Simple method to transmit thoughts that always works.

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by kwhilborn, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    One more, QQ - your;

    The potential of the human form is considerably more than most would dare to admit

    Is a statement that I would agree with you the most, out of all the things you and I have said!
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  3. IncogNegro Banned Banned

    I'm thinking about you all right now at 1:30 hope your asleep cause I'm touching myself..... in the foot.:shy:
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  5. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Whilst I have not done a lot of research I am not convinced that he was a "Devout Catholic",. There a a number of reasons that have spurred on this skepticism.

    The main one is that I have seen no mention of the primary icon of the Christian Church, that being any reference to Jesus Christ. Savior, Redeemer, Messiah etc.
    There has been reference to Mary however Gnostic s and even Muslim faiths will refer to her. His preoccupation with asceticism, the allure of the feminine principle, and his distinct lack of any direct or indirect reference to the "Church" is very suggestive that he had a mixed belief system that included a lot of Eastern philosophy/theosophy. Which is typical of those who were devotees of Theosophical Society type inclinations.
    However this disclaimer,. My research is far from thorough.

    He starts his Vision with:
    "Secret is the garden" which to me is direct reference to the secret inner world of hidden desires. As a very troubled man caught up in what the Yogi's would refer to as a "Rude spiritual awakening" where the Kundalini or the serpent power has started to awaken with him.

    It is often thought that:

    Kundalini awakening typically occur as a natural and normal part of going through puberty, however if the natural process is messed up with over indulgence, molestations, or assaults the awakening offered during this time can be disastrous to the persons future mental health.

    So his preoccupation with the "allure of the feminine principle" and subsequent debilitation may be possibly attributed to the "rude awakening" he may have experienced going through puberty or shortly thereafter.
    That "rude awakening" for males, typically includes an "epiphany" that creates the experience of interconnectedness, and once that is experienced [especially if that experience includes a woman] there is no going back. Pandora can not be put back in her box so to speak and the person is trapped with a truth that he can not cope with. [typically]

    As an aside:
    the term Luthany for a place may possibly be a reference to the notion of reformation or improvement.

    Luther is a German word/name that was that was part of the Catholic reformation movement of the Lutherian Church.

    Luthany may be a land where the "light of God" found in the tract of Elanore

    Now if I am not mistaken the Mon aches of of England post 1453 were the Heads of the Anglican/Protestant Church, the Church of England which was primarily about reformation.

    So the word Luthany may have been reference to what the Catholics termed "reformists" "protestants".
    In fact the more I think on it the more I feel this may be the case.

    As indeed at the time (1900's?) there was severe conflict between Catholics and Protestants "Luthers" in Great Britain and Ireland. Thus the land of Luth(er)any could have been as Tolkien implied [a Mythical England]
    Remembering that Queen Victoria, known for her strict morality etc was of the House of Hanover [ German Royal Dynasty ] ruled at the time and would have had strong Lutheran connections and sympathies.
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  7. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    the coiled serpent "kundalini" is often thought of as being the "potential" and in this context could be considered as the "Potential of the human form" when awakened "rudely" leads to the rapid and in most cases ungoverned evolution of that form. [NPD, Schizophrenia, IMO]
  8. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    Hmmm .. I've perused it further and am now firmer of the belief that he did have a Marian obsession in The Mistress Of Vision.

    Also, he does mention Christ - inter alia, his 'Asumpta Maria' is all about the birth of Christ from the virgin Mary.

    Where is laid the Lord arisen?
    In the light we walk in gloom;
    Though the sun has burst his prison,
    We know not his biding-room.
    Tell us where the Lord sojourneth,
    For we find an empty tomb.
    'Whence He sprung, there He returneth,
    Mystic Sun,--the Virgin's Womb.'
    Hidden Sun, His beams so near us,
    Cloud enpillared as He was
    From of old, there He, Ischyros,
    Waits our search, Athanatos.
  9. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    I'll stick with Wordsworth;

    There I beheld the emblem of a mind 70
    That feeds upon infinity ..
  10. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    Feel free to touch yourself as you please.
  11. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    far enough... I guess we shall never really know...interesting thoughts though all the same... thanks
    I wonder though how one could distinguish whether or not he was a Protestant or a Catholic in his writings?
    any ideas?
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  12. darksidZz Valued Senior Member

    Someone PM me if this experiment worked. Anyways I can't read this whole thread it's to big
  13. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    Indeed. He certainly had a Marian obsession. I think in Christianity only the Catholics and the Orthodox are into Marianism (the Catholics more so). Are Protestants ? I don't know - I don't thinks so. Whatever. An interesting guy nonetheless. And thank you for your interesting input.
  14. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    You know, QQ (just to set the record straight) you weren't half wrong in your assessment that his bi polar, a druggie, etc. I just wikkied him (should have done it earlier) and saw ..

    .. he became addicted to opium, which he first had taken as medicine for ill health. Thompson started living on the streets of Charing Cross and sleeping by the River Thames, with the homeless and other addicts. He was turned down from Oxford University, not because he was unqualified, but because of his drug addiction. He would pick up newspapers and send letters to the editor. The editors would reply saying that there is a genius greater than Milton among us. Thompson left no return address, however, so the newspaper could not contact him.
    Thompson lived a life of destitution until 1888 ..

