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  1. orcot Valued Senior Member

    Being bored in my vacation last week I stumbled on a weird site, it's a bid difficult to navigate through but it has some interesting pics.
    I figure someone put some real work in it I wondered if it was accurate?
  2. kaneda Actual Cynic Registered Senior Member

    It is difficult to know what is going to happen to the world if worst comes to worst. I suspect water wars will be a problem in just as century from now. Countries like India which is now busy polluting the world as they play "catch up" relies heavily on melt water from the Himalayas. When there is none left, what will they do for water?

    We are in a position to do something now and later generations will thank us or curse us depending on what they have to cope with because of us, with many wanting to live the easy life now, no matter what the cost later on.
  3. orcot Valued Senior Member

    there is more
    I rememberd a paragraph of something abouth insect flight that mars atmosphere if ever terraformed would have to have a density of around 3/5th of earths atmosphere or insects couldn't fly

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