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  1. anu Banned Banned

    now we do seem to have more leeway in sfog to express ourselves when compared to the rest of the forums but i want more.

    i found that some wacky editing had gone on in the wcf ban thread

    i go on to comment that it appears to be the only "difference b/w these two assholes" and was promptly deleted. was that necessary? i think it was a fair observation. i mean we have skinwalker scheming to get the good doctor fired! compare that with calling someone a name. in the scale of things, if faced with a choice, people would be begging me to call them "asshole" rather than trying to get them fired

    which is really more inciteful? which is more hateful?

    could you stupid fucking mods wake the fuck up and stop knee jerking your goddamn reactions to cuss words?

    alright, let us consider the real world

    Conservative and reformist legislators scuffled in Iran's parliament yesterday after a reformist lawmaker called on a panel of clerics to examine the performance of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.The brief bout of pushing and shouting involving around a dozen deputies reflected simmering tension following parliamentary elections last month which reformists allege were rigged in advance to ensure a conservative victory.


    On the penultimate day of the first half of the budget session before it goes into a recess on Friday, the opposition National Democratic Alliance (NDA) blocked proceedings in both houses, demanding a statement from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the arrest warrant against Soren and his whereabouts.

    In the high-pitched crossfire, members from both sides almost came to fisticuffs and an MP claimed he had been injured in the scuffle.


    And all the time he did this amid the most tremendous din of barracking, jeering, hear-hears, roaring and general pandemonium. But there was no "order, order" from the Speaker. No MP was ejected for saying "green cheese". This uproar is accepted as an essential part of the debate - the Prime Minister must be subjected to such a gruelling because it's part of his job.


    The parliament approved the impeachment bill on Roh's illegal electioneering and incompetence charges, following hours of scuffles and dramatic protests, including a man who set himself on fire.

    The voting took place while pro-Roh lawmakers who earlier tried to block the vote were barred from entering the chamber by National Assembly security officers.

    Live television footage showed huddles of lawmakers crushed behind the podium as security officers dragged out screaming pro-Roh Uri Party members one by one.


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    Quite the scene in the Upper House of the Japanese parliament last Friday. The scuffle was set off when the majority party decided to send Japanese troops into Iraq, a live-fire region. The protesting lawmakers hold that this violates the pacifist Japanese constitution. Now if only we could get this kind of action in the Senate in Washington, D.C.

    ah, the passion and madness just warms my cockles to no end.

    so, we yet to have even a simulation of violence or threats of violence in the altercations that have gone down in sfog to my knowledge. what we do appear to have is foul language and a lot of attitude.

    why is that so bad? most of the issues that come up in sfog are divisive and controversial in nature and one must expect the resultant responses from our members.

    if the mods care that much, feel free to interject, make your case, calm things down. by now you should know that deletions merely cause further aggravation. it is not the way to go.

    members always have recourse to any percieved injustice. there is a report button. let them iniate the complaint.

    strip james naked

    there seem to be a recognition of what we find acceptable but yet the heavy hand comes down. the historical record gets distorted once again

    on a side note, you occasionally get some that demand sfog polls to be closed. that should never happen. there is an expiration date. respect it. if the crap annoys you, stay the fuck out of the thread.

    on a twisted note, open up the votes when creating polls. i like to see where everybody stands. there is no need to hide shit
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  3. anu Banned Banned

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