Skin Color and the Origin of Ancient Egyptians

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by q0101, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

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  3. Chatha big brown was screwed up Registered Senior Member

    That was obviously made up. Egypt has a meditarrenean enviroment, which means the soil should turns more red than black. Besides, I think its pretty stupid to name a land when its wet, how about naming it based on its natural color. Egypt has a natural hue of sandstone white and red. And if that soil was so black, what about the really wet regions of Savanna Africa. What made the soil of ancient Egypt more "dark" than the mangrove regions? HAHAHAH! Of cause the original Egyptians were white, they also had red hair and blue eyes.
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  5. Chatha big brown was screwed up Registered Senior Member

    I am not saying Egyptians were not white, at its hight Egypt stretched as far as Palestine. I really don't know much about Egypt, and the only reason I started my thread was to prove a point to Barox Max. Egyptians were definately fucked by all kinds of people, and they themselves fucked all kinds of people. Egypt was more than a place, it was an idea, a culture, a symbol if you will, if you lived anywhere near Egypt you were probably Egyptian. The original settlers of Egypt will never be known, I don't care if you have a double professorate in Egyptology with a minor in Egyptian Kindoms and events. That region is encircled by Sudan and Libya, and not too far off the coast is Palestine and Euro Mayan societies, in fact you can hire a donkey to do a few mile trekk to these places. Egypt was one of the few things all people did together, lets try to focus on doing that more. Moderators, you know what to do...
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  7. q0101 Registered Senior Member

    After reading all of the messages in this thread I have come to the conclusion that the Europeans and North Africans of the past did a good job of making sure that the humans beings that existed in the future would be influenced by the cultural beliefs that they created to control the way that people feel about themselves. We are living in a world where millions of Africans and Asians with darker complexions actual hate the melanin in their skin. Millions of people around the world are calling themselves black without thinking about the reasons why the word is used to describe some segments of our population. And lets not forget about the blond haired, bleu eyed Aryans that are suffering from delusions of grandeur. Whenever I read the messages of the racists and the so-called black people on this website I usually feel sad and amused at the same time.

    By the way, did anyone read the message that was posted by Shutupandlisten. This black and white Egyptian debate should have ended along time ago, but I suppose that there are people here that just can’t believe that the puny brains of the monkey people… oh sorry “black people” would actually be capable of performing the tasks that are required to create a great civilization.

    I said it before and I will say it again. The only people in the world that should be called white are albinos and a few Caucasians. And the only people the world that should be called black are a few Africans, Asians, and Australian aborigines with extremely dark complexions. However, if you looked closely at the skin of these individuals you would see that it is dark brown. There are no real black people in the world. The words “black” and “white” is more about good and evil than it is about the amount of melanin in a person’s skin. Black is just a word that was used to insult people with dark complexions in the past.
  8. Ganymede Valued Senior Member

    Interesting point. A few years ago P.B.S did special about this very subject. They sent a Black Harvard Professor to Africa to speak with the locals about their racial idenitities. And to his suprise, most Black Africans say that they're "Arab". In Africa, Blacks have a stigma of being the slave class. And if you're a descendant of a slave class, then you're on the lower half of the social caste system. And the funny thing was these so called Arabs looked no more Arab then Mike Tyson, but they insisted that they were.
  9. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    I hear that this is what the Arab militia in Sudan means, blacks who call themselves Arab.
  10. valich Registered Senior Member

  11. sonofisis Registered Member

    With out a shadow of doubt, the Ancient Egyptians were a multi-cultural society, but the majority of its inhabitants were anywhere from Reddish-Brown(like a lot of modern day Somalians) to Jet black.. Western scholars have to look no further than the description given by their father of history himself, the famous Greek historian Herotodus!

    Directly from the horses mouth: Herodotus trying to explain the relationship between the Ancient Colchians and Egyptians.

    "For the Colchians manifestly are Egyptians and I speak having myself perceived it before I heard it from others. And, when it had come to my attention, I asked both groups and the Colchians remembered the Egyptians more than the Egyptians the Colchians. But the Egyptians asserted they considered the Colchians to be descended from Sesostris’ host. I myself guessed it not only because of this, that they are black-skinned and woolly-haired, (which certainly amounts to but little, since several other nations are so too) but even more because of this fact, that the Colchians, the Egyptians, and the Ethiopians are the only ones of all human beings to have circumcised themselves their pudenda from the beginning." - Herotodus

    ^Also the Ethiopians referred to the Egyptians as a former colony, led out of Ethiopia through the direction of Osiris.