    Not that it matters much to this thread, but there it is.
  15. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    yeah well I failed to see the reference to "The lord that is missing" in the poem "Asumpta Maria" and I wonder seriously if he was rebelling against his father who had "converted" [ "read betrayed the Luthers" ] to Roman Catholicism. [Gotta remember the Catholics and the Protestants where at each others throats during this time.] [the Irish situation for example]
    and I thank you for persisting.

    He also lived with and "off" a prostitute for many years and this tends to offer a contra to the "Catholic" claim. [According to the wiki.]

    Regarding this threads op...
    I think we can surmise by saying that there at at least 3 camps.

    1] that of the op - provable and testable telepathic communications [of an incredibly unethical nature]
    2] That it is total nonsense
    3] That it is valid but untestable, according to the scientific method, due to the inherent nature of unpredictability, non-repeatability and general indeterminability.

    I feel there is more than enough reason to believe that all is interconnected. I also believe there is more than enough evidential testimony from some many millions/billions of people that lends to the claim of telepathic communications being not only possible but common place and in most cases quite incredibly mundane and incidental.
    I repeat that I do not believe that this sort of test should be published nor encouraged due to the serious mental/physical health possibilities for the unwitting target victim.
    I personally have suffered from serious dream intrusions and fortunately have built/trained appropriate reflexes to avoid them so I have no doubt about it's veracity. However I also know that from a scientific method point of view it is futile to make claims that science may be able to support when by it's very nature it is unpredictable and unrepeatable when employed in a deliberate and conscious manner.

    And most importantly, due to the unethical nature of having to perpetrate the act against a person who has to be ignorant of that intrusion any evidence that may be available becomes useless and non - admissible.
    From what I understand most wicca, secret societies etc that employ the "law off attraction" remain secret due to the need for their targets to remain ignorant of their machinations. These acts IMO fuel the world wide conspiracy theorists paranoia and leads to the plethora of persons making wild claims about such secret organizations accusing them of having aspirations to world domination using "mind control" techniques etc etc..

    Mainly because these predominantly male orientated secret organizations including some sections/aspects of the Catholic Ministries, do indeed attempt to influence "the ignorant" using mind controlling techniques and have been doing so for ages. [with limited success] [unsupportable opinion]
  16. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    I would agree with the third above (as you seem to) with the only difference being that I would insert the word 'possibly' or even 'probably' between 'is' and 'valid'.

    Well, even if one subscribes to the Big Bang theory (which I'm suspicious of) one would have to accept the proposition that at one point we were all .. emm, one. In any case, yes, the interconnectedness of all things can't be lightly dismissed.

    We differ in the view that psychic phenomena (in the terms I have elaborated earlier) is common. I think in the main it is acute human perception - conscious or unconscious.

    I agree that exerting psychic influence on an unwilling or unwitting target is no good thing at all.

    Are you saying it was deliberate and by another person ? Many people would have suffered similar, and depending on their state of mind would have believed it was from another person, whilst it may have just been their own creation. I can't speak for you though, and wouldn't presume to.


    Definitley agree.

    It intrigues me how people of the psychic persuasion (not referring to you) often scream mind control using psychic means by some hegemony or other, and fail to realise that there is absolutely no need for such a thing - if it were indeed possible.

    Mind control is alive and raging - in the form of TV, movie themes, massive and saturation advertising, behaviour of stars to be emulated, political propaganda, social control by ridiculous political correctedness rules, mass medication ..

    Peoples minds are so controlled .. so manipulated by these means today, that I personally feel humanity is devolving in this sense.
  17. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    On thinking about dreams and dreaming.

    1] Science has very little idea about the nature of dreams.
    2] Dreams invariably include objects and people that may or may not have been witnessed before.
    3] Dreams come in many different forms and appear to be motivated in different ways.
    4] Dreams are typically beyond the individuals conscious ability to imagine.
    5] There is no reason to believe that dreams are exclusively existential. In fact there are many reasons to believe that dreams and dreaming are a "collective" experience. As often claimed by Australian Indigenous and other indigenous races.
    6] Most dreams are not remembered. Or even realised as occurring.

    If you think about any typical dream it can not be ignored that you may be only one participant in a situation of many participants all of which would be impossible to "imagine" in an instant of time when conscious and that the dream is "supplied" and no effort on the dreamers part is required in it's creation.

    and that is indeed a very reasonable thing for you to do. However from my perspective I would be lying if I declared doubt about the issue as I live it every day and have done so, consciously, for over 20 years. The problem is in the learning to understand what exactly it is that is being experienced and in what context. Keeping in mind that the amount of information out there in the universe is infinite, it is not hard to imagine getting utterly lost in an impossible labyrinth created by your own fears, desires, needs and wants.
    Therefore learning to reign in the ego and temper desires and most importantly master your fear are the primary goals when trying to turn "scrambled egg" in to an omelet.

