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Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by Tnerb, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Tnerb

    Tnerb Banned

    I am looking for games similar to WOW on the PC and I know they exist. They are free though. I found this site long ago:

    Which I had found from this website:

    If you guys are aware of these? I am not certain at all! But I was myself more wondering if there are more of these out there that you know of. Online, free, games similar to WOW or role playing so to speak where one walks around searching for things or fighting and such, and talking while they're at it. This trickster one seems pretty intricate. I'm gonna check it out.
  2. nietzschefan

    nietzschefan Thread Killer

    Stryder turned me on to :

    Well that's my life right now. Lots of fun.
  3. Tnerb

    Tnerb Banned

  4. sly1

    sly1 Heartless

    Guild Wars (after purchase - no monthly fee)
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