Sistani (highest Shi'a authority in Iraq) says that chess is absolutely forbidden

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by otheadp, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. otheadp Banned Banned


    what's wrong with chess?

    also, check the rest of the Q&A
    there is lots of useful information such as about anal and oral sex, masturbation, and other interesting shiz

    did you know that Sistani is a scientific genius?

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  3. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    wow, fascinating.

    Chess is not allowed, and you can't be friends with a girl!
    A "Temporary" marriage will let you fool around, though, strange.
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  5. otheadp Banned Banned

    yeah.. those strange customs are not surprising.. but chess... CHESS!!
    what the hell is so non-Islamic about chess???
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  7. fadeaway humper that way lies madness Registered Senior Member

    Ha! I always KNEW there was something seriously wrong with chess!
    The devil's work, I tell you!
  8. OliverJ Banned Banned

    You think thats bad. wait till the "THONG" comes to an oasis near you!!! They are really gonna freak out then......... THE HUMANITY !!!!!!! OHHHHHHH THE HUMANITY!!!
  9. SnakeLord Valued Senior Member

    Well think about it for a moment...

    Doesn't chess require intelligence and logical thinking? No wonder it's banned.
  10. everneo Re-searcher Registered Senior Member

    How can they play with knights and bishops ? protect kings with crosses atop ?
  11. otheadp Banned Banned

    oh... because of the Christian Crusade references... do you think that's the reason?
    what's the big deal.. change the figurines into something without a cross
  12. Leo Volont Registered Senior Member

    Chess is a game of skill. Those who win at chess can be proud of their abilities. This is not in keeping with humility. They prefer games of pure chance where Allah can more easily pick the winners.

    That was the Religious explanation.

    However, I think the answer is more cultural. Ever since the Mongols and the Turks had swept away the Golden Age of Islam, the Muslims have been under the cultural domination of those who are still culturally not much better than brutes and thugs. They can understand games of chance or contests of martial prowess, but they would rather outlaw any game that they know they couldn't possibly ever win. It is like Pygmies outlawing Basketball. The Stupid Mullahs put chess off limits because they are intimidated by it.
  13. otheadp Banned Banned

    shame on you otheadp!

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    yeah i know.. the shame is overwhelming... i don't know what to do with myself!!!

    well sorry for asking a question! i know, questioning does not go well with fundies.

    Chess is a game of skill. Those who win at chess can be proud of their abilities. This is not in keeping with humility. They prefer games of pure chance where Allah can more easily pick the winners.
    is this the true reason? what about soccer? it's a game of skill too and it's very popular even among fundies
  14. Leo Volont Registered Senior Member

    Chess requires a Mental Skill. Soccor requires athletic ability. Athletic ability seems more like a gift of God -- running and jumping about seems to come naturally and those who are better at it are seen as simply more favored by God. But thinking and scheming and planning -- the things that go into Chess -- seem to challenge the very things that God is supposed to do in His administration of Destiny. Muslims believe all things are already Written -- that all is Pre-ordained. Chess contests flout that.

    Also, losing can be embarrassing. The old men can say they are too old to play soccor, but how can they say they are too old to play chess? The only way they can save themselves from humiliation is to outlaw the game. It all amounts to a silly abuse of power in order to save their vanity.

    Honestly, Islam needs to look at its failures of Culture compared to all other civilizations and then maybe instead of blowing up other people, they will finally do the right thing, and blow up themselves.
  15. uzi Banned Banned

    The Islamic world was once the centre of civilisation and intelligence and at the same time the west was in the "dark ages" or "medevil times". i am a history teacher so i could go into quite detail about this so if you want to know more then ask. You would not believe the stupid and absolute barbaric, crazy, messed up things these Europeans were doing and how darn right stupid these people were while at the same time the Islamic world was at an amazing level of sophistication in their civilisation. In a lot of ways their ethics, morality, justice at their peak age were even better then that of Western countries like America, UK etc.

    it so just happens that at this current time the Islamic world is not weak and unsophisticated just like Europe was in the dark ages. it will take time but the Islamic world will pull itself out of this and the centre of power (which is now in the west) will change. Maybe in a century it will be Eastern Europe, Africa or Asia that is powerful and the west will be stupid.

    Like I was saying I’m a history teacher so you want any more info on anything then ask me.
  16. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    I guess they should next outlaw businesses. Don't have people running markets because of all of the above involved with it.

    Oh, and if everything in life is already pre-ordained then what's the problem playing Chess? If you win, Allah wanted it to be. If you lost, Allah wanted it to be.

    - N
  17. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    This might have been a moderately interesting topic in the Religion forum. However, given the way the thread has progressed, I have moved it to the location where it seems to sit most comfortably.
  18. Preacher_X Registered Senior Member

    i have never heard about this chess thing and i think it is all bullshit. firstly, the guy has not given any source to back up his claim and since he is a schoilar that probably means it his own personal belief. also a further evidence that thiese views are his personal ones and not Islam because - he says anal sex is mukroo when in fact it is haraam in islamic sources anmd he said masturbating is completely forbiden when infact it is allowed if the person thinks he cannot control him or herself and may commit adultery (but some of the Prophets (saw) companions think it is always allowed). also he thinks temporray marrages are allowed when infact they are not.

    so like i said most likely this guys personal opinion and no source is given. anyway, ill study this a bit and see.

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