Splinter: Conservative Political Priorities re: Domestic, Intimate, and Sexual Violence

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by wellwisher, Mar 8, 2017.

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  1. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    I don't think people believe you.
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  3. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Because they think you are a communist.?
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  5. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    Yes, yes they are.

    You don't add "new" you simply add tired old right-wing rhetoric.
    So you have no actual viewpoint of your own? Are you saying you generally don't believe what you type? Or that what you type is no indication of what you actually believe?
    There are ways of doing what you claim you are doing, wellwisher, without coming across as quite such a blinkered, misogynistic, right-wing voice box. Further, you introduce the same nonsense almost in every discussion such that it can not rationally be taken simply as being the contrarian position but is instead taken as being your genuine point of view.
    The "intolerant left" coming from someone who defends travel bans against muslims? As for religious connections, are you sure you know who out of those you debate with actually have religious connections or not?
    Please don't confuse "new" with being valid, reasonable or even correct? Bullsh1t is generally not new.
    You have too high an opinion of yourself, wellwisher. Novelty does not make you a progressive. Novelty itself is not something to defend, whereas the merits of what might be new are considered and then responded to. Do you honestly think new ideas should be countenanced simply because they are new? And worse, just because you think they are new?

    So, wellwisher, a few simple questions: do you actually believe what you write on these forums?
    Are the views you express the views you actually hold?
    Do you appreciate that not every thread on this site is about Trump, right v left, or even politics in any way?
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  7. birch Valued Senior Member

    In my case, it can't be at all since i grew up around conservative rightwing with their cohort types and have inside experience and knowledge. You, though, do seem to have been indoctrinated and are a parrot for the conservative viewpoint without knowing what they are really about, what their real values are and this is why you don't know their dirty laundry or skeletons in the closet modus operandi and naively and staunchly defending.

    And i will say this and it's not even an opinion, the right-wing has the most corrupt, filthy, deceptive and manipulative people of all. Yes, it comes from the right, not the left,, even though their image, lip-service, and conservative rhetoric is the opposite. However, that said, conservatives as a counterpoint have some validity in society as they are very good at rituals and keeping institutions in 'lock-step' as you say. It can balance the extreme left for creating a society but more than liberals, conservatives definitely should not get out of hand since underneath it all, when they have total power, they are more liberal/amoral, greedy, wasteful, inflated and overall anti-conservative (in the true sense of the word) than anyone else as well as professed liberals. Talk about wolves in sheep's clothing and ironic, indeed.

    You can't believe things at first blush or what people profess to be or say. The game is twisted, convoluted, mutating and most of all deception is used constantly. That's the way it is.

    What i find the most offensive and bizarre is often those who project they are conservatives secretly live the most liberal lifestyle. these are the types who will have the family and conservative image in the community while going to prostitutes on the side etc while a liberal could be the true conservative (crazy i know) who is truly ethical and a family man as well as upstanding citizen.

    Another weird aspect, again, is that conservatives are the most irresponsible fiscally as well as the most greedy yet they are 'CONSERVATIVES'? They just hide or use the religious affiliation angle because it gives them a moral structure, otherwise they would go nuts except they just find scapegoats by finding victims which in turn create homeless, the disenfranchised, the oppressed, the ones they create by purging their filth onto others secretly and trading places so they have a good life and appear to be okay people while their victims are the true mirror of what their real nature is etc etc. life and society is so so so so deceptive, in so many ways. then the twist doesn't end there, those same conservatives then rail against the 'lesser' people or thier victims of their sins and then pompously they are to help and be examples for them to rehabilitate. can you believe that shit? and that's just a smidgen of the bs and it's like if you follow a trail or clue back from events and knew the truth of all the bs that people do, the schemes even instinctive and dysfunctional (yet functional because they use scapegoats) corruption, it would blow your mind as well as open it up in realizing how full of it humans and society is.

    those who have real or true morals are the ones who conservatives attack, victimize and intolerant of the most while they protect those who are most immoral. they are very clever and obfuscating but only because most people are dumb or don't care. the thing with conservatives is as long as you can keep an image and victimize those who are not important, it's okay with them, that's the real game with conservatives. but of course, if one of theirs do get caught, they will have to do the lip service so the conservatives appear to all to be what they claim they are: moral and ethical and conservative (lol). power and consumption is their real game, not ethics. liberals are more concerned with ethics, philosophy, the real meaning and truth of things etc etc. conservatives are like the jock or caveman of ethics. that is not their forte.

