Should the Western World militarize for China?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Beer w/Straw, Mar 24, 2021.

  1. CptBork Valued Senior Member


    Dude, China is now ranking everyone on a score system like grades of beef.

    I've never been to China personally, but my parents and one brother have. Here in Canada I've previously lived with Chinese people and people of Chinese descent including staunch hardline Communist Party supporters, have you? One of my roommates even had his dad staying with him for a few months; the guy didn't speak a word of English or French, wore a flatcap, and was one of the soldiers running around massacring party opponents back in the 60's. I literally lived with Mao Zedong's long lost twin for half a year. The ones sympathisizing with communism were the first to openly admit that Chinese citizens are on average even more racist towards outsiders than outsiders tend to be toward Chinese. They see the world through a foggy lens of denial, two of them were originally from Hong Kong and I was warning them more than 15 years ago about what is now taking place there today where even communist sympathizers find themselves with no rights the moment they have any sort of meaningful disagreement.

    I remember one telling incident in particular- the local corner store was owned by a Chinese guy and one day he was robbed at knifepoint, hurt his hand pretty bad because he tried to grab the knife. One roommate was extremely upset by the incident and was utterly convinced it was caused by local white racists trying to drive the guy out of business; it turned out it was just some random Haitian immigrants resorting to petty crime to support themselves. There's definitely an adversarial mentality there, my solution is to short circuit that mentality by peacefully withdrawing from mutual economic relations and thereby showing both that we respect China's sovereignty and that it's in their own interests to work with us towards a more free and open world rather than against it.

    You sound like you're getting your info from cartoons.

    And? I'm saying Democrats should be working on getting those numbers down to 0%.

    You're describing two fictional countries here. USA is the world leader in electric cars unless I'm mistaken and Tesla Motors is a Serbian company. Chinese companies poison their baby milk just to give it a fake high protein count- one guy got caught doing it and causing thousands of deaths on TWO separate occasions, he only got executed on the second occasion because he embarassed the Communist Party after breaking his public promise never to do it again.

    Ask them WTF invading Taiwan has to do with the culture of people from the mainland who've never lived there or had any meaningful history there. Ask them how they can justify the ongoing occupation of Tibet just because some local tyrant promised the territory 400 years ago to the tyrant ruling China, who was himself completely illegitimate according to modern Chinese Communist ideology. Ask them what the Philippines ever did to threaten their navy. Ask them what it is about Uyghur children that makes them all terrorists at birth. I know enough about their modern culture to know that it doesn't exist, it's a lie just like the "Corporate State". The country is not run by communists, it's literally run by a self-serving Mafia which promotes ultranationalist expansionist fascism to the population as a cure for their ills, and the inequalities are getting worse rather than better.

    I'm not even convinced you thoroughly read what I write.

    Again, things like this happen in China all the time on a scale that is greater by several orders of magnitude, and almost no one is held accountable as long as they're connected to high officials in the CCP. You might as well say Hitler wasn't that bad because black people in America couldn't even vote at the time.

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  3. scorpius a realist Valued Senior Member

    You'redescribing two fictional countries here. USA is the world leader in electric cars unless I'm mistaken and Tesla Motors is a Serbian company. /quot

    Youre very mistaken and totaly brainwashed by US anti china western propaganda

    China is number 1 in EV production US number 8,,thats straight from Bidens mouth

    Tesla most american car company

    Bit o history for you ignoramuses
    In the past Tibet was ruled by Dalai lama who declared themselves living Gods and lived in luxury by controlin poor serves,slaves,and torturing or killing anyone who dared not to obey them.
    Mao liberated those and China improved their lives,a fact that Holyweirdo clowns never heard obviously

    Btw Taiwan is republic o China,,google it.

    US UK Eu Can and Aus exploited China in the past stealin its riches,those days are gone and no amount of anti china lies will change that,or stop its progress,,
    it would be insane tryin to attack China militarily,west would lose.
    US couldnt even defeat barefoot farmers in Vietnam ffs.

