Skin Color and the Origin of Ancient Egyptians

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by q0101, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. TimeTraveler Immortalist Registered Senior Member

    simple streetboy, if you are a satanist, or if your god is your skin, well then it makes sense to be racist. Also it makes sense if you are athiest and you hate the human race.

    Race is a religion in itself, just like Christianity, so we can respect the people who want to worship their race just as we respect the people who worship God.
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  3. D'ster Registered Senior Member

    Can you respect people who just prefer there race, without the "worship"?
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  5. TimeTraveler Immortalist Registered Senior Member

    If you love your race, fine, but why hate on other races? You can love other races and love yours the best, and no one cares if you want to live among your skintone to help you blend in or fit in or whatever.

    All I'm saying is, the best way to love yourself, is to love yourself first as a member of the human family, next as the spiritual family, next as the ethnic family. I'm endorsing love over hate, that is all, I don't care how you choose to love yourself, you can love your race and live seperately. You can pick a few states in this country, and make them all white, change your state laws around etc, and no one would mind. However it's a different story to hate on everyone and expect people to believe you love yourself. If you are a loving sorta individual, why do you hate so much?
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  7. D'ster Registered Senior Member

    Could you give me a example of what you see as "hate"?
  8. TimeTraveler Immortalist Registered Senior Member

    Wanting to wipe entire groups out of existance. I understand wanting to be seperate, I TRULY understand and I'm not against you on this if this is what you want. However, why do you need to wish billions dead?

    Hate means, in your world, there are no blacks, asians etc. In your world, only white people exist, and all traces of the existance of other races and cultures are either eaten and claimed as white, or destroyed out of existance so there is no memory.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2006
  9. sniffy Banned Banned

    Anyone here heard the theory about the whole human 'race' being descended from homonids living in what is now known as Africa?
    What does that say about the 'race' debate?
  10. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

  11. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Well, anyone who truly believes that can't really make any claims against others about "racism" and/or "racial discrimination", right?

    Baron Max
  12. TimeTraveler Immortalist Registered Senior Member

    Nothing, what is says is that we were originally neanderthal and then homosapien, and that we are all mixed.

    Race is simply the genetic mutations which influence appearance, unless you think white people are seperate from all the other races because of a natural ability to win wars. I don't think winning war, or warrior ability is exclusive to one race, it's more that each race decided to pick something to specialize in based on the environment.

    In a cold environment, perhaps during the ice age, man had a much harsher existance, and at the same time in this environment it makes plenty of sense for man to develop clear skin. Perhaps the original man had clear skin and colored skin is a mutation. If this is the case, colored skin could just as easily be called tropical skin because tropical people have darker skin.

    The closer you go to the desert, and tropics, the darker your skin gets. Hell even you'd get a tan if you lived in the desert or in Africa. Try living there for hundreds of thousands of years and then it would make perfect sense why people have dark skin.

    Why do Asians have yellow skin? Because they lived in the mountains, likely moved around more from place to place, and so they have yellow skin.

    Clear skin, simply means somewhere down the line your ancestors were in a cold ice age cave like atmosphere, and honestly, just about all of us have the genes for all 3 skin colors and all shades in between, because just one white or one asian in your family history is enough to change your genetics. This is why you have whites who have dark hair, blacks white light skin and eyes, and so on. I'd say that white people seem to have more mixed people than any other race because you see so many different hair types, from curly, to straight, you see different hair colors, you see a lot of gene diversity. You also see a lot of gene diversity, at least in appearance, in the blacks in America, as they no longer look like Africans.

    Asians have gene diversity as well, as you have both black and white asians.

    In theory, Africans in African have the strongest genes (the most varied gene pool), all this means is that there are a lot of new breeds in Africa, a lot of new races forming as we speak.
  13. sniffy Banned Banned

    Baron Max! you're back I missed you....
    anyone who truly believes that would continue to point out the illogicality (if that is actually a word) of racism.
  14. sniffy Banned Banned

    Time T
    I think it says quite a lot actually....
  15. lowi Registered Senior Member

    the reason african americans score lower on the average than whites in the united states is because african americans on the average are less educated and disadvantaged.
    there is a corelation between race and class,
    a correlation beween class and education
    and a correlation between education and IQ.

    therefore a non-innate correlation between race and IQ.

    IQ tests in my opinion don't even measure intelligence all that much. Earlier in american history, before a war, a IQ test is used to determine who could fight and who wouldn't. The irish immigrants and other immigrants (they're whites from europe, mind you) failed this test because it was biased with questions like : who's the nth president, what model is the ford car and questions about native american foods. How in the world will non native citizens pass the test?!

    if your parents weren't educated, chances are you won't be educated either.
    i once watched an excerpt from a film made by a trust fund child from the Johnson and Johnson family (a really really wealthy business family in the US) against his family's wish, on Oprah.
    In it, a black guy was asked "do you think your child will become rich" or "do you believe in the 'american dream'' a question like that. He replied "my son ain't going to become no famous rapper."
    that really touched me and made me realize how much inequality there is in this world.
    There are those ( a lot of whites) who believe the world owes them a favor and something's wrong if they don't get good jobs
    and there are those who have no faith whatsoever in getting jobs and think their only way out is becoming rappers.