    And because of this and since their ruse is to claim to be what they are not, they have to use a lot of bs and dsyfunction as well as a lot of covering shit up. People have to realize that the dredges of society are often created by unseen people in society and are unaccountable. They are animals who are greedy and have urges too and how are they going to purge this while having a leave it to beaver image? they will victimize someone to carry their sins or deal with their demons so they don't have to. I grew up in a baptist church with a preacher and a preacher's wife and traveled many places with them with various churches and denominations, even overseas. they were not only immoral but secretly very greedy and materialistic as well as downright uncompasssionate. i can only say they claimed the conservative, good citizen angle to have respect which they didn't deserve. Every single ethical or moral value they espoused to be or believe in was the exact opposite of their true self or real values. why are they so concerned with the supposed immorality of homosexuality (which is none of their business) when they are sexually filthy and immoral themselves?? why do they care if a fetus is aborted when it's okay to them to abuse children anyways? why do they espouse morals but believe there should be no acountability whatsoever based on forgiveness? why do they believe in jesus christ who was not materialistic yet they are the most and the least philosophical? they are like horrible dictators and tyrants who feed on misery and suffering of others.

    It didn't end there, just as those of a feather flock together, so were most of the conservatives and religious at least in spirit were just like them and honestly not that ethical, or good people. just like most, they only cared about themselves and if they seem to help anyone it's to feel good about themselves or they are already satiated and pompous enough that they are now rehabilitating 'lesser' people, the very people or groups that their kind have victimized or created in society in the first place. they most definitely did not have more heart, understanding or ethics than anyone else. they are going through the motions in a system because it's to their benefit. religion was a social club and a way to have community support and respect for many.

    these labels are complete bullshit, conservative or liberal. i think we all pretty much know that though but especially those who call themselves conservative for obvious reasons, it should be viewed with suspicion even more so. it's like clothing for many and nothing more.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017
  8. rpenner Fully Wired Valued Senior Member

    This is factually untrue, and a result of a hasty rush by the right wing press to put out a story without fact-checking by Rush Limbaugh, Andrew McCarthy of The National Review, or any other repeater.

    Rush Limbaugh posted a correction regarding the New York Times’ headline after this story was published. It says: “After today’s show we learned that the New York Times did not alter its headline. They say there were two headlines all along, one in the online version, and one in the print edition. The print edition used the word ‘wiretapped’ and the online edition never did."


    Since the time scale of press stories have been on the scale of months, it is probably too short a time scale to claim the story is in disfavor when we are talking about investigations of old events. It's called news since it depends on digging out revelations, not repeating a party line. So the goal (for Trump supporters) is not a slowing of the pace of Trump-Russia connections, but vindication and retractions. Like the retractions the New York Times got. Also, in 2 weeks, isn't Congress investigating the state of surveillance of Russian agents?
  9. birch Valued Senior Member

    Since i'm spilling the beans on 'conservatives'. oh let me let ya'll know they are the biggest freaks in the closet types (not sexual orientation meaning here) of all. They are also the strangest and and are notoriously ingenius at being hypocrites. it's like a nobel prize, off the charts level of hypocrisy. Dareisay, demonically ingenius level.

    They have the heart and soul of a feral pig combined with the well developed manipulative ability of the proverbial devil simultaneously with the mind of a psychotic sociopath/narcissist and megalomaniac in a human body. Their whole quest and underbelly agenda it seems is to represent the true dark side in the guise of light and destroy others unlike this. They especially hate their enemies which are thier victims which always remind them what they really are not so hateful toward them extremely. That's your quintessential 'conservative' breed, no matter what they look like on the outside.

    Anyone ever really studied or investigated the usual 'religious' like they deserve to be studied like a rat in a maze?? not on their fake terms which cover all their shit???

