Simple Line of Questioning about the Mentally Ill

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Tnerb, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Yensen Registered Member

    None of us are perfect, therefore there's something flawed about all of our thinking. There is a point where it becomes a problem for society, and a point where it becomes a problem for the individual, and these points rarely coincide I think, except when there's been a sucessful effort made to make them. I'm not sure these deeper flaws should be medicalized, let alone medicated. Perhaps they're more of a philosophical problem. Yes, we can observe the brain now, see that it behaves abnormally, but can we see what makes it do so? Can we know that anything we are seeing is a cause and not a effect? There's a quote from somewhere which seems relevant, along the lines that if our brains were simple enough for us to understand, we wouldn't be bright enough to understand them. And of course there is a distinction between high intelligence gone haywire, and the inability to achieve a high level of thought in the first place. I've run out of rambling for now...that really is all I'm doing, I don't understand any of this. The problem is that I don't think anyone does, and there's a lot of people pretending they do.
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  3. Tnerb Banned Banned

    thanks, yensen.
    Question, which you got around, is actually "can the mentally ill be advoided" as far as goes sanity.

    the question is more complicated than that but it's hard to describe.
    For the sane person, can we ignore the mentally ill as unstable and un-proper. Are they entirely useless.

    Not the persons themselfs.

    Someting else.
    Care to speak?
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  5. MetaKron Registered Senior Member

    What exactly constitutes "a problem for society"?
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  7. Tnerb Banned Banned

    the persons inability to act.
    in that case the person is a problem...?
  8. Yensen Registered Member

    Mentally ill people as a class are not useless. There are some useless among them of course, probably more than in most other groups. And useless is such a loaded concept anyway. What are any of us good for, if you get right down to it? This is what I mean by it being a philosophical problem.

    Funny, I thought it would be easy to sit down and define being a problem for society. I suppose it's when one affects enough people negatively, or affects one person negatively enough. If you set that invisible line at a high enough extreme, you don't include people who are simply unpleasant.
  9. Yensen Registered Member

    I'm aware that by that definition, you could call evil a kind of mental illness. And I have heard it called so before.
  10. Yensen Registered Member

    I have a feeling I'm not quite understanding, or answering your question about uselessness, brent. It's too obvious that mental illness doesn't necessarily make a person more useless than the rest of us. Sorry to post so many times in a row, I'll try and stop now

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  11. Tnerb Banned Banned

    No no i appericate it.
    I'm not so well off myself..

    agreed however that you set my point to a less degree, than my "already concieving to be" perception of the question askes for. But you know, I had posted this thread a long time ago. It isn't like I care so much. I sort of wanted to sit it down, maybe it's wrong I don't know, but I had wanted to. It was in my head.

    Now i've forgot. I could probably remember if I scan back over.

    It is somewhere along the lines of, for my own sake, is it a useless idea to consider that mentally unhealthy is wrong.

    that, is the question.
    I hope it actually gets debated.
    I think that's it.
    i'm kinda slow,
    pardon me.
  12. PHPlatonica Im over myself now... Registered Senior Member

    Hey Brent *smile*
    Nice thread.
    Kind of touches on shit I am wondering about too.

    I don't know if it's "wrong"... I wish I did.. But I know that you can't take all the blame on your self unless you are unwilling to adapt to society and are harmful to the whole. In insect colonies and many mammal colonies any creature harming the whole is "deleted" (ha-ha)
    Humans are different.
    How ever, if it weren't for "mentally ill" people there is a lot of artistic things that would not have happened. Like when the Pharaoh laid against the Sphinx and Dreamt of the Pyramid being built, and how he would be the first pharaoh.. that was "insane" as far as our definition of it comes across, but with out that, then the Pyramids would have never been created.
    Jesus and Other prophets would be considered ( and may have been even back then) as "Insane"... But look what they accomplished. When you break down serial killers, you find that they are not only "sane" by definition, but usually brilliant thinkers. People who's "actions" were insane more so then what they did or thought about out side the killings.

    I guess the thing is this, we all have a degree of insanity, what deems harmful is the actions of that insanity.

    As for society. I think they are more paranoid about insanity and are to quick to jump on "insane" and "medication"... so much of the mental illnesses out there are actually over reactions and a way for pharmaceutical companies to gain profit.
    You find when reading about mental illnesses that "it's wrong! here's a pill." And little is considered about "if it will happen again"...
    The secret. The big dirty secret, is that no one knows who is mentally ill until the person acts out. Because it's the only way that any one will "know"..
    If people were scanned for mental illness like we scan for cancer and other shit, then there is this stigma about being mentally ill.. So still, an out burst has to happen. We forget who's actually just pissed and normal compared to who will act out again. The idea is to stop any outbursts that happen.
    The thing is though, they have to happen more then once to actually be a "true" mental illness... But people forget that.
    I'm going on, but the thing I think is It's wrong on both ends. Not enough is known.
    So the degree of mental illness is what assess wrong compared to right. There are people out there with full blown schizophrenia who lead successful social lives. And there are people like Bush who are obviously insane being deemed as Sane.

    So, as to your question, is mentally unhealthy wrong. No. Actions from the insanity that harm others, is wrong. But the illness as a whole doesn't make the person "wrong"... They should be commended if they can lead "normal" lives while battling their own demons.

    And hey, your not "slow" in my eyes damn it.
    Is the Avatar a Photo of you??
  13. Tnerb Banned Banned

    ps in free thoughts,
    the thread "Can you see me?"
    is a thread for my avatar, it started out bad, nexus helped me

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  14. Tnerb Banned Banned

    I have sent PHP a Private Message to appoligise.
    Can I please be left alone now.

    She can send it to you if she wants.

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