Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by Perfect, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling Registered Senior Member

    an internet beating?!?no,ive seen those before,they're horrible!
    humans have instincts too,calling a dog property is weird seeing as you seem to think of it as a lot more than that.
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  3. john smith Tongue in cheek Registered Senior Member

    i recon(and this is simply what i think MAY be the case), that why we find this picture to be so revolting, is that the first thing we see is the blood and the skinned body,this strikes hatred into my heart, against the 4 fucked up bitches, which have
    1) obviously enjoyed comiting this henous crime, and
    2) " feel no remorse whatsoeva, this, to me is why i find the picture to be so disgusting.
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  5. ellion Magician & Exorcist (93) Registered Senior Member

    you seem to have a violent temper yourself.

    who decides what rights humans have over anything.

    this is no more vile than roast chicken.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2005
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  7. Perfect Masturbation without hands Registered Senior Member

    Let me explain this one more time.

    When a group of people take revenge against a being that is driven by simple motives, instincts and techniques, it is a sign of weakness and miscomprehension. These people do not possess the capabilities to form rational and honourable tactics, mechanisms in order to shape conflicts towards states of intergraded environmental understanding.

    They go blind with the dominant feeling and fail to realize that the dog they deem as property does not belong to their preference group. They retaliate as if the balance of codes depends on it. They expect the consequences to have an effect on the rapport between them and the dog.

    When two dogs fight to the death, there should be no retaliation from external factors. The species release behavioral patterns and act accordingly. And when the natural act has occurred, it has served a purpose in a larger schema. It is disgraceful when some coward does not realize these concepts and steps in to appoint human characteristics to the situation.

    What makes this scenario even sadder is the fact that these brave daredevils create fond memories from this heroic tale of revenge. Just look at those smirks as they hold up the loot of war.

    And I agree. A dead dog is no more disturbing than a roast chicken, in fact, its not more disturbing that a pile of dead babies.
    But when there is this self-proclaimed vision of righteousness and pride present in the group that put the animal to sleep, it’s disgusting. That animal was acting like it should. It lives in its environment and there should be no wimpy families to pose rules and codes of conduct over a being that was a strong swashbuckler in its element.
    Of course dogs who live in cities etc… are trained in order to restrain them from acting naturally. This I also find distasteful, I could never keep a dog living in my 40 square-meter flat.

    I respect the romans when they went in the colosseum to prove their worth via going against a furious dog. The dog had a collar with a plate of wood attached to it. One had to get a grasp of the dogs collar, other vice the dog attacked straight to the mans neck and ravaged him to death.
    If the man kills the dog during this, so be it, he has balls.

    But when a bunch of scum cowardly slaughter and disgrace with pride, it wont get far up in my list.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2005
  8. grazzhoppa yawwn Valued Senior Member

    Just for some background about the picture. The pic's address is The domain is which is a Russian ISP. So you can assume it's some people in Russia; or you could assume the picture was not taken in Russia and just put up on a Russian ISP's webspace. The file name is in english and so is the folder name "forevil." And who knows, the domain name might be faked but I don't have an IP trace program atm. They look like Russians to me, but I don't know anything of Russians. Assume what you will.

    Different cultures, different ways. Different strokes for different folks......
  9. ellion Magician & Exorcist (93) Registered Senior Member

    so its the taking pride in a successful revenge that is getting up your nose.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2005
  10. Perfect Masturbation without hands Registered Senior Member

    I should have known. Glorious Russians.
    They and their decaying country. It’s every Finlanders right and duty to look down on those big-nosed, glue-sniffing, woman-trading scum’s.
  11. Silas asimovbot Registered Senior Member

    Well, when meat is prepared for food, the animal tends to be skinned and its limbs tend to be chopped off. As this is post mortem (certainly nothing in the picture puts that in doubt), it's scarecely a commentary about animal cruelty, is it?

    I think this picture and the debate it has started is utterly fascinating. I think it's a matter of semiotics. One's reaction is not primarily about the butchered animal, which after all does not really resemble a dog, but at the apparent normality of the girls and the realisation that what they are holding is a dog.

    goofyfish, you denigrated peoples "assumptions" about the photograph, but I do think they are the very points that are worthy of discussion. They are indeed young female caucasians (though what difference the caucasion bit makes, I really don't know), and they are evidently middle class. This is precisely the point. What does this picture tell us about the society that produced it?
  12. Aborted_Fetus Bored Registered Senior Member

    Oh stop being such a pansy Perk.

    Animals are skinned by the hundereds every day. Just because a group of kids pose in a picture for a joke doesn't mean you should throw a hissy fit. Most likely the animal was dead in the first place anyway. And how much does it say about you that you want to disembowel them? That's kind of hypocritical, no?

    Honor? Animals do not know honor. They do not think on the level that we Humans think.