    People don't find it odd as an understatement that the most religious people as in regular churchgoing etc are some of the most materialistic and power hungry, very top-down of social heirarchy type as well as intolerant people on the face of the planet while they purport to worship the homeless and materialistic foregoing, humble and disenfranchised loving 'jesus christ' as god??? huh??? what??? I always found it odd that the harshest, cruelest, coldest and meanest people always came from their camp and i never understoood that considering their theism but in spirit they aren't any different than a group that would like to have a dictatorship like society and the 'god' angle just amps up their power potential even more. They are strangely not humble at all and seem to have no real humility in them at all except obsequeince or submissiveness to authority masquerading as such. no real compassion or understanding inherent in real humility. they will always out you to a higher authority rather than help victims to make sure they are victimized again when it comes to their own. the religious, more than any other tend to suspiciously believe that there needs to be a group of victims that are supposed to sacrifice themselves or be enslaved while they purport to believe or espouse humane values. this is all in the guise of 'helping others' which they will twist that you are supposed to sacrifice your good for their bad but it will never be them who will truly sacrifice. this is why they are not about true ethics when it comes to religion and why religion has been dangerous as it's always been infiltrated by those who least represent it.

    The only thing i can come up with is the whole 'keep your enemies closer' agenda and that the disenfranchised was gaining power and rights and that their very enemies have deceptively infiltrated the religion to keep it from having any real power or effectiveness for what it was originally intended. So it is like if you want to destroy your enemy, you kill or destroy the enemy and then take over their identity and house.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017
  10. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    Long ago and far away: I mentioned to my first wife that the laws of the state of Illinois allowed me to "beat my wife within reason".
    Without skipping a beat, she responded: "Not if you like waking up in the morning".
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  11. Oystein Registered Senior Member

    There's something really wrong with you. I bet you hate it when a conservative lumps all liberals into one pile, but you are doing the same thing.

    Now don't get me wrong, I distrust most conservative politicians. But I do have a few pretty decent friends who are conservative.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017
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  12. birch Valued Senior Member

    What is really wrong with the truth?? Every type or group has some similarities or defining characteristics if you are take notice. Of course, there are decent conservatives and decent liberals and vice versa! But conservatives, all in all and overall, tend to be on the more primitive mentally/emotionally/spiritually from my years of experience with them in comparison to liberals!! Why is it so wrong to just tell it like it is?!

    besides, i'm not a liberal. i'm more moderate or independent actually. see there?
  13. birch Valued Senior Member


    Where do people think we really are? The world and this universe is hell or definitely a part of it. Do you think these people had a criminal record before? or weren't considered normal or good people?? do you really think these people just miraculously changed? of course not, they were capable of this from the beginning from nature. heck, i bet you they were considered more normal/acceptable etc than me probably because they were conventional for the most part on the outside. You really can't believe the facade of society. The only reason this situation was uncovered was because it went extreme as in the pentagram, blood sacrifices, babies etc but usually it doesn't go this way to the point it draws flagrant attention to itself. Even when people don't do these kinds of things, if you get a sense of people, you realize most aren't really good anyways. most people really aren't just because they generally stay out of the judicial system. i've met plenty of crappy or cruel or selfish or ignorant who are considered normal or believe they are good people just because they have no criminal record. religion or church is full of people. they are just people and with all the characteristics of the organic disgusting evil putridness that nature spawns in this universe and will always. humans are truly disgusting, have you realized that? have you realized how few people are likeable when you get to know them or how contemptible they are when they start to reveal their character faults? sometimes they don't even have to go there yet but you just get a creepy feeling or you just instinctively feel offended because you are picking up they are a jerk of a human being. they will make you ill just being around them and you will need alone time to de-stress or get away. isn't that great?

    another thing, people tend to think only leaked stories or national headlines are the only indication of an event. The truth is way worse because it means that so much more is going on but it just hasn't been caught or was never. Yes, happening right now as i type this. Isn't that also great? The truth here is almost always worse like gravely worse so we tend to live on the surface even though its victims are in the pit of hell.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2017
  14. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    There are no conservative "talking points", of course. Conservatives are all free thinking individuals not subject to group-think.

    You never wrote a truer word on this forum.

    Your ideas are all over the place. You present as a deeply muddled person with a range of false beliefs about many disparate topics, combined with some deep biases.

    You're as predictable as anybody here in what you post about and your style of posting it. You repeatedly inject your political opinions into discussions where they are off topic. And since been banned from posting your nonsense to our Science subforums, you have also taken to injecting your pseudoscience into threads about politics, religion, or wherever the fancy takes you to try to jam it in.