    Also, Egypt(Mizraim) was considered in the Bible to be of Ham.. Ham bore 4 nations/Sons: Cush(Kush-Nubia), (Canaan, Phoenicians), Phut(Punt-Ancient Somolia and Ethiopia), and Egypt! Ham is undeniably African, Mormons even used "the curse of Ham" to justify racism against blacks.. The Semites were descendants of Shem, Europeans came from Japheth..

    DNA is also very mis-leading in determining race.. The only thing that one can do is pin point certain mutations in DNA, very minor differences.. Seeing as how Africa has the most diversity on the planet, I don't see how one can fit any African into a particular racial category. Africans have always had a variety of features, including the "so-called" European features. Africa is a huge continent with various environments to adapt to. If I were dug up 2,000 years from now I'd most definitely be considered Caucasoid under today's superficial definition of race. Also, thanx to Dr.Cheikh Anta Diop, we have definitive proof that Egyptians were black skinned. He created the melanin dosage test and used it on mummies to determine that indeed, the Egyptians were of a dark skinned race. Ironically, the U.S forensic department adopted this practice to determine the race of burn victims, lol..

    The biggest shred of evidence that eurocentrics have in the theory that even some Egyptians were Caucasoid is finding 1 or 2 mummies with reddish hair. Yet even with this, Ramses II is theorized to be of Lybian origin, if not, there's still evidence of admixture near the Nile Delta in Lower Egypt.. The Upper Egyptians remain dark-complexioned and posses indigenous African features up until today!

    Also check this video out.. Very good at debunking some of the myths from Western Society concerning Egypt!

    ^copy n paste

    Think about this.. With today's critical analysis of race and its classifications aside, ask your self this.. If an Ancient Egyptian lived in America in the 1950's and 60's and needed a ride home, would he have to sit at the back of the bus, or at the front?

    I rest my case!
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2007
  12. TimeTraveler Immortalist Registered Senior Member

    Thats because black is not a race. There was no such thing as black in Africa until Europeans brought the concept to Africa. The fighting in sudan makes perfect sense from a tribal perspective.

    Tribes of Europeans have been fighting before too, it's nothing new.
  13. Heathen531 Registered Member

    I had this explanation saved from another BBS awhile back and I thought I would just ad this in:

    "The Bible calls Egypt the land of Khawm, and remember one of the meanings of Khawm is black, so The Bible is calling Egypt "The Land of Black" which is what Khemet means. Egypt is called the land of Khawm because the Egyptians were descendants of Noah's son Khawm. This is more than likely the reason they called themselves Khemet. The Bible supports the fact that the Egyptians were a black-skinned people."

    "Ham (Khawm) in Hebrew means BLACK, HOT AND BURNT?"

    "There are 17 verses in the Bible in which the word/name "Ham" appears. In 16 of them, the definition is as follows:

    HAM comes from the Hebrew word, "CHAM" which means: hot, warm; a son of Noah; it is derived from the word, "chamam" which means: to be hot (literally or figuratively); enflame self; get (have) heat; to be (wax) hot or warm.

    There is NOTHING stating that it means "black" or "burnt". You can be "hot" without being either black or burnt. One is not indicative of the other.


    Genesis 14:5 is the only verse out of the 17 in which "Ham" comes from a different root word. In this instance, "Ham" comes from the Hebrew word, "HAWM" which is simply listed as "a region in Palestine."

    Again, no mention of black or burnt. KHAWM is NOT the word used in either instance. Khawm may (still have found no proof of that) mean burnt and black, but Khawm does NOT appear in the Bible, nor does it appear in the concordance."
  14. Heathen531 Registered Member

    {explanation 2nd part}
    Additionally, The word "Egypt" appears in the Bible NUMEROUS times. In most instances it comes from the Hebrew word, "Mitsrayim" which refers to Upper and Lower Egypt. It is derived from the word, "matsowr" which means: a limit; Egypt (as the border of Palestine); besieged places; defence; fortified; something hemming; a mound; a siege; distress.

    The other instances, in the Greek, come from the word "Aiguptos" which means "land of the Nile."