    People always make this point showing how animals are superior in that respect. In fact, Humans are very weak in natural fighting ability as compared to most animals. The reason we have survived all these years is because of our intelligence. We create things to make us superior and we have the ability to learn from generations before us. So the argument that the dog would win "1on1" is invalid.

    Again, the irony is astounding.

    kenworth was only making a joke, let it go.

    Perk, you are creating a feeling of anger from a picture you have no context for. What you THINK happened is unlikely what really happened. You think they found this dog (possibly one that killed their dog, ROFL), killed it, and skinned it all with the intent to get a funny picture. I highly doubt that this is how it happened.

    I say until you get proof that that is how it happened, shut your mouth.

    And what makes you think that you are so superior? You have threatened violent acts of anger against them and their families multiple times. You have also taken a cheap shot at a random country for no apparent reason. I think you are the one with mental issues.
  13. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    Aborted Fetus,

    How can people that don't respect other life have respect for their own? I think they'd enjoy being skinned alive, by the look on their debauched faces. Whadya say? It'll be fun.
  14. Aborted_Fetus Bored Registered Senior Member

    What proof do you have that they killed that animal? That's really my point. I would agree with you entirely if they killed the animal and skinned it purely for a funny picture. I am not a supporter of animal cruelty. But this picture has no context, therefore my point is that you cannot make assumptions and speak harsh words about it based on what you THINK happened.
  15. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    It doesn't matter if the animal was living or dead. They took a picture with the defiled remains of mans best friend, huge smiles on their faces like it was some kind of trophy. How would you feel if I peeled your grandmas face off and used it to cook the picture I was seen only smiling over the plate?
  16. Perfect Masturbation without hands Registered Senior Member


    I’m too lazy to strip your note into segments in order to attach phrases below phrases like a good incongruous poster should.

    I will analyze that picture as I see fit. When you stroll in and start yapping how the some kiddos pose with a dead dog for a joke, you truly show your lacking mental capabilities in a discussion.

    Didn’t I give you enough material, you silly unoriginal, kewl socially unacceptable badass.

    Most of you miss the whole concept that I was trying to raise into discussion.
    Silas got it somewhat with:
    “……This is precisely the point. What does this picture tell us about the society that produced it?.....”

    Go and read the thread again and try to respond to something that is posted… you know… lately.
    I took the time to explain the issue and you apparently didn’t read it, airhead.

    Blah blah… I won’t dive deeply into the differences between species. I’m talking about courage and interference without a cause. Piss off with your “knowledge passed upon me from my elders makes me superior!” you little man.
    Concepts of honour, courage and proving worth are missing from modern society which causes little windbags to augment perverted opinions into these aspects.
    Attitudes towards different positions that used to hold great meaning alter into something undesirable, and people like you are amplifying this development.

    And who are you to first enforce contrasts between man and an animal and then yelling out “contradiction!” when I administer the same treatment that was applied to the dog, to a human.
    It’s not a contradiction, I’m not parading against skinned corpses, I am analyzing the act as I see it and contributing accordingly.

    Grow some balls. Aim towards ethics morality and justice rather than neglect conditions that you’re not capable of familiarizing with.

    I am creating feelings from a picture and I am adding context to these feelings via constructing arrangements that fit in with my point. So feel free and act like you actually said anything of substance in that half-assed attempt of insight.

    That being said… get the fuck away from my thread
  17. Perfect Masturbation without hands Registered Senior Member

    And about those goddamned ruskies…
    They deserve my contempt; they are parasites residing in my society.
  18. Less Than Zero -1 Registered Senior Member

    they should be skinned, motherfuckin sickos. They are worse than me. they need to be skinned, there I said it again
  19. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    That dog was a cruel ass piece of shit, those nice girls killed it as a public service for all the kids that used to get harrased and bitten by the vicious beast on their way to school.
  20. Aborted_Fetus Bored Registered Senior Member

    Well Xerxes, I would have no idea you did that to my grandmother, so how could I feel anything? That's my point, a picture is only a brief moment in time, it cannot tell you the entire story.

    How 'bout this smartass - how bout I analyze the picture as I see fit as well. You show your lacking mental capabilities by not being able to see the other side of the argument. I see your side, what don't you get about that. Like I said, if it truely happened the way you believe (ie, they found some random dog, killed it, skinned it, and posed for a "funny" picture), I think they should be harshly punished. I am simply telling you that maybe if your opened your eyes a bit and stretched your mental capacity past one of a twelve year old, you would see that it might not have happened this way.

    How am I silly, unoriginal, "kewl", or socially unacceptable? I made a simple, supported, intelligent argument that maybe that's not how it happened, and you flip out like I fucked your mother. Take a chill pill, dude.

