Solidified mercury

Discussion in 'Chemistry' started by Sparkofbliss, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Sparkofbliss

    Sparkofbliss Registered Senior Member

    Is it possible to to solidify pure mercury at room temperature.some people claim that it is possible especially from india.
  2. KilljoyKlown

    KilljoyKlown Whatever

    That question was talked about on the following forum 19 months ago.

    Solidifying Mercury at Room Temprature
  3. billvon

    billvon Valued Senior Member

    Pure mercury? No. But it's easy to alloy it with other metals and come up with an amalgam that will be solid at room temperatures.
  4. wlminex

    wlminex Banned

    amalgam? . . . . like dissolving gold in mercury . . an old gold recovery process! . . . or dissolving silver in mercury (outdated-toxic?) for dental fillings.
  5. origin

    origin Howdy

    Some people claim they have been anal probed by extraterrestrial aliens.:rolleyes:

    Mercury cannot solidify at room temperature. There are many ways to use slight of hand or trickery to fool gullible people into believing they have witnessed a miracle.
  6. wlminex

    wlminex Banned

    . . . perhaps the alien anal probes were conducted at ~ -40 degrees C? (approx. freezing point of mercury) tee hee!
    . . . by the way . . . weren't the old alchemists supposed to turn mercury into gold?
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  7. leopold

    leopold i miss my coco.

    no, lead into gold.
  8. wlminex

    wlminex Banned

    . . .That's even better . . . if I could change the Pb in my ass to Au . . I'd be a VERY wealthy person (but, it seems, that I will soon have to pay more in taxes!)
  9. Emil

    Emil Valued Senior Member

    Do you have Pb in your ass? :eek:
  10. Aqueous Id

    Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic

    Who wants solid Hg and why? Seems like an odd thing to request... unless maybe at a Sonic drive-in somewhere in Alpha Centauri where the probing just turned into a date and you're wondering what the hell your alien-friend just ordered.....
  11. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    Not even at high pressure?
  12. Believe

    Believe Happy medium

    Assuming its phases respond in a normal fashion (and I'm sure it does since it has a triple point) then yes, higher pressure could solidify it.
  13. KilljoyKlown

    KilljoyKlown Whatever

    The only thing I could find about Hg under high pressure. Sorry but nothing at room Temp. but the mercury stayed liquid.

  14. Secret

    Secret Registered Senior Member

    Anyone here have a phase diagram of mercury?
  15. Believe

    Believe Happy medium

    The key there is high pressure and high temp. Under just sufficiently high pressure I would think it would behave just like everything else (again it has a triple point) and become a solid.
  16. KilljoyKlown

    KilljoyKlown Whatever

    That may be true, however I don't believe we can generate that kind of pressure.
  17. Asguard

    Asguard Kiss my dark side

    why not? we can generate some REALLY high pressures
  18. KilljoyKlown

    KilljoyKlown Whatever

    Higher than a diamond anvils cell? Please supply a link if you can find one.
  19. Believe

    Believe Happy medium

    You wouldn't necessarily need to have anywhere near that much pressure. The added heat there would keep it molten well beyond the normal pressure it would take to solidify it. I wish I could find a phase diagram for it somewhere. If someone wants to buy it this paper would probably answer the question for us:
  20. Believe

    Believe Happy medium

    I just asked Trippy to see if he can get a phase diagram for us to end this once and for all. Hopefully he comes through.

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