Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by 0scar, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. VossistArts 3MTA3 Registered Senior Member

    i didnt read all the replies so ignore if redundant. i was under the impression soma is fly agaric? or amanita? mushroom. i think the active ingrediant is muscimol maybe. i know in some cultures a shaman will ingest the whole mushroom which can be poisonous and the folks partaking in the cerimony will drink the shamans piss which contains only the filtered muscimol. but im not sure why all that. if i remember too if you roast the flesh of the mushroom properly first it neutralizes the toxins but leaves the active ingrediant in tact.

    as you may well imagine, my memory may or may not be derived from reality

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  3. VossistArts 3MTA3 Registered Senior Member

    really all of the naturally occurring entheogins have their own distinct and interesting flavor. you can find recipes for Ayahuasca but its unlikely you could prepare it properly., its fairly complex. i did get the impression from research a few years ago that like planned retreats to take the concoction in its native environment are common.. like travel clubs. i dunno. sounds like a bit more trouble than i care to invest in. personally Hawaiian woodrose ground fine and mixed with Mexican tarragon to make a sweet tea is great. the chemical LSA is wonderful in my opinion, very cerebral at low dosages.. just can buy all SORTs of ethnobotanicals in all different forms on the net and legally possess them too(it might vary state to state). the plants arent scheduled because they wont grow wild in this climate (im assuming). you can get in trouble if you get caught trying to synthesize the active ingredients tho.. but why do that? i like to shop and try differnt things out whenever i can afford it. psychedelics have played and important positive role in my life, and i cant imagine ever being too old to want " to dust out the ol cobwebs" now and then

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    its like coming home to me, in a way .
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  5. Sicksixix Registered Senior Member

    ayahuasca is actually very easy to make, you just have to want to cook it, since it takes about a day to make, then a day of fasting to ensure no tyramine is in your system(you could get a horrible headache, or worse yet, die)

    consists of two plants:
    banisteriopsis caapi(containing harmine, harmaline, tetra-hydro-harmaline, effective as MAOI)
    and then either
    psychotria viridis(traditionally used, contains 5-MeO-DMT, less visual)
    or mimosa hostilis(jurema, contains n,n-dimethyltryptamine(DMT), much more visual and usually a more intense experience)

    you merely have two pots to cook with, you add distilled water to the pot, enough to cover the plant matter, something to acidify the water(vinegar and lemon juice are commonly used, sometimes even food grade phosphoric acid)

    pound the plants into pieces for easier manipulation, cook each for 3 hours on simmer 3 times, each time pouring out the liquid into a container(usually using a filter at this point, whether it is a shirt, cloth balls/pads, anything that works as a filter), re-adding water and acidifying agent and cooking two more times

    then combining the accumulated filtered liquids(believe me you want it filtered, the sediment may be enough to make you puke if the drink doesnt quickly enough) into 2 containers for each plants juices, at this point some people leave the juice with dmt or 5-MeO-DMT in the refridgerator overnight

    by morning all the sediment shouldve settled to the bottom, now you can decant the liquid into a container for reduction
    the caapi juice doesnt need to be filtered, but put both juices in separate pots
    now you can reduce, simply boil the juice down to a more easily ingested quantity(150ml is recommended)

    after that, youve got your drinks ready to go, you simply drink the caapi juice first, wait until its effects are evident as a somewhat sleepy high feeling, drink the mimosa or psychotria juice and it will kick in within minutes

    usually the mimosa/psychotria drink is sipped until desired effects are achieved

    and fasting is a must, most foods contain tyramine

    this is of course, for people where it is legal, right? :]
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