Singularity at the black hole and big bang???

Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by Gravitywaves, Oct 10, 1999.

  1. Gravitywaves Registered Member

    Hi I'm a new fellow here

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    with one question to ask.

    Is there anyone care to explain me the different of the singularity at black hole and big bang? My guess is they'd be totally different cause singularity at the big bang is the Universe itself. But singularity at the black hole is just one tiny spacetime in the Universe.

    Mathematical explanation would be very appreciated (I have some basic knowledge in GR).
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  3. Rock Registered Member

    The singularity within a blackhole is identical (in some respects) to any other singularity, including the initial event. The fundamental ways in which they differ are mass, rotation and electrical charge. One cannot judge, from outside the event horizon, what went into making the black hole, whether matter, antimatter, or what have you. Consequential proeprties of any black hole include temperature, evaporation time, etc.

    The initial event and singularities are both hotly contested at present. Alan Guth has it that the singularity is a bridge to an orthogonal set of dimensions wherein the physical properties presumably are at variance to ours (read as: a very different universe is born from every blackhole); this leads to pushing back the initial event to an undefined number of parent universe's big bangs in the past.

    String theory would have us come from an eternal cosmic egg which fell out of balance after which the 10 or 11 involved dimensions (and the physical constants) went through a phase transition leaving us with several collapsed dimensions and many 1-dimensional strings.

    Essentially, though, there appears to be no difference between our origin and any given black hole other than that they are time reversed.


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