    i read on another thread on this site about how blacks like to dress in "bling bling', rap show off, and how it's destroying them. well 50 cents is a milliionare and cares less what you think of him but there are those who want to be like him because the TV hardly shows any black doctors, they hardly know one and feel the only thing they can become in life is become rappers. they're not exposed to the world outside of the ghetto. is it their fault? no. it's society's fault.

    the richer gets richer and the poorer gets poorer. that's life.

    about the skin color issue, I lived in Africa most of my life and when i first came to the US as a child, me and my sibllings thought that white skin is the most disgusting skin color ever.
    we've watched american t.v and met people though and our views have changed. still, maybe due to my upbringing, unlike a lot of other people, I love my dark skin and nappy hair and i wish most black people weren't brainwashed enough to put chemicals in their hair to make it look straight.
    but then that's what centuries of slavery does to a race.
    I consider myself to be African and not merely African American 'cause i would have had my self esteem shattered my most of the things is see and hear everyday. even on this site.

    For your record D'ster, african immigrants to the US score considerably higher averagely on IQ tests than whites. They make up a high percentage of sucessful blacks in America also. because we know we have an opportunity here an we grab it. African Americans on the other hand have lost hope on opportunity in America. imo, they also have lower self esteem because they see slavery as part of their heritage while Africans descendants here see kings, Queens and conquerors as part of their heritage. at least i do. (see above about the black guy and his son).

    a film made by a 16 year old African American (like me) Kira Davis titled "A Girl Like Me"
    it's really touching how stereotypes self-internalize at a young age.
    one reason black parents should start buying their kids black dolls instead of white ones among other steps to be taking to increase the black image in society.

    Africa and All Blacks will rise again.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2006
  16. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    And right there, folks, is the reason that many US citizens hate the African blacks! They aren't willing to become Americans and work to become something in their new home.

    If you want to be a fuckin' African, then why the fuck didn't you stay in Africa?

    You, and many like you, don't want to become Americans, you want to suck America dry, taking from America, taking the liberal handouts and free things, but never wanting to be a part of it!

    Fuck you! I hope you never become legalized, and if you do, I hope everyone in the nation hates your guts! (Please insert all of the appropriate racial slurs and swear words of hatred wherever you think I'd put them ...and if I wouldn't be banned for it, I'd put them all over this post!)

    Baron Max
  17. lowi Registered Senior Member

    The reason some white Americans hate us (and some black americans) is because as you already stated, we are hardworking, smart people and you loose your sense of superiority when working with us.
    Some black americans think we take their job away from them, while others feel that we remind them of what they don't want to remember : slavery, the image africa being "primitive" (of course we africans know better) among others.

    The reason i didn't stay in Africa is the same reason your ancestors didn't stay where they originated. (i was young and had no choice) but too bad. I'll stay get a good education and contribute to Africa in the little way i can (Chinua Achebe is one of my role modes

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!


    I am am american citizen 'cause once my parents received their naturalization, we the kids automatically became citizens. I'm not denying my American citizen ship. I'm only denying the negative connotations that comes with being African American in the United States.
    All blacks are my brothers and sisters nevertheless but i wish they loved themselves more and try not to be put down by ill-wishers.
    some whites are nice but you never know what they say closed doors being you after coming to your face to say nice things to you (this site and all the hate made me rethink that).

    I'm a christian and don't swear or use slurs (i thank my upbringing for that) say whatever you want but it doesn't move me.
    i will continue to represent my native continent by defying stereotypes and ridding people of misconceptions whereever i go.
    for the records:

    we do have cars in Africa. and nice houses and all the good stuff. too bad your tv shows people the bad side to make them feel better about themselves that there are some people who live worse off than them.

    black is beautiful and i'm glad more people are realiziing that:

    Again, anyone working in the states is contributing to it's economy. by my parents working here, they're contributing to America even though they save some money to send back to my extended family.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2006
  18. TimeTraveler Immortalist Registered Senior Member

    I agree with your logic. That IS the way it works in nature.
  19. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    lowi identifies himself as African-American. Why do you twist his words? It's like you're desperately searching for reasons to "other" him. He is an American, just like you.

