Space Development: Theory & Practice - 2000

Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by Youth Space Center, Feb 17, 2000.

  1. Youth Space Center Registered Member

    Bauman Moscow State Technical University Youth Space Center conducts the workshop for space enthusiasts every year in early April to provide participants with an opportunity to discuss the results of the year passed in space focusing on Russian and International programs, see and touch the real space hardware and meet people working on the front edge of space science and technology. The workshop program has been conducted since 1996. It began with FPSpace-96 and FPSpace-97 done jointly with Friends & Partners in Space, that was followed by Space Development: Theory & Practice International Workshop in 1998 when the workshop become annual. This year we have a pleasure to invite you to Space Development: Theory & Practice - 2000 International Workshop scheduled for April 1-10, 2000.

    You will spend a nice week in Korolev - the space capital of Russia, the town where Russian space program has started where thousands of scientists, engineers, technicians and workers are living and working to develop, manufacture and operate Russian and international spacecraft. You will attend the workshop opening ceremony in Russian Space Agency breefing room where the most critical desicions are discussed by RSA authorities. You will visit the leading Russian comanies working for space program as well as Bauman Moscow State Technical University - one of the major educational and research centers in Russian space technologhy. You will go to Mission Control Center and see how space station Mir and International Space Station are controlled. In Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center you will see how cosmonauts are trained for the future flights.You will talk to people for whom space science and technology is not just a field of activity - it's their way of of life. And of course you will have an outstanding opportunity to share your view of space activities of the humankind with the other space interested people. Be sure you will get tons of new first hand information and make many friends.
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  3. Peter Dolan Registered Senior Member

    It's nice to see that the Russians are still in the exploration of space. Living here in the States one seldom hears of anything other than Mir being kaputt. Somehow, the Russians always end up surprising us with something, some achievement which always leaves our mouths open in astonishment. We think that the Russians probably no longer have the economic means to produce technological marvels and then something like the Su-37 rolls off the Sukhoi production lines, it's amazing to say the least.
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  5. Dido Registered Senior Member

    Don't forget about the ESA...... as usual we Europeans are superior. Need I illustrate with Airbus as well???

    Resistance is futile.

    **Sorry about the Star Trek fanatical cliches--- the Borg, don't you just love them**

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