and leave the troll-mods to explain themselves. No amount of 'cover' from innocent latecomers will change the fcats of their abuses and victimizations as I have given you just an inkling of today.

    Good luck, Kitt. No hard feelings. Cheers for trying to be 'a good one'. Kudos.

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    Not at all. The PRINCIPLE of denial and framing and blaming the victim was honed by the gangs of pedophile priests and religioses. It was this MO that the mod-troll tactics were patterned after. And ABUSE OF TRUST and ABUSE OF POWER is an ABSOLUTE thing. It corrupts ABSOLUTELY both the practitioner AND the 'system' in ANY and ALL CONTEXTS.

    The same 'types' that seek abuse power at 'lesser' institutions are the same types who will go on to do the same if given the opportunity in 'greater' institutions. Just because the 'training ground' is a science discourse site, it makes no difference to the POTENTIAL HARM which may ensue ELSEWHERE if once these types are APPEASED, EXCUSED and APOLOGIZED for or in any way 'enabled' or 'justified' in their abuses. Period.

    There is NO 'little abuses' of POWER/POSITION of TRUST. It is broken and that's it. Absolutely. Don't fool yourself that there is a 'degree line' which STOPS such types. That way lay cruel futures for FUTURE VICTIMS elsewhere. Not good, in any context.

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  7. Undefined Banned Banned

    Because he realized that if I was banned it would again prove my point about the threats of bans to intimidate and put the victim at a disadvantage. I am glad that he realized that before too much more time elapsed, as it would have been even more damaging if the ban had held. Sometimes self-interest is a good thing, especially when it leads to 'doing the right thing' whatever the motive may have been.

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  8. Undefined Banned Banned

    You mean the same rpenner who hacked into a member's "signature" field (I had no signature input) and wrote crazy and rude remarks purporting to be from me, so he could frame me? You mean that rpenner?

    You mean the same rpenner who allowed the mod-troll crazies to run riot and make slanderous and foulmouthed remarks against all that disagreed with them? You mean that rpenner?

    You mean the same rpenner who preferred to delete and distort the post record to cover up his own proven instances of abuse of mod powere and insults an scandalous suggestions some 'enemy' of his with whom he was having some slanging match elsewhere should be 'taken out into the street and shot". You mean that rpenner?

    You mean the same rpenner who when confronted with the record of his blatant abuses and scandalous actions just banned me to try to shut me up about his wrongdoings? You mean that rpenner?

    You mean the same rpenner who, when I used the "GUEST POSTING' access to restore the rcord proving I was in the right and he was in the seriously wrong, he just kept deleting the posted facts hoping no-one else had noticed? You mean that rpenner?

    You mean the same rpenner who since that debacle of his gaining sole moderatorship of physforum had brought further disrepute by suggesting to members there that they desert that site and go to his blog site instead? And who thus was actively engaged in undermining the site from the inside in his TRUSTED POSITION as sole mod, and has therefore lost all credibility in his ability to resist abusing his power for his own egotistical ends? You mean that rpenner?

    You mean the same rpenner who was cowed by a commercial spamming troll (Dave, Fivedoughnut, Lady Elizabeth, Lady Doughnut, and now Madame Doughnut) into posting crazy insane and foulmourthed obscenities all over that forum, which continues till today despite rpenner being the sole moderator with the power to ban that crazy? You mean that rpenner?

    He has lost all credibility and relevance as far as 'modding' positions go. No-one knowing that history of personal and egotistical and plain criminal abuses against members there would ever offer him a position of power again. It is to be hoped, else what damage will ensue when he gets 'in' and 'reverts to type' already proven.

    So don't go there, Beer; that rpenner will not thank you for forcing me to allude to his 'history as mod' and troll-mod leader in order to defend against your trolling and insinuations now, even though you know the full sordid troll-mod gang story but keep trolling and insinuating and lying thereby. Best forgotten if he is not at issue now, hey Beer? He won't thank you for this, that's for sure.

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  9. Undefined Banned Banned

    Attention Kittmaru

    See how subtle and devious are the Troll-mod gang's MO and insinuations, as follows....

    See how Aqueou Id has just 'tarred by association' this thread (which I did NOT start, because I would have left it where it started so objective readers had the full context surrounding the posts)?

    A Id invoked an obvious 'crank' and makes some 'false connection' with this matter; which matter is serious and proven and based on facts, not on 'crank' or 'crackpot' associated origins/arguments from other unrelated sections/threads/personas.