    Main Entry: Egypt
    Pronunciation: 'E-jipt
    Variant(s): or Arabic Misr /'misr&/
    Function: geographical name
    country NE Africa bordering on Mediterranean & Red seas capital Cairo area 386,900 square miles


    Again - no mention of "black" or "burnt" anywhere.
  15. TimePlotter Registered Member

    All people do not denote white vs black or vice versa and do not concentrate on white and black in general the only importance is religion and then nationality. America is not so fortunate to be able to avoid immigrants into her borders and likely not to appreciate illegal entries. Nations that have the same ideology have a better chance at management of their government. Is race or racism the majority rule organization, like Civil Rights, how many hundreds of years will it continue and the like, and is it so important that a man that succeeds is black rather than being white? What about the nationality, is it so important that Americans have succeeded in space while only a few Israeli have and none of the Islamic peoples? :bugeye:

    Face of Tutankhamun Reconstructed
    Location: []

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Brown or Reddish-Brown either denotes the color of modeling clay not to confuse & disalluse anyone on skin color or the color of the nationals of Egypt. Black and white is a informal classification, there is not a nation that denotes itself in a full category of being either. This is reserved to religious character and to nationality within a nation. White people have ruled in Africa as well as Black people, theres a trend that augments this with regards to beliefs and objectives. Where a Black could fail to complete the objective a White might have more capability and become a leader as a result, so it matters crutially only in that regards. Where a colonization of peoples of earth are present this day is more likely a defined larger area than it will be in the future, the earth changed over the years and with some critic analysis parts of the earth were not even used for their terrains were not as suitable while some terrains were capitalized on to obtaion materials to construct with leaving the terrain a uninhabitable disaster. I believe the earth shift from a complete solid mass with small amounts of salt water changed the directives amongst the smarter generation of immigrants in so much as Egypt could have grown into a grander nation, the generation before Egyptians would have brought knowledge of terrain and abundant food resources, how else could Egyptians have developed from a ancient generation before that, if not some creatures that reinhabited space before the Egyptians and they denote this as wall paintings. Again color in wall paintings were not accurate, animals shared at most part the same colors as people if any at all. This could be a clue that creature inhabitantation had a greater objective once and perhaps more intelligence than they do now as numbers of them grew to over populate areas and numbers of them became extinct.

    Hamanity includes all race, color, national origins, and creeds; theres no difference in classes. Humanity chose to look for extraterrestrials and nothing of the order of being white or black entered into the seeking objective. How would you rate your intelligence? Are they white or black or just anything goes in your description is OK. Could there be a higher form of cellular infrastructures that can reconstruct themselves at random, what are we looking for a white and black messiah or prophet from another planet or solar system to show us what we do not know or to show us how wrong we are to classify intelligence as white or black?
  16. Kumar Registered Senior Member

    Constitution, makeup, complexion and temperament of a person can be inter-realted or inter-dependant and these might had been effected by environment prevailed in any region. Effect of any environment of blood flow and its impact on complexion, constitution etc. can be related. Hot and cold atmosphere may cause variation in blood flow..vasodilation and vasoconstriction alike thermoregulation in body which may cause changes in complexion and temperament. Differenciating complexion and temperaments may cause differenciating behaviours resuting in to differences.

    I am not sure about moisture effect on complexion and temperaments. Pls tell.
  17. myth-buster Registered Member

    No blond / Blue Africans/Asians

    If you want to examine a people, it must be the population that existed before their gene pool is polluted by outsiders

    Blond Egyptians?
    Today there are blonds every where after the European pollution but if you want to know what original people were, you must examine their remains before cross breeding
    Blond / Blue eye Jews.. tee hee, they have no connection to the Asian/African races that all Israelites were composed of.

    I have responded to every "blond" hair Egyptian mummy I have ever seen and asked the 'experts' the questions they can not.. will not respond to

    Look at the native Americans in the earliest pictures between 1850 and 1900
    "Whites" western Europeans are a unique race, different than all others on earth

    When you go into a tomb don't pick a mummy or painting that might be 'white'.. place every image side by side.. and look at 200-500 mummies

    Also watch actual forensic science shows where they found the bradid scalp of a blond hair woman they could not identify.. later they figured it out, that hair is bleached out when it comes in contact with specific elements..
    Better yet go to the FBI web page I can not post the link here and know that much more than color, at 70,000 magnification.. the structure of Asian/African hair is different than western Europeans

    One of the funnies I love is the two golden hair mummies they like to use for the blond caper... then I like to show them in life they were painted with black hair.
    What kind of chemicals did they pump into their skulls?

    Blond hair is more than a visual appearence at first glance, it is an examination with chemicals and the microscope
  18. Eidolan Registered Senior Member

    Racism is a cultural phenomenon, not a biological one.
  19. Brian Foley REFUSE - RESIST Valued Senior Member

    They wernt apparently they mostly were pale skinned red heads.
    And like this worker.
    An excellent blow struck at the Afrocentrists.
  20. Jan Ardena Valued Senior Member

    It could be that Adam and Eve (biblical) were the first white people, and were
    instructed not to mix with other races, but as Eve decided to partake of the forbidden fruit, mixing was inevitable.
    Maybe some whites believe they are God's chosen people to rule over all others.

