Soul as parasite

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by MetaKron, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Mathers2013 Banned Banned

    In Dan Brown's latest book he writes how scientists have sealed a body (soon to die) in a container that should remain the same weight as when the person was alive. At the moment of death (when the soul leaves the body) the weight of the casket decreases.
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  3. subject13 Registered Member

    William S. Burroughs asks the question

    If the soul is some sort of electromagnet form or force field then can something like a nuclear bomb actually destroy the soul along with our organic form? :m:

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  5. entelecheia Registered Senior Member

    Lightgigantic, could you change your cover? it can affect visiĆ³n, and you as a person interested in science knows it
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  7. rr6 Banned Banned

    Falling Apart Or Pulling Apart of the Soul/Biological

    The soul of a biological is its pattern of integration.

    Soul = biological

    When the biological comes apart the pattern that defines it as integrated whole is falling apart i.e the soul is falling apart. soul falling apart.

    We usually associate 'falling' with gravity ex we fall out of a tree onto the ground via gravity/mass-attraction.

    We fall in love via biological/soul attraction.

    Now this makes for interesting query as to what creates the biological soul to begin with and significant is gravity in both beginning and ending.

    So is the soul/biological disintegrating by falling apart or by being pulled apart?

    Can gravity cause either/both a falling apart or a pulling apart?


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