    See, Kitt? They will stop at nothing to 'frame' and 'distract' and 'crank-by-non-sequitur association even!', just so long as you and others are insinuated with the 'impressions' AId wishes you to INCORRECTLY form in your minds about the victim in THIS STAND-ALONE ISSUE created by the mod-troll actions/agendas, and not by some innocent 'crank' dragged into this in order to 'use' him as a false connection 'tarring with same brush' tactic in order to avoid and distract from the REAL ISSUE...which is the original proven mod-troll actions and abuses which have led to this thread/discussion of the mod-troll abuses.

    See, Kitt? They will stoop to using and abusing a totally 'harmless' innocent 'crank' in another section if they think it will help them to avoid any close scrutiny of the real ACTORS in the piece here. They have no conscience or principles that you or I would recognize as 'decent' in any context, let alone in a supposedly OBJECTIVE SCIENCE DISCOURSE site where the facts not the personalizing and tarring should be the point discussed.

    That is what you are up against, Kitt. Blatant personal dishonesty masquerading as 'sciencist'. And A Id's latest example is not the only one. If you only knew all of it, you would cry, I think, for the damage they do while apparently STILL trying to 'convince themselves and others' that they 'aren't doing anything wrong'!

    Amazing to watch them at it though... a study in studied dishonesty and cognitive dissonance by supposedly 'educated' trolls. Wow.

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    PS: And Aqueous' nasty insinuations which effectively make light of victims of abuse, wherever it occurs, is also much of a piece of the mod-troll gang MO. I know of two Aboriginal friends who were abused by a 'dirty priest'. There were more they told me about. It won't make Aqueous Id look good in their eyes once I tell them of how Aqueous Id is mocking them and all abuse victims of any kind any place and time. Sad, really, that such trolls are so insensible to the damage they do. But that's trolls for you, they wouldn't be trolls if they had a real brain instead of 'educated dung' in their craniums, would they?
  10. Russ_Watters Not a Trump supporter... Valued Senior Member

    No: Victor is crazy politely.

    Undefined/RC/whatever, you really should take the advice and take some time out to cool off. Ironically, you'd have been better off with a temporary ban, as it would have forced you to do it. Instead, you are just making things worse for yourself.

    Ultimately, it doesn't matter if the mods really are trolls, corrupt, or whatever. You chose to be a member here. It's like going to a restaurant - repeatedly - and ripping into the wait staff and management every time you go. Whether they make good food or not and provide good service or not, you shouldn't be shocked to find that they are spitting in your food (if you're lucky) and threatening to kick you out.
  11. Undefined Banned Banned

    Yes, that's what I told Kitt; Victor is harmless and innocent, and shouldn't be dragged into some 'tarring with same brush' attempt at insinuating 'crnk' or other 'connection' just to distract from the real issues here. Thanks for pointing that out to A Id, Russ.

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    Why "better off", Russ? Is the cowtowing and slinking away and appeasement of abusers something which makes ANYONE "better off" in the long run?

    Just because YOU would do what you say, it does not follow it's the right and proper thing to do for the greater good. Your 'expedient' way of rationalizing a nasty mod-troll abuse situation is instructive, in its total lack of any practical benefit EXCEPT TO THE MOD-TROLL abusers.

    If you were the longstanding victim of such sustained and corrupt victimization again and again no matter WHERE you went that the abusers have infiltrated, then you would effectively be denied access to many discussion sites.

    How could you as a 'scientist' tolerate such abuses that effectively would constrain open science discourse (and instead replace them with a system demanding mod-troll 'approval' before 'being allowed')?

    Maybe it's not too late for you (and PhysBang), since you've both shown some glimmers of a conscience in this regard, but obviously under the continuing prejudicial influence/reach of the subtle devious old gang of mod-troll MO and tactics/prejudices which are still embodied/practiced by some 'relics' of the mod-troll Forum Mafia gangmembers that are not yet weeded out of the system here and elsewhere.

    So I will give you (and Phys) the benefit of the doubt and just wish you luck in your future polite and objective science (not personality cult) discourses here and elsewhere! Cheers.

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    PS: The point is, either the admin change the mods for the better, or the site will suffer the inevitable further loss of integrity/respect accordingly. Such a situation as at present is an UNSTABLE STATE from which the site either rises to better things or descends further into troll-mod abuses and the damage it does wherever it rears its ugly head and MO. Admin has the last word. Their choice will make or break, for better or worse. Good luck to us all, members and site admin. Cheers.

