Science and Religion: A brief introduction

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by alan shaw, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. alan shaw Registered Member

    to keep my sincerity to the topic of math and physics and maths to still be relevant in what i hope is still just the fundamental key for science to feel free from the truths of achievement in science to require for math to be itself causing mayhem in the minds that have a level of certainty that has exceeded discussion of what darwin had intended what was writen and what it is being used for to be the same offence that the abused mozart or the modern intellect have been sucked into the hole of hyroglyphicalcode breaking to be recognisable to scientists and religiousists to allnot even know if they are themselves now providing a new plaatform of individual discovery to be wat is the parts that we dont ever intend to disclose but also must be a moere natural awareness of how the system of powers remain in control without any need for god or justice to even come close to detriment of forced insanity to have been a desperate reaction to stimulii of opression beyond the reasonable level of human thought being reduced to a single straw of power to also be the source of the power that must be guided towards the lifelong achievements of many greats to not require the nobel prize for maths to leave each of us to not let the limits of humanity to be of mostly just comical accentuations of words in a prose of theatrical necessity but not for even those within it to even now being a world apart in the uk compared to america to seem like a landof psycopathic volunteers to absorb the bullets of the democratic arguments of capitalism and equality and gender rights to all be offering assistance to us to be offered but how long can we survive the frustration of both awareness and logic to not really need half of the eastern student population absorbed deep into wat is my own difficulty to be one of facing wat has now seemed to be lost in genetic benefits to not be limited towat we have to have the weaker but misdirected minority and wat our youthin the north are our nations next great minds being wasted to bycicle drops of drug dealing to be a mere service that has been provided by willin gangsta idiots being robbed my a guild of actors left only to mention big numbers 0f 500billion to be wat common ppl like to discuss about wat the unionto be an age old citadel that the western roman emperors have merely left new master of ceremonies to be wat a friend commented at his personal neutrality but beyond wat even he felt was a deceit of confusion to have left few who r able to tolerate the admittedly tiresome goal of what is only the same pursuits. many here have letters after their names and wat i never quite had a few ilnesses to have caught up with me but had the advantage that shaking hands and moments of unawareness to be wat can be a planned sytematic discourse but today
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  3. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Good points. The China exigency foretold of the forecastle in the sense of a profound exuberance and I take your position to be that the Euro, nay, the Pound can not in any way prevent what modern society has come to be.

    I'm interested in hearing more.
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  5. alan shaw Registered Member

    i really apologise. i know i drift in and out sometimes but was hoping i left the main part but im maybe just confused ( i meant due to some changes in body and some meds like bloodthinner i didnt factr in and a muscle relaxant possible im going to humbly try and fix wat was an unintended and welcome acceptance of your replies. i will try my best to try and work out the bits that have lost any coherency to hav not ever meant anythingi will hav try and pullout summary if i can

    but hope there is some thing usable already. That is the only basis of the
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  7. alan shaw Registered Member

  8. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    The mathematical matrix involves infinity to the infinitesimal and when carried to the 4th power maybe the key to unlocking some long held secrets that they don't want you to know about.

    Conversely ineptitude and compulsion in the fullness of time crept into the abyss generationally speaking. Fratricide, once removed, devolved into pulchritude and yet is extinct as well.
  9. alan shaw Registered Member

    i just read the first few lines and it read ok and was surprised that this was the problem one wen it was also the one i thought was the request but will have a look bcs i have never doubted any1 nor myself but its not my own battle well it is but there are other remnants that have looked back and n what where who and wen they rememberred as they turned away wud surprise me with their concern for me and yet they knew me but they had lost the moment at which this had always been just a squinted focus of attention away but not pursuing it to importantly bcs of the converging value of the decimal part of pi to have been the 0.1415926535 to have been infinitely recurring i think but it wasnt recurri ng in its pattern was it?
  10. alan shaw Registered Member

    how can u go and tell the teacher on me when we hadnt even started. im trying but its but taking time . but nonsense is something that i understand as defying logic.

    but didnt get to that part yet.

    but deranged is problematic for me to have not had a de-range to have any understanding if its corresponding in a different direction but the opposite or reveresed i can think of ...........worrying i wud never think of g to be worse but the imagery was more metallic like a lighter cap but it helped de-capitated meaning the head had been taken off but wud be leaning towards it being difficult to function after leaving it s body however that is omething that i know of.... the head does come off but theres alwasys the 2 and the 3rd

    de-railed meaning to come off the tracks but imagine they wud only ever result in accident withour reversal back onto its track at that speed and the partial tension in its chain to surely have weakened at least 2 more points on a line or 1 on a curve to be just wat i hope it can be addresssed
  11. exchemist Valued Senior Member

  12. alan shaw Registered Member

    If someone gets beyond the first word to arrive at the 2nd and still seek for the 3rdn and beyond. To have been a threshold of any matter to have continued so deep is not wat i wud have done and perhaps that is where perhaps u have identified ure error but then that was a big assumtion i had jumpedd to arrive at what you may have indicated that you agreed or understood up until then. But I hope i may know wen i return to this....

    Is there a destructive criticism. yes i can recall but i thought that was the listener misinterpreting. thank u . it is . that wud be strange to have made it so far . but i realise i dont know whiich 2nd it id . will seek and hope.
  13. alan shaw Registered Member

    this one ive definitely forgotten.

    q e d ... i dont know hope its neutral at least. but apologies anyway.
  14. alan shaw Registered Member

    ive just seen that u have a label of someone who i didnt see earlier to have contained the direction and guidance from u befor such deep waters.

    oversigfht and is that the moderator but there are also some others anyhow sorry moderator
  15. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    I'm not a moderator, but can you please try to write in coherent sentences? Everything you have posted so far looks like gibberish. We get a lot of nutcases on forums like this one, and at the moment that is what you look like, so you cannot blame people for drawing that conclusion. It's up to you.
  16. alan shaw Registered Member

  17. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    That's enough nonsensical, unpunctuated rubbish. I am putting you on Ignore now.

  18. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    I am afraid that alan shaw is just a really, really shitty chatbot. At least I hope that is the issue...

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  19. alan shaw Registered Member

    I had sent a new msg after that one which was personal bits unnecessary.

    I want to obviously try and do this slowly. Ill try and do a numbered summary in afew ,mins

    Lazarus app messed me up on this whole tense exchange.

    I thought you wereall ganging up and i gor scared bcs i kept trying to reply and it wasnt a structured thought that I hope you and others will guide me,

    In terms of errors or differences , I dont think it will after all this , it will be more difficult pondering over the anger, but on the grounds we can be genuine and paced colleagues in this then thank you .

    No hard feelings ever intended.

    But if you think that all your degrading of my attempts were totally justified well then I will check each and i hope it will read nonsense . If we can save nonsensing of the past ones it might be easier.

    I do tacit transparency and i will try to even make any of the last elements of noise be rectified.

    Do u know how i can delete all the earlier? or is it last post only?

    One last important matter I will become unaware at some point in my life, I suspect and that will be my exit card.

    If there is something of particular interst that u wish to start this from, pls advise.

    If someone is put into so much fear so many times over so many years due to a fault in others to have been unreasonable then orinarily you give them one so they get their thread back. But if it was thrown at you while you were in your weakest state then there is every reason.

    Also i wish i cud have had a drink sometimes or go out or have had the stupidity to have done wat the youth try, But io dont believe that they are aware of what