Skin Color and the Origin of Ancient Egyptians

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by q0101, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Brian Foley REFUSE - RESIST Valued Senior Member

    In other words your Afrocentrist theory on the origins of Egypt cannot be proven, thankfully with DNA and mummies we can now verify who we are looking at.

    Pale skinned Red Heads what don't speak don't Lie.
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  3. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    The Egyptians, and all the modern peoples of North Africa, spoke and speak languages that are related to the Semitic tongues. (Including Berber, Amharic and Chadic.) They are the descendants of people from southwestern Asia who recolonized North Africa after the Sahara became a desert and the African people abandoned it and migrated south.

    The Neolithic Revolution had already occurred in Mesopotamia around 9500BCE. The explorers brought Late Stone Age technology with them: knowledge of irrigation, cultivation of plants and domestication of animals. This is probably what allowed these tribes to eke out a living in such a harsh region, where the original Paleolithic tribes with their hunter-gatherer technology were unable to do so.
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  5. Dog Registered Member

    Flawed thinking

    From what I have read, we are all one color - just variations of it. Some are darker and some are lighter. The color in it of itself does not justify good or bad or anything else for that matter. It is just merely a color. The ideas we associate with a color seem to be the problem. Therefore, it is our thinking that is flawed if we see one meaning attached to a color and so forth.
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  7. BennyF Registered Senior Member

    Good post, Dog. This is similar to what I've been saying for weeks in the thread titled, "Is racism a matter of appearance?"

    My conclusion is that race itself is a myth because the differences between any two people are often different in different countries. People who live in Moscow, for their own reasons, have become sensitized to anyone who they call "Cossacks", "Tartars", "Mongols", or "Balkans", who they believe to be a separate race of people living in the Balkan geographic region.

    In parts of Africa, people often fight military battles based on their own ideas of what constitutes a racial difference between Hutus and Tutsis. When one side loses a battle, the losing fighters and their families become slaves, which is what the Romans did to the Greeks thousands of years ago.

    The "ancient Egyptians" enslaved descendants of Moses and Abraham according to the Bible, and I'm sure they had their own word for "race", which they used as a rationale for treating others as second- or even third-class citizens.

    In the 21st Century, racial distinctions will be downplayed as a factor in choosing your friends, your co-workers, your child's school, your shopping habits, and even your dating habits. In it's place, people will find that individual-, not group characteristics, are a much better way of determining how compatible you are with someone else in a variety of social-, work-, and romantic settings.
  8. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    There's a lot of controversy over that these days. The whole thing might be a big myth and the Jews in Egypt were just Gastarbeiters.
    One of the things that is happening in the 21st century is that the human population is aging dramatically. In the developed world the birth rate has fallen below replacement level as adults live into their 80s, and even in the Third World people are living longer and having fewer children. Half of the human beings who lived to be 65 are alive right now!

    The passion and risk-taking of youth will be replaced by the experience and deliberation of maturity. We'll have elders again.
  9. BennyF Registered Senior Member

    The problem you speak of has, in my humble opinion, two very different solutions.

    One solution is to encourage people to become parents, thus adding younger people to the workforce so that the older ones will have a higher income when they're not working, thanks to taxes paid by an increasing number of younger people in the workforce.

    The other solution, as I said, a very different solution, may be more "radical", but it may, in the end, be better for all. I'm speaking of the idea of doing nothing. If this "radical" idea continues, then the aging population will eventually reach mortality, largely accompanied by poverty, but in a generation or so, the fewer numbers of young people won't have to be taxed as heavily as they are, because there will be many fewer non-working older people to support.

    This second idea assumes that there won't be millions of other people crossing the border illegally (or overstaying by months or years a student visa) and putting a severe strain on our social services, including schools, welfare offices, and emergency rooms at hospitals all across the country where medical care is provided at little or no cost to those who receive it in accordance with state and federal laws.

    In case you think I'm being too cold-hearted towards the older portion of our population, I'm not. The ones who have learned some basic money management while they were young and still in the workforce themselves will be able to pay for their necessities just fine. If anyone wants to make people even more financially secure, a few legislative baby steps are in order, such as giving people the legal ability to invest the money in their own social security accounts. A few will make poor financial decisions, but the majority will vastly improve their status simply by putting the money into index funds.

    Nothing will be done about this second problem (illegal immigrants) unless politicians with a spine start ignoring possible voters on the grounds that they're not citizens.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2010
  10. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    The only reason young people are being taxed to support old people is that the shit-for-brains government lied to us when they set up Social Security. They said they were going to invest our money, more wisely and more diligently than we could be trusted to do for ourselves, so that when we retired we would simply be living off of the proceeds of our own handsome investments.

    Instead, they spent the money on wars, the nationalization of entire industries like education and charity, and primarily on paying exorbitant salaries to sixteen layers of bureaucrats who sit around all day "administering" each other. As a result, the only way they can pay our pensions is by using the money that the new members of the system are contributing. The name for this type of fraud is a "Ponzi Scheme," and it is practiced in all of the social-democracy welfare-states of the developed world.

    It was NOT supposed to be like this! This is not what anybody voted for... except the windbags in Congress.
    Illegal immigration is a red herring the Redneck Racists use to try to scare us. Net illegal immigration dropped to zero in 2008 and is now negative, as more undocumented workers leave the country than come in. Arizona, the headquarters of the Redneck Racists, LOST more than ten percent of their illegal immigrants during that time. (Washington Post, June 1)

    Since the native birth rate in all the developed countries has fallen below replacement level (in Italy the average couple has 1.3 children!), immigration is the only force propping up our social security Ponzi Schemes.

    Fortunately my wife and I collect pensions from our old jobs, plus we invested our own money wisely instead of depending on the S-for-B government to do it. So we're all right. If you want your children to live in poverty when they retire, then by all means cultivate a Southern accent and start complaining about "them Messicans."

    I'm printing up a bumper sticker that says, "Keep the Mexicans, deport the Rednecks. Better food, cooler music, hotter chicks."
    Apparently you believe that the American people are not intelligent enough to realize that Social Security was a Ponzi Scheme. Perhaps you're right, since they also didn't realize that subprime mortgages can't possibly work. But in both cases the government encouraged this stupidity. The Comptroller of the Currency, who is charged with maintaining the integrity of America's banking system, apologized for not ordering his examiners to investigate subprime mortgages a little more thoroughly.
    The shit-for-brains government created this problem, and now you are going to trust them to solve it??? Do you also hire foxes to guard your henhouse?

    Hmm, we'd better get this thread back on topic or we'll be arrested for trolling without a license. Let's see... the ancient Egyptian government was also incompetent. Although their civilization was much older than that of Rome, Greece and Arabia, they fell behind in their development and were easily made vassal states by the first two and completely obliterated by the latter. This is what happens when you allow yourself to be ruled by a government that can concisely be described as "shit for brains."

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