  21. Enmos Valued Senior Member

    What on Earth do you base this on? And do you believe it yourself?
  22. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    I don't think this part of the post needs to be addressed:
    But this part is surely true:
    The problem with all notions of "whiteness" (as I'm sure I pointed out last year before this thread was resurrected from the dead) is that skin pigmentation is one of the most ephemeral human characteristics. It can change completely in just a hundred generations!

    The Bengalis are just as "Caucasian" as the Latvians, and in fact are more closely related to them than the western Europeans are.

    I assume that some biblical "scholar" has pinpointed the location of the Garden of Eden to some place in Babylonia. This would make Adam and Eve Semitic, a "race" that most "white" people did not consider "white" until rather recently--if at all.
  23. Genesis Registered Member

    You are Collateral Damage

    I have read the threads from 1-10 what I witness how thoroughly some have been trained and demonized. Some whites will go to the grave misinformed and blinded. They will never see the truth and because of their conditioning have no desire for the truth. Has anyone noticed the reactions and rationalizing going on? It is not hard to figure out the cause. The Africans including the people of Kmt (Egypt) believe that when a person dies his karma is set or caste. The Ancient Kemetic (Egyptians) says what escapes you in life will escape you in death. You will not have the chance to rationalize in death, you are free to choose. Free to refuse to see what is in front of you, you are free to trick your self, to deceive your self, and hide your self from you, to get lost, to self destruct, you freely excepted what made you feel superior, you joined into an agreement that is self perpetuating inside of you, I can see from here it is eating you up. You are blind, deaf, and proved to the intelligent word that you are dumb. They say you will lose your ability to reverse the damages once you pass a certain point of self delusion. In modern terms it is called psychosis. You are lost to yourself. The Ancient Kemet (Egypt) People know about these things and left a message. They said you tell stories to try to make your self seem more ancient than you really are. . But you don’t know them. Your focus is on the Color of their skin and while it is dark in color it’s blinding you. Do you see them with their family the love they have for, there children, and wives, and the children loved their father and mothers, it was not about, death, it was about life Ba and Ka. is life. They built the moments through public works. The people working on the moments ate the best meat, the best wheat, the best drink, and housing. They had nappy hair and wore wig and extensions, and every shade of brown was there skin this is natural. .. Their world is not how you imagined it. You are subjecting your ideas onto them. How does it make you feel when that part of your mind that you have left gives you a peek into reality? Does it scare you that much? Boo what are you afraid of? The thought that you are even a little bit intelligent is part of your delusion. None of this is even your idea that is the sad part because you don’t even exist. Your mind is the playground of the puppet master Pinocchio. The night of the living dead. Truth is stranger than Science Fiction... Your words are smoke and mirrors. You have squandered your potential to become human for a few good feeling of hormones that are released when you feel superior. Good luck with that. Your new purpose in life is to be recognized by the intelligent life as what to avoid. You are a lesson to the rest of us. You are the chaos they worn us about. A lesson to be learned.
    But I don’t think you are interested in what the Ancient were about, you want to be in the picture like the Greeks, Romans, and Arabs did and do. You are something less than human less than animal you are unique in this regards. a living dead thing, with a contagious disease and everything you touch becomes corrupt. The antidote (the truth will set you free). If you get over your illness the world would be a better place. Your ignorance is yours to own It is your identification. And you will not be able to hold anyone else reasonable for it. You are a disrespectful dollop. In the cosmic scam of things you are nothing but a good example of what not to be. You know who you are.
    The forensics evidence on hair analysis, DNA, Linguist, geologist anthropologist observation. Read Massey, David Basel, Budge, Finch, Diop and the tens of other white professionals telling the truth. Dr Hawass, National Geographic’s the Catholic Church have their own agenda they are the puppet masters. The leaders and citizens of Ancient Kmt the ones that built the pyramids and revealed the known Gods Maat for Justice, came from the minds of black leaders Djehuti reading, writing , wisdom and rituals The Legends are Ancient, African in Origin, Describing Natural and Cosmological Phenomenons Represented by Humans and Totems all from the mind of the black peoples up until the constant invasions finely won and most of the known world have been in the dark ages ever sense. Don’t be fooled by technology or machines they have nothing to do with you being a human. I hope you wake up or that I could help you but you but the likes of you have sh&$ed up the world and I thank you have been wasted. You know who you are, everyone else knows.

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