    Welcome to the land of the redneck bigot.
  20. trueHistory Registered Member

    tru from a real African

    well for all those here who are trying to resolve african History and are not themself african, it is obvious that a lot of missunderstanding and false statement and be make public.
    Now here an african to tell you the history of his continent....I not a native english speaker so I wish to be pardon for all my english vocabulary and grammar mistaken.
    I am a west African, which prior to Europeen conquest for colonisation in the 19th century had some of the most powerfull kingdom in the centuries earlier (i'll come back to that)... in fact for all who who don't know, ancient egypt was an african civilisation with black african and later with people caming from all over the world (greece, persia, babylonia)for commerce purpose..(some who later settle there).
    Egypt soon became a melting spot and a learning center where greek took back many expertise to their home land...
    Around 3100 BC, two kingdoms that had grown up along the Nile river were united when the ruler of Upper Egypt conquered the kingdom in Lower Egypt(which is today Dafour). Thus began what is now generally accepted as the first of at least 30 Egyptian dynasties. Ancient Egyptian dynasties are grouped into periods of stability referred to as kingdoms and periods of fragmentation and chaos referred to as intermediate periods.
    During this period, under King Amenemhet III (1818 – c. 1770 BC), Egypt began to greatly expand its trade and developed colonies.
    A series of weak rulers causes a new breakdown in centralized authority during the Second Intermediate Period (dynasties 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th.) The Hyksos from Asia took advantage of Egypt's internal conflicts. The Hyksos army used horses, chariots, body armor and new types of bronze weapons - none of which the Egyptians had. The Hyksos advanced military weaponry and the internal turmoil in Egypt allowed the Hyksos to conquer and rule Egypt for 160 years. During that period, many african fleed down south and special along the west cost.
    Sheshonq I of Libya siezes Egypt's throne in 945 BC. During this time period the Sudanese, Assyrians, Persians and then the Greeks take turns ruling Egypt.
    after the greek came the roman and were followed by the Muslim expansion of Islam who took control of egypt to today date...
    for those who argued of egypt being a white civilisation (especially white american view of african in general) which is an outrage to african history should understand that the late history of salvery has made many america think (from my view of black american low self esteem in America) that africa do not have a civilisation history......
    Europeen started trading with the west coast from africa in the 12th century which were especially base on spice, gold.... there they encounter many great empires with fierce the Ghana, the Songhai, the Sosso...but the conquest for africa was not done until the 19 century which is about 7 centuries apart with development of fire arm.
    also I have find that white in america have been brained washed. some of you should go to Europe and see the conquest that african had on europeen culture from the Moors to the Berbers....
    in america, history about Africa is that african where living in community of small village and tribes..... the true fact is that Large kingdom control areas of small tribes... and often after invasion war, the defeated fleed and install settlement deep inside africa.
    also I was shocked when I find out that during colonisation of africa, not all the truth is an expemple, the british as wage a 100 year war before defeating the ashanti kingdom on the west cost and more than 20 years before defeating other kingdom as the dahomey kingdom... most of the defeat was wage with alliance with other african tribes of kingdom or due to weakening of kindnom (internal war or economic collapse)...
    one of the great kingdom in africa was the Euthiopien Kingdom who it the only kingdom in africa not to be colonised and have stop and destroy italian colonial army in three important battle.
    what I want to show here is unlike europeen who know much more and respect african culture, racist idea in america who are trying to subject african american to inferiority project a understandable and imaginable view of our prescious history that we are So proud of...
    also I have read comment about that once black to over egypt, the egyptian empire fact if this was making sense, then the Greek, the Roman will have never please find other reason to fuel your non sense comment and not to attack african culture other wise I will feel fine to attack europeen ancient culture (don't forget that only Roman and Greek where the only civilized empire in europe and not every one in europe was greek or roman) as (Much of North, West, East africa were civilized and not all african are from the north, west, or east)
  21. trueHistory Registered Member

    the true about slavery

    also I will like for people to understand that african don't themself as race but as different tribes.....
    In america, it is told that Europeen came to africa and kidnapp african to take then into slavery....completly fasle... I will describe a little a the slave trade.
    where it happend?
    the slave trade or transatlantic slavery happened between Europe, Africa, and the America.
    what happened?

    Europeen brought to african King and ruler gun, gun powder for the armies, as well as alcohol.
    African ruler in exchange give back spices, prescious minerals and slave (during a battle the defeated army was subjected to slavery as it happend in every battle in history) also, raid was order on small tribes to capture villager and subject them as slave. Sometimes, african Ruler allow europeen with the help of african soldier to go trough raid over a specific area out of the kingdom bodary. by exporting the defeated army or raided small tribes, throug slavery trade, african ruler ensure that their kingdom land will expanse with only a pure tribal blood)....later will they know that It will be used in the future as a sign of inferiority for the slave descendant....
    slave where then sold to Americas and carrebian.
    In fact, the first europeen to settle in america are themself decendent of slave. because many people in europe at that time where given very low statu and given inhuman treatment and beaten.
  22. Count Sudoku Banned Banned

    Wrong. White people are not allowed freedom of association and allowed to live separately. They can't even have all white classes in public schools.

    Kent Fischer, Dallas Morning News, Nov. 18, 2006

    For years, it was an open secret at North Dallas’ Preston Hollow Elementary School: Even though the school was overwhelmingly Hispanic and black, white parents could get their children into all-white classes. And once placed, the students would have little interaction with the rest of the students.

    The result, a federal judge has ruled, was that principal Teresa Parker “was, in effect, operating, at taxpayer’s expense, a private school for Anglo children within a public school that was predominantly minority.”


    The judge ordered Mrs. Parker to pay $20,200 to Lucrecia Mayorga Santamaría, the lone named plaintiff, who sued on behalf of her three children.

    - snip -
  23. trueHistory Registered Member

    for those who don't know in america, there was many white who were brought as slave in africa. King of Mali had white slaves..

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