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  12. Gremmie "Happiness is a warm gun" Valued Senior Member

    I've had a bad day... But, I've gotta say this whole "mafia" bit, just has me in stitches... Thanks for that.

    It's a conspiracy, dammit!!!... TFF.
  13. Trippy ALEA IACTA EST Staff Member

    Let me set one thing straight, right from the get-go.

    This is not Physforums. I have not participated at Physforums for Two years - that's longer than you've been enroled at sciforums for.

    No, because it was off-topic and having this discussion in that thread would disrupt that thread..

    Nothing has changed Undefined.

    The last time you tried to debate my moderation decisions with me I asked you to take it to either one of the supermods or the admin.

    The time before that I invited you to create a thread in SFOG to have the discussion in, you declined repeatedly even though your posting was disruptive of the thread.

    What has changed this time is that I have taken it upon myself to push the matter and have done for you what you seem unwilling or unable to do for yourself.

    I have admitted no such thing. What I have said is do not feed the trolls.

    The advice I have given is that if you feel that you are being trolled, respond to the on-topic points in their post, ignore the abuse (or whatever) and report them. I then emphasized the point by saying that I had managed, before I was made a moderator, to get a troll permabanned using this method. This is not entrapment. It's called keeping your nose clean.

    I don't know who you're talking about here so... I seldomn exchange PM's with anybody, and most of the PM's I do exchange are to other moderators.

    This is an outright lie, and I challenge you to post a link to me making this claim when you return. I've explained to you what I said, and I will not be repeating myself.

    Again, you're lying.

    You are presumably referring to this occasion. I gave you a yellow flag (only red flags count for bans, I've explained this to you before) for this post, for offtopic posting:

    Given that you raised the PM's and aren't in a position for me to ask you, I'm assuming that by bringing them into the conversation you're giving implied consent for them to be shared.

    At which point the conversation ended when I banned you for moderator harrasment. - As it happens I forwarded at least some of the conversation to James R and Tiassa, and posted the entire exchange in the moderator subforum, along with a link to the post that resulted in the yellow card in the first place.

    I'm still not sure what you think is going on here - I haven't posted on Physforum for two years - that's longer than you have been a member here, and that's including your RealityCheck login, and I stopped deliberately associating with the group you're referring to even before that.

    I'm not sure who you're referring to here, but I have moderated many of the people you complain about as being trolls, at levels appropriate with the offense. They just don't feel the need to complain about it.

    Liar, that's not what I said, and this assertion has been demonstrated wrong in this very thread.

    Your issues with RPenner and his moderation of Physforums have no place here. This is Sciforums.

    You're not the first person to ask me that.

    You have been given every chance to appeal, you have steadfastly refused to take them. That's your own fault, not mine.

    No, because I have invited you time and time again to air your greivences in an appropriate forum and you have consistently declined those invitations and consequently derailed the threads the issues arose in. This time I took the initiative and forced the issue.

    Do you even read bro?

    No, seriously, I know I'm being flippant, however, I asked Kittamaru not to ban you (the issue of your behaviour had been raised by one of the mods - not me), however, he did not see the request until after he had actioned the ban.

    At this point, words simply fail me...

    Don't forget to mention that it was you that bought their plight into the discussion, in a manner making light of it:
    And it's invective rhetoric such as this that gets you banned (although this wasn't the post that got you banned).

    This is kinda funny coming from you - at one stage when you were banned from here, you ran to another forum where I post from time to time to complain about me and this site there, and as I recall, you were disciplined for that as well.
  14. Kittamaru Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Adieu, Sciforums. Valued Senior Member

    I'm sorry Undefined... but all I can see is someone who seems to suffer from Paranoid Personality Disorder and is trying to take everyone to task for every criticism or opinion they voice, no matter the validity or reason... I really, sincerely hope that, if this apparent Paranoia is in fact a part of who you are, that you are getting help for it, because I fear for your health and well being otherwise.

    In all honesty, I think what you need to do is step back and re-evaluate your reasons for coming here at all... because right now, if it is causing you this much distress and anguish, it would seem logical that you simply stop and leave so that you can live happily.
  15. rpenner Fully Wired Valued Senior Member

  16. Gremmie "Happiness is a warm gun" Valued Senior Member

    That, is so spot on... Friggin' perfect.
  17. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    Due to a request by Undefined, this thread has been cleaned of Reiku related side tracking and returned to active status.
  18. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    Well here we are. So whats the deal? I will start; time is real and stuff like that.

    Hope Putin doesn't loose his mind, more than he has.
    Last edited: May 3, 2014

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