    China could launch digital yuan and US $ would be worthles,,tread carefuly yanki bois
    Last edited: May 29, 2021
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  5. scorpius a realist Valued Senior Member

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  7. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    like USA insurance companys do ?
    or like USA credit score system does ?
    how does the USA administration decide to not pay for veteran medication costs so they cant get their prescribed medications

    how does a usa court decide how much a life is worth
    like breonna taylor

    and who is paying for that money ?
    the use working class poor with no heath care or housing ?
    or the people who did it and managed it and caused it ?

    1 single example of a shopping list of atrocities dating back decades
    with continuous failed management

    if you have a sane logical intelligent point
    now is a good time to make it

    ? really ?

    what happened to all those veterans in veteran nursing homes who died with no hospital treatment in the hundreds from covid ?
    were they on a rating system ?

    is this a cartoon to you ?

    are these dead veterans killed by neglect & USA profit rating systems
    just cartoons to you ?

    man baby psycho splain whiny baby games with other peoples lifes for propoganda ?

    tell me more
    Last edited: May 29, 2021
  8. scorpius a realist Valued Senior Member

    Covid origins points to US biolab,,surprise

  9. scorpius a realist Valued Senior Member

    Facial recognition lies

  10. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    he looks & sounds good, until the crowd noise background music starts
    that's too much
    he goes from "good" to "good grief" in a matter of a few minutes

    the obvious conspiracy that no one has started yet
    is usa deliberately infected wuhan wet markets with bio-weapon covid19

    but how would that play out ?
    a real action would be simultaneous release in several primary wet markets & high density shopping centres to mask the origin while maintaining maximum spread

    successfully doing that in china or india (high density with good supportive environmentals)
    would kill hundreds of thousands

    usa hundreds of thousands dead(around close to 1 million dead)
    but we see they failed at lock down
    china did really well at lock down(maybe 1 million dead, maybe 2 million)
    india failed at lock down (6 million dead & climbing fast)
    uk failed at lock down (half million dead)

    death count looks around equal

    we would see secret pictures(someone would leak them eventually) of china mass graves if they had anywhere near equal to india death toll of over 5 million and climbing

    fort detrick
    part of the easy hard sell is
    the suppression of diagnosis of PTSD from the gulf war
    suppression of soldier & x soldier suicide rates
    AND the obvious lack of support by the usa government of its military personal

    what is their go-to knee jerk ?
    Russia and china dont care as much as we do about their service personal
    we bring all our dead home
    with a add campaign slogan "no one left behind"
    but w know as soon as they get back to the usa they are abandoned for dead & denied medical, housing, food...

    propaganda merchant ponsy scheme politicians playing empire games with working class peoples lives for cash & power
    which 1 is better is the fake question used to cover up their own lack of care fairness & morality.

    does it bring the dead back to life if they discover covid came from a lab in China or the USA ?
    what about avoidable deaths ? ... ? whos game is that and will that bring the dead back to life ?

    all those leaders who failed and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths ...have they been sacked & replaced ?

    all these leader who failed
    they are also military leaders ?
    what would happen to military leaders who failed like this and caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of troops ?

    call them a politician & they get a free pass and a salary bonus and the right to protection from being sued or sacked(or executed)
    its ridiculous
    couched in some type of ideological bullshit language calling it free market, or capitalism.
    Last edited: May 29, 2021
  11. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    "oh no no no no, we dont consider hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths as a fail, politically that is what we call a win"

    ... "ummm, ok so why was the usa air craft carrier captain sacked & labeled as a fail" ?
    sound of crickets & tin-foil-hats rustling uncomfortably & political scammers trying to sneak out a side door unnoticed by their own media...
  12. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    It's simply not worth wasting any further time discussing this with you, if you think any of your allegations are even a fraction as bad as what's done today in China then you simply don't know what's happening in China.

    What the fuck are you smoking? Anyhow if you want to go name-calling then I'm out, you had your chance to complain about current trends and what's going to be done about them, you've now wasted that opportunity.
  13. CptBork Valued Senior Member

    Justin Trudeau is a pampered schoolboy who takes bribes in the form of campaign donations, I have no respect for any position of his regarding China. I look forward to Canada one day being led by properly educated and principled leaders who know how to set a true example for global democracy rather than just saying flowery words while robbing from one part of the country to buy votes in others.
  14. Bells Staff Member

    Mod Note

    Scorpius, how about you stop with the propaganda and re-writing history.

    Not to mention the conspiracy laden videos and posts.
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