    Are you admitting to trolling sciforums? Please clarify this point for us, because there is some discussion among the moderator group as to whether we ought to permanently ban you from sciforums following this apparent admission from you. Please post your response in this thread as soon as possible.

    I know I'm not the only one who doesn't buy your claim that you're not posting your real opinions. I don't for a moment think that you're off on conservative political forums posting as a "liberal", for instance.

    No, I think we see the real you here.

    What was it? 52% of US voters voted for Clinton for President. And what percentage of those people do we see in violent protest on the streets?

    You are fond of talking about "liberals" as if anybody who votes Democrat fits some kind of cookie-cutter mold. You like to promote your pseudoscience that the minds of "liberals" and women and "minorities" are fundamentally different from and inferior to your conservative, male, white mind. This not only shows that neuroscience isn't your strong suit, but it's also bigoted and misogynistic, not to mention racist.

    It is understandable that you think you'd like to live in a conservative echo chamber. There are plenty like you on both sides of politics. But if you actually listened to the other point of view now and then you (a) might learn something, and (b) might get along with people better than you do. Then you wouldn't have to pretend to be the rebel outsider that is the image you're trying to project here.

    Your political views aren't novel. Your brand of prejudice is common. Some of your scientific ideas are novel, but unfortunately those ideas are inevitably wrong.

    You write coherently and reasonably clearly. You obviously have some education and an ability to express your ideas. It really is a pity you choose to waste yourself on the kind of bullshit you choose to serve up here.
  15. wellwisher Banned Banned

    If person's ideas explore many different angles, how can that be lock step? I am often unique meaning I walk to the beat of my own drum. I used to be a liberal in my early life, all the way through university. Thereafter I was more of moderate. I have already lived and pondered liberalism from different positive angles earlier in my life. If you had read my ideas back then, it would have been more conducive to your way of thinking, but with my own spin. What I found was, it did not add up properly in the long term, because the emotional nature of liberalism is more conducive to short term thinking.

    If you had a spoiled child in a sad mood, the fastest way to make them happy is to spoil them, again. If you are looking for a short term solution this is it. However, although this will work in the short term, it creates a situation that can get worse with time. If you tried to make a stand and stop spoiling the sad child, that will not solve the short term problem. It but can make the short term problem worse, as the child throws a temper tantrum. But in the long term, if you hold firm, the spoiled child may start to get healthier, months down the line, so your job is easier.

    This is the main difference between the conservatives and liberals. Conservatives are connected to long term thinking, some which goes back to ancient times. Liberalism is more about the needs of the short term. If you are young, you often live in the now, which is short term. The teen is not planing for retirement. Rather he is thinking about the party that night. If I forced the teen to start saving his allowance for retirement, this will seem insane, since he does not look that far to the future. As I got older and needed to look longer term, liberalism was no longer the best choice, unless you can capitalize on other liberals,

    If you look at entitlements, these are not sustainable in the long term at the current rates of growth. The debt is huge and needs to get worse. The liberal mind, thinks short terms and wishes one more dose and then it will quit. But this only kicks the can down the road, to an eventual long term disaster.

    Trump is looking long term at the biggest picture. This will not add up to the needs of immediate gratification. If you reduce the EPA by 30%, nobody wishes to lose their job or see the environment get dirty. The system as is will not work. It is better to spoil that child, once again. But 5 years done the road, without spoiling and the system will adjusts to lower costs, the tax payer will be happy, and the EPA will run like a well oiled machine. The spoiled child and the drug addict wants one more fix, then they will quit, which never happens since they are addicted.

    Conservative principles are about the needs of long term, which des not always appease all the emotions and short term needs. Liberalism is better at that, but it results in a compounding money pit; national debt, heath care implosion, stagnant economy, etc.
  16. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    So ... this thread is about you, then?

    Okay. Whatever.

    That's a fucking conservative, for ye.

    Just so we're clear, does everyone understand this is why conservatives are sleazy, excremental human beings?

    Seriously, this disrespect is the heart of political conservatism.

    And it's why conservatives are just sick, to the last, and to the bone.

    Just so conservatives know, I would like to say it's not personal, but you've left the rest of us no choice. You're sick people. Get help.
  17. Dr_Toad It's green! Valued Senior Member

    Yes, it's personal. You're talking trash about people you know nothing about.

