Shadow People, What if?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by can, May 9, 2013.

  1. can Registered Member

    This is a rather new thing for me to come across and I just fell the need to share this, a far few people have been talking about Shadow People being some kind of group or organization from Alternate realities, they are aliens, and the list can go on.

    Personally, I follow the alternate realities theory. So the question I ask, if these unusual beings are really from alternate realities and only seem to be observing us, why?

    Most people have said and push towards deep dark boggy men, with secret agenda waiting in the dark.

    Alright, so lets push the fear part aside, I myself can see two possibility:

    1. Some how these shadow people can see into out reality and do so out of plain curiosity, I mean really if you could would you like to see into an alternate earth?

    2. These shadow people are in fact not shadow people at all, but from out point of view they are. And to them we appear as shadow people to them.
    I don't wish to be drawn into the war of words here, but a number of event might make it possible to see the 'shadow' of an object, like a person from any number of alternate realities. These people simply do not react how we react when seeing them.

    I can see more possibility, but these are the main too I wish to share.

    The truth is that some things are just simple, only once you understand what you are looking at.
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  3. andy1033 Truth Seeker Valued Senior Member

    What ever ghosts are, they only show themselves to whom they want. The very top of the freemasons know about ghosts and they use them, and they think they are privilaged and chosen to use them. You only get to highest levels of freemasonry if you hear voices, and get chosen.

    So an answer is that the very highest people in freemasonry know about ghosts, and they use them.

    Whether you call them ghosts or shadow people, or whom ever. The top of freemasons believe they have been chosen by them, and thats the only way you will ever get to know about them for definite. Maybe they may pick the odd person here and there, but whether you have the mind to be able to comprehend that stuff is another matter.

    What ever they are, they are something above us. Whether that means they just have better techs, or they run planet earth as some simulation, or what ever, only a minority will ever find out.
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  5. Bebelina Valued Senior Member

    In order words, the freemasons are a group of deeply insane people.

    Most people who claim to see ghosts and hear voices are just imagining things or more likely lying to come across are more spiritually evolved than others. Roleplaying within their little group of people.

    If you see shadows where there are not supposed to be shadows, maybe you are going blind?

    As some of you may know I also work as a medium every now and then, but my experience with the spiritual world is through feeling and sensing. I never actually see or hear anything physically. I see inner images of events and people and imagine how conversations would go. Sometimes those imagined situations turn out to be reality, but I wouldn't know that until afterwards, and if someone is nice enough to tell me about it. One thing I do experience as very real is sensing the presence of ghosts in the room. It's an actual physical experience. Someone touching my arm, my head, cheek etc. It could be some deadly severe illness too, but I seriously doubt that.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Staring into the void and getting the feeling of looking into someone elses eyes.
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  7. can Registered Member

    Well to start with, I should have included more details. This is not a ghost/deceased individual, but is described as a black semi transparent human shape following a person or just watching them. Also I haven't read any descriptions or encounters that include people hearing voices or sounds of any kind coming from the phenomena its self.

    I also do not understand where the Freemasons come into this, while the building in Hobart are nice. I'm sorry but I do not understand where or why they come into this.

    I posted this because I came across something new, i.e. 'Shadow people' I did some follow up reading and wished to share my theory.

    The one I feel I wish to follow is number two, where an individual from an alternate reality is made partially made visible by an unknown force, not triggered by them or us. And we appear the same to them, as an unknown shadow.
    The most common reaction on our end is to flee, while they seem to watch/follow whoever is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Sorry I do not understand where the freemasons come into this.
    Last edited: May 9, 2013
  8. andy1033 Truth Seeker Valued Senior Member

    The reasons why they think they are better than most of us, is that they think they are chose, and they also can handle it. They think they are stronger in the mind than most, and thats why they are not driven insane by it. They have learned to cope with it. But if anyone poor was hearing voices, they most likely would be classed insane, but its only that they are poor, taht the gov will label them that. Remember its only the highest levels of freemasons that get to know, not the average person.

    If you do not hear voices in freemasonry you will get nowhere, as you will have no idea, and see it just as a mens club.

    Like i said its all down to your perception. To one person its a ghost to another its a shadow person. They are something outside our realm of knowing with our 5 sense.

    I am just stating with the freemasonry thing, that people in this world do know, but to know you have to be chosen by what ever ghosts or shadow people are. You will not know unless they want you to. Plus the people that do know think they are special for being chosen and see no reason for anyone else to know.
  9. Bebelina Valued Senior Member

    This is very interesting, so how do they see women who claim to have the same "powers"? Haha, don't tell me, I already know. They are very afraid, and insulted.
  10. can Registered Member

    Sorry but would you please keep comments which are directly related to this thread.

    This thread is not covering any hidden organization's agenda, please drop the freemasonry and ghost subject as it has nothing to do with my theory.

    My theory coves two things:

    1, Random events or places where the layers of our and their realities are thin or allow people to become partially visible in both location. Neither us or the other party are the cause behind the event.

    2, A single individual acting on their own, with the help of some kind of technology to create this phenomenon or detect this phenomenon so they can see us as we see them.

    Please keep comments in this thread related to those two points, thank you.
  11. Bebelina Valued Senior Member

    It could be both.
  12. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    Shadow people are from an alternate reality called Iasfoaoifjwioej. Several of my relatives are shadow people and have emigrated to the US from Iasfoaoifjwioej. I cannot really go into detail because they are undocumented Iasfoaoifjwioejians. Shadow people have a bad rap but this is just the typical biggotry and racism that is rampant. I suppose they seem bad because the tend to only lurk in your peripheral vision but they are NOT bad or evil; they are just a very shy people.

    Now those light people; they are bad news! They are the ones where if you look at a bright light and then look away you will see them as blobs of light floating in front of you. One of those damn light people took my date home with him from the prome. How embarassing - the only positive is I did end up meeting a very nice shadow gal. But I was still angry with the light guy so I got him back real good, I stared into a light for a few seconds and when I looked away and saw him I kicked him right in the orbs!

    This is really an interesting topic. I wonder if shadow people are somehow related to Santa's elves. What do you think?

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