Sometimes I think I am crazy

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Saint, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. SomethingClever Registered Senior Member

    sorry folks, didn't mean to hijack this thread with a personal agenda---

    to continue the discussion about sin, envy, religion etc.:
    with religion, I'm okay with whatever makes people sleep at night, ya know? As long as they don't shove their beliefs down others throats, or hurt people with different views (the extreme example of throat-shoving)

    as for envy, how does it differ from jealousy? Does jealousy have a more 'vicious' connotation?

    Whatever the term is, I have experienced the subtle yet dividing wrath of jealousy/envy--- particularly my last two roommates, both who are great guys; creative, kind, but incredibly insecure (or maybe I'm just a pretentious schmuck who drives people insane).

    That said, It's no coincidence that my two best friends are confident, free-thinking, well-rounded individuals. There is little room for envy/jealousy when you truly like yourself-- and they do.
    We make the ultimate trio, a trio absent of ego and ripe with enthusiasm and ideas. It's fantastic.

    (by 'absent of ego' I mean 'not consumed by desire for power, control within the group'- self love can exist without stepping on other people's toes)
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  3. Saint Valued Senior Member


    1% Americans are having Antisocial Personality Disorder
    1.1% Schizophrenia
    Between 1999 and 2007. In 2007, the suicide rate was 11.26 per every 100,000 people.
    Which means out of US 311,097,272 population, 35000 people will kill themselves annually.

    We are all having metal illness.
    Different in its seriousness.
    A bit crazy is ok, but not Insane, out of control.

    I believe human's brain is not Perfect, due to many factors, like food contamination, environment pollution, genetic mutation, pressure of work etc, all these factors will drive us a bit crazy in some ways.
    Try to control yourself with whatever method like Religion devotion,
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  5. Enmos Registered Senior Member

    A lot of people have many of those things without having a close relationship (or any) with Gid. I don't see how having those things is evidence for God.
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  7. Lori_7 Go to church? I am the church! Registered Senior Member

    well, i'm sure people attribute those things to something other than god, but i see that we're influenced by the holy spirit whether we recognize it or not. it also is true that those attributes are relative in degree. what i can testify to is that i have a hell of a lot more of that fruit now than i did before i met god, and i attribute that to the spirit's influence on me and my life.

    i also have to say that, perhaps it's different where you are, but the majority of people around me don't really exhibit these fruits consistently or normally. i see so many turmultous and broken relationships, people are stressed out or sick or depressed or anxious. everybody's on some kind of drug for something and a lot of it is mood enhancing, anti-anxiety...even children are on drugs. i know a lot of people in this world are sad and unfulfilled, and they have every reason to be, whether they realize it or not, there's something wrong with us.

    just realizing that helps, and if you're willing the spirit can turn things around.
  8. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    The people of this Mesopotamian civilization in which most of our members reside. The Babylonians of early Mesopotamia dressed up some Stone Age legends and turned them into the familiar creation myth and other stories that would eventually become the opening pages of the Bible. The Jews of more-or-less the same time and place polished them up and turned them into the Torah, with the twist of squeezing the entire, rich pantheon of the traditional religions into the monotheistic one-dimensional model of the human spirit, in which everything falls on a pathetic linear scale between "good" and "evil." As Mesopotamian civilization spread to a wider area, eventually Abrahamist monotheism split into European Christianity and Middle Eastern Islam.

    These are "your people," monotheistic Abrahamist descendants of Mesopotamia, including those of us who still participate in the civilization despite having forsworn the religions.

    The world's other five civilizations devised their own religions. Anthropology isn't my specialty, but we recognize Hathor, Amun and the other gods and goddesses of Egyptian polytheism; Vishnu, Ganesha and the other gods and goddesses of Indian polytheism; the Dao and Confucianism of China, which replace gods with one's own ancestors and elders; and I won't even attempt to summarize the spirituality of the Inca or Olmec/Maya/Aztec civilization.
    My father certainly knew how to love himself, but not others. My mother loved her family but not herself. It took me a long time to overcome their mistakes and learn to love.

    But besides saving me from religion they did two other things right for which I will always be grateful. They never taught me violence or racism, a remarkable feat for people born before WWI. It's a whole lot easier to love people if you don't care what color they are and if you don't ever get the urge to hit them.
  9. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    4,416 parents-particularly my father, though, were casually racist and abusive-in dad's case, in multiple respects.
    He's been an excellent negative example...I could do worse than to spend my life trying not to be him.
    He made me realize how unfair it was to judge someone on the color of their skin-something a person can do nothing about...

    About the urge to hit people...having said urge and giving in to said urge are two different things...and I get inordinately strong when really angry. I picked up a couch one-handed once. This prior to getting into weightlifting. So it's not an urge I can give into.