    I have been conservative all my life. I just happened to vote for Democrats in all national elections, and sometimes Republicans or Independents at local and state levels.

    Conservative means keeping what works in the original sense, not the derogatory word that that seems to trigger cries of "white supremacist, homophobic Nazi" that you wring your hands and whine about.

    I think snowflakes aren't even human, because they still need mommy's tit and a good dose of Barney every morning to make them feel special. I'll bet that you think Cocoa Puffs are racist.

    Wellwisher is more than half an idiot, but you lump all conservatives into the same bag of "deplorables" that belong around the likes of Fred Phelps and Hillary Clinton.

    Jesus, get a fucking life. I considered reporting your rabid attack, or even getting more "infraction points" than I have already by saying more to the point, but it's not worth it. Fuck off.
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  18. Truck Captain Stumpy Registered Senior Member

    so... lets see if i got this logic correct:
    it's not ok to bash someone because of their sexual orientation, race, religion or anything else... unless you're a moderator on sciforums

    then you can pick any arbitrary item, bash it all to h*ll condemning people you don't know because you want to make a point and insure people know who is really in charge...

    all you have to do as ask if they're making it all about themselves while then making it all about your own personal beliefs!


    isn't this the exact same behaviour that you condemn in others when they make comments about LGBT?

    about race?


    nice to see the mods still protecting your prejudicial behaviour... it's good that things don't change from the norm...
    oops! doesn't that mean the site mods are conservative in their judgement against people like you?

    oh boy...
  19. Truck Captain Stumpy Registered Senior Member

    sorry ... double post
  20. birch Valued Senior Member

    Since we're generalizing, i've found the most common characteristic of conservatives to be insensitivity which lends itself to a lot of varying injustices whereas liberals can be too impractical in trying to please everyone, even those who don't deserve it. So at one extreme you have conservatives who tend to be like brick wall assholes and on the other polar end is bleeding heart liberals and the right thing is somewhere in the middle or best course of action again, in general, not considering exceptions.
  21. Dr_Toad It's green! Valued Senior Member

    I took one of those foolish online surveys that purports to guess your political leaning. I came out as a slightly right-of-center moderate. For whatever that's worth these days...
  22. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    It's a defense mechanism.
    The democrats are elitist snobs who think everyone else is deplorable.
    And, because they are closet racist, sexists, and xenophobes, they then project this onto their stylized "deplorables".

    When someone has adopted a defensive attitude, the more you push, the more defensive they get.

    evening, and a fellow is sitting on his front porch having a beer while contemplating the events of the day
    he sees a guy walking down the road dragging a huge logging chain
    nother beer and the guy comes walking back up the road still pulling the logging chain behind him
    the porch fellow puts down his beer and shouts "excuse me"
    chain guy says "OK"
    porch fellow "Why are you pulling that chain?"
    chain guy: "You ever try pushing one of these things?"

    Some things just can't be pushed.
  23. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Mod Hat ― Since you asked


    And now you are ordered to quit making up random shit in order to troll this thread.

    Given how sleazy people such as Wellwisher and yourself are willing to be in order to muck up pretty much any thread, and how loudly you will blubber and bawl when faced with anything remotely approaching retort in kind, you only make the point.

    Seriously, your contribution to bigotry is exactly not appreciated. Your requirement that we handicap discussions in order to favor intellectual dishonesty such as Wellwisher's and your own is exactly unacceptable. Until you have something useful to contribute to this community, stow it. If people wish to reap the benefit of having this voice generalizing against other people, then they can also reap the bitter fruit. History demonstrates that for conservatives such as yourself and Wellwisher, the one thing that is unfair about "both ways" is when conservatives must face up to their own standards.

    Think twice before you throw your lot in with Wellwisher and other such conservative bigots. You only prove that the people who would hope to benefit from Wellwisher's standard simply haven't the integrity to face it.

    What part of this isn't clear? If y'all can't take it, then y'all shouldn't bring it.

    So, no: Bigot Bot wannabe wants to stand up and promote conservatism, he's conservatives' problem to deal with. The rest of society should not have to endure such indecency just to prove some abstract standard of decency to pathetic swindlers with no decent standards of their own.

    Pick one. We can throw the confessed troll out of here, now, or his fellow conservatives can take the heat he brings. You don't get both, though, and you don't get to bawl like a spoiled brat just because you can't have everything you want.
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