    You seem to be throwing in a lot of insults. Are you threatened by me? Are you trying to discredit my valid argument because you have no REAL response? Do you think you can discredit me by insulting me, thinking I will sink as low as you and try to get into a pissing match? It's not going to happen. This is an intelligent forum, not some AOL chatroom. Not to mention the fact that it is against sciforum rules. If you want a pissing match, go elsewhere.

    You must be joking. How is what you said not a contradiction. You started this thread on the basis that you thought these kids were sick and perverted for taking an innocent animal and skinning it for a "funny" picture. Yet later, you say
    How is that any less perverted? An innocent family member being threatened by the same said violence that you say is sick and twisted. Is that not hypocritical and contradictory?

    "you little man" ... "Grow some balls."

    Do you have issues with your manhood? You seem a bit insecure.

    How am I neglecting the conditions? You think I know situations like that happen in the world every day? I have seen them. One time I saw a kitten be put in a bag, covered in gasoline and set on fire. I have seen videos of dogs being beaten to death, cats being skinned ALIVE, and other such heinous acts. My parents raised animals, I have skinned many myself, even killing some myself. I specifically remember my dad showing me on a chicken foot how to pull the tendon and make the foot move. He let me keep the foot, I played with it for a few minutes and threw it away. I'm used to that. Gore doesn't bother me. You don't think a situation like this picture doesn't make me angry either? It does, assuming it happened the way you describe. But, like I said before, this may not be how it happened.

    How about you try to stop putting my down and make a valid intelligent argument why I am wrong. This forum isn't about insulting one another, like I explained before.

    More threats...Do you think you can just tell me what to do? This is YOUR thread, eh. Do you host this webpage? Are you even an Op? Just because you started the conversation doesn't mean you control it.

    You are a very bitter, contemptful person. You attack anyone that doesn't agree with you. I made valid, supported arguments. You reply with personal attacks at my manhood. I think you need to chill out and realize that not everyone agrees with you, and not everyone will be a child and respond back to your petty insults like a child.
  21. Perfect Masturbation without hands Registered Senior Member


    You didn’t analyze the picture; you tried to find shit from it just to debunk the discussion I tried to arouse.
    I see your side, the side that does not want to ponder the elements that were targeted by me.
    I am not interested in your personal preferences about gore, nor am I interested to know about skinning fetishes.
    Basically you base your arguments in the foundation of “it may not have happened that way”.
    I can’t believe how many times I have to repeat this: It does not matter how it happened, the point is that a discussion about ethics and honour and the ‘assumption’ that wimps parading around an innocent animal which they killed, as if they made an enormous effort in ridding the world of a fucking beast, is disgraceful towards the dog and its nature.

    And the contradiction part needs some explaining also?
    All right.
    You made the statement that humans and animals differ drastically, the two are not akin.
    Well guess what buddy… The grandfather and the dog differ also. Therefore, by your own logic, I did not contradict myself, does that compute?

    And if I would skin their grandfather, I am sure that it would raise some emotive responses. If not, I would concede and consider them too neat for this world.

    You must realize, though, that arguing about definitions kills and restricts the argument from ever reaching a state that could accomplish any thought provoking activities. Therefore I kindly and humbly asked you to leave.
    Though I’ll take that back, I was rather irksome – my bad.

    And you neglect the conditions that I presented with “it may not have happened that way”. I suppose that’s your right, but I was rather hoping the discussion would have been something other than different views concerning the picture: what happened here? A puzzle for YOU, take a shot and win…stuff!
    Too ambiguous for my liking.
    Though, it was a bit my fault since I merely posted a picture with one or two sentences, not explaining it further. I was just skimming trough this picture site with somewhat interesting photos and that caught my eye.

    By the way, I didn’t attack your manhood, you just choose to interpret it that way (What would Freud say); I was being provocative, in the bad way. Sorry about that.
    You know… like calling someone a fatty even though I haven’t seen them ever before.
  22. Perfect Masturbation without hands Registered Senior Member


    Still, I’m not talking about violence, per se.
    I’m talking about the behavioural patterns of the group that commits into an act towards an innocent, instinct driven creature.

    You could consider the dog to be a tool that raises these patterns and assumed behavioural concepts in a human being, these concepts that I extracted from the picture are what I find sick and twisted.

    The grandfather part was aimed towards their hypocritical stand, which you proved to be existent, for you hissed.
  23. -Bob- Insipid Fool Registered Senior Member

    Let's say that an 'instinct driven creature' kills my child. Driven by rage, I go out and kill the creature. I enjoy disemboweling it.

    Sure the creature did not 'mean' to kill my baby; it wasn't 'evil', but nevertheless it is a thing that killed my baby. It doesn't deserve the respect I would give a human being.

    Furthermore, my pleasure in the act is a result of my own, completely natural instincts. In that sense, am I not like the dog? Can you really blame 'me' for my behavior?

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