    "My" people. What a strange concept.
    I can't remember not feeling somehow separate...from everyone, always.
  10. Lori_7 Go to church? I am the church! Registered Senior Member

    yeah wow, thanks for the history lesson. not really; i don't know why but history has never been much of an interest of mine.

    like i said, i wasn't being specific except that, i was looking for the god who could prove it's existence to me, and it did.

    i think overcoming mistakes, or worse things, and learning to love is probably the hardest and most rewarding thing a person can do.
  11. Lori_7 Go to church? I am the church! Registered Senior Member

    yeah, that's what i say. i was very taken aback by that phrase. but then he went on to explain that they were like half the human race. i'd like to think the other half are my people too.

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  12. SomethingClever Registered Senior Member

    that's really, really interesting. I can relate.
    I have a few different theories:

    -extreme introversion
    -abnormally high intelligence
    -"old" reincarnations, opposed to "first life's"
    -The Chosen Ones (my personal favorite

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    -children of alcoholics
    -and lastly, higher levels of consciousness

    clearly, most of these sound pretentious and exclusive, but I'm just trying to make sense of it...
  13. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    Child of pretty dysfunctional family.

    Basically I can be alone anywhere...although people mostly get on my nerves...

    It's as if I'm in my own personal, invisible hamster-ball, watching them all have fun I'm not quite able to have.

    And crowds? Almost impossible to keep your eyes on the exits and your back to the wall. Very unnerving. I don't know why anyone likes large crowds.

    I'm just not bright enough to be isolated by intelligence, I'm afraid...
  14. Lori_7 Go to church? I am the church! Registered Senior Member

    you would probably like god.
  15. SomethingClever Registered Senior Member

    do you realize how few people are even capable of thinking/writing with the clarity you just demonstrated?? For you it was probably an effortless internet post... but to most: thoughtful and brilliant!

    There is very little evidence to form judgments, but my gut feeling is that you are underestimating yourself.
  16. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    I tried that.
    I think part of my dislike of Christianity is no matter how hard I prayed , nothing ever replied...I got nothing but emptiness, darkness, and silence.
    I was told it would solve my despair.
    Failure to make contact added to it at the time instead.

    Didn't really lighten until I was put on antidepressants, which seem to work better than praying. If not well any more.

    But...I'm just not really smart, merely wordy.

    Probably best to think of me as somewhat akin to a well-trained parrot. Verbose, able to turn a pretty sentence; but not able to come up with anything unique or terribly useful on my own.
  17. SomethingClever Registered Senior Member

    a well-trained parrot, huh? well let's put that idea to the test: is this concept of a well-trained parrot an original idea?

    (oddly enough, in class yesterday I responded to a question by saying, "it's quite rare to hear a truly original thought; I think we are all parrots to some degree")

    and like a parrot, I stole the concept from Anne Lamott!
  18. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    Oh, well, I came up with it by myself, but I have yet to come up with anything truly original, and this would be another example thereof.
  19. SomethingClever Registered Senior Member

    well you gotta consider that almost every avenue has been explored (or so it seems)

    I figure back when the great philosophers were writing their musings, the world was relatively "undiscovered" (philosophically, anyway.)

    It's hard to come up with original thoughts when billions upon billions of people have come before us,
    but that in no way means you aren't smart (whatever smart means anyway...:shrug

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    I guess I'm frustrated that you don't think that highly of yourself when in comparison to the people I am surrounded by in every day life, you are a freakin' genius (at least based on internet writing)

    whatever, do what you gotta do.
  20. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    I guess if I allowed myself to think more highly of my abilities I'd have to feel even worse for having wasted them so profligately.

    Hmm, I'm really surprised though, you're in college(right?), I would have thought you'd be surrounded by Bright Young Things...
  21. SomethingClever Registered Senior Member

    I figured as much.

    have you loved and been loved? have you been a lifelong student of the world? have you appreciated the true beauty that surrounds us?
    If so, what else is there?
    Nobel Prizes are just a second bowl of ice cream.
  22. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    Yes, so far, and often...
    But if I were to weigh it in the scales next to these moods?

    This going to pass, I suppose, they always do.
    I dig myself out...
    And they always come back.
    I believe I ought to have done something that, in my own mind, justifies the amount of internal pain I get to go through to be here.
    Or at the very least, be self-sufficient, which I'm not, and I can't respect myself until I am.
    But I'm too old to do anything wonderful now. And I can't seem to be self-sufficient either.
    So I'm very angry and disgusted at myself.

    And you're a nice young man who doesn't deserve to be dumped on. I'll stop now.

    Maybe I wouldn't hate myself so much if I didn't feel like such a mooch?...hmmm
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2011
  23. SomethingClever Registered Senior Member

    so your an elder then, eh? got any life advice for naive youngsters like myself who foolishly think they are invincible and have figured out the world?

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