    Good point!
    btw one of the greatest influences would have to be the video game market using 3 dimensional stereoscopic imagery of certain textures and colors and subliminal messaging...etc.
    It's just that some people/secret organizations feel there more is to be gained by using more surreptitious means.
    Last edited: May 31, 2013
  18. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    as an example:

    This brings up situation that was referred to as the Philadelphia Experiment. Declared a hoax by the US Government. Yet when looking at the "creativity " and imaginings of the people at the time 1943 [ no TV sets, B&W films, pre-nuclear era ] If you look at the popular writings of various fictions genres etc you get the distinct impression that the ability for people to "imagine" the Philadelphia Experiment would have been virtually impossible.

    Overall it appears to me that the Hoax may not have been capable of being perpetrated [where truth is stranger than fiction so to speak]

    To imagine sailors bodies being partially "integrated" corporeally with the ships steel structure is almost impossible to do today let alone back in 1943. So if it was a hoax it would have to be one of the most amazing hoaxes recorded. IMO
  19. Lakon Valued Senior Member


    Very true. I sometimes experience dreams or at least hypnagogic images when having a nap in the afternoon (just between wake and sleep - there's Francis Thompson again .. 'learn to wake when thou doest sleep, learn to sleep when thou doest wake' .. ) that are quite unexplainable by previous experience alone.

    Yes - most of them though, it has to be admitted, are a conflation, confection, extrapolation, etc, of recent events one has eperienced or thought of, or tensions in ones life. But some others ..

    Not typically IMO - though occassionally I am left amazed and .. 'where did THAT come from' ?

    Though IMO, most are existential. But there does come a time, particularly in circumstances mentioned above, where it is though one has plugged into a stream of knowledge or events quite outside of ones self. And I say this with the caveat that I am my own most severe critic and guard against infering the fantascic.

    Yes - though if one makes an interest out of it, one can remember by quickly writing down what was on ones mind upon waking. Once that is reviewed, it tends to bring forth much more of what was dreamt.

    The mind is a fascinating thing. Very deep. You may think you are only a participant but it may in fact be intense, subconscious cogitation of things already in it. Then again, see above.

    I have a good euphemism for this - 'people who follow invisible tracks can get run over by invisible trains'.

    Agree entirely. Another is the subtle (or not so subtle) messages and themes and behaviour people see in popular movies or TV series and subsequently try to emulate. In sum, people's behaviour and beliefs are controlled in these ways far more than they can imagine IMO.

    What secret organisations ? Do you really think there are organisations out there that try to exert psychic influence on the masses ? That I believe, is somewhat far fetched - my reason for such belief being as stated above.

    Can you elaborate on such organisation, their methods, and their supposed aims ?
  20. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    It is really quite pointless - futile even, to try to unravel the truth in events such as this. If you keep reading all the way through the wiki page you linked, you will see many explanations, including mundane ones. You could waste a day, a year, a lifetime trying to work this out and see where the truth lies.

    There's a phrase I've coined - its the 'conspiracy conspiracy'. Where to hide the truth ? In plain sight. Enmesh all enquirers in a quagmire of competing theories - from the seemingly factual, to the sublime, to the ridiculous. And if the truth happens to be the mundane one, such as the official line, even then the conspracy theorists will make a dogs breakfast of it. I think the establishment, rather than detest this, secretly revels in it, knowing that any truth that a few might chance upon is lost in the cacophony.

    Nicolo Machiavelli would have been proud of today !
  21. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    I accept your skepticism with out a problem. However I wonder how your words relate properly to the idea. The fact that media manipulation, political, and social etc etc are present does not in any way diminish the possibility of "secret organisations" adding to the pot of influences.
    In other words the ration-al I see here is that you believe that because society is inundated with manipulative influences the notion of secret groups of people applying deliberate and orchestrated psychic influence as being far fetched.


    Am I correct in my interpretation of the rational you have used.

    I just wish to check that I am on the ball and not too much in lah lah land
  22. Lakon Valued Senior Member

    Yes, that's basically what I'm saying. That manipulation of the public mind by media in virtually every aspect is so ubiquitous, so complete and so effective, that it would be uneccessary for any 'secret organisation' to resort to psychic (as in paranormal) infuence (assuming that such psychic paranormal influence was possible - and I haven't accepted that it is).
  23. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    One person's imagination is all it takes... and in the case of the Philadelphia Experiment that seems to be all it was.
    From what I understand there was a single record of a story, some 10+ years after the event, by someone who suffered from psychiatric illnesses, who embellished upon someone else's story that was trying to find evidence of UFOs.
    Everything since that point appears to be just retelling and embellishment... a case of rumour and heresay.
    There was no evidence of anyone being "integrated" with steel... just one person's account.

    If you think that it would be virtually impossible for people to "imagine" it, and it is upon this that you seem to base the strength of your belief in actuality of the "hoax", then Occam's razor would suggest that it is your assumption that is in error rather than the reality of the Experiment. Which is more likely: defiance of currently known laws of physics... or your assumption that it would be virtually impossible to make it up?

    Bear in mind:
    Frankenstein (or The Modern Prometheus) was written in 1818.
    The Invisible Man in 1897
    The Time Machine in 1895

    People have never been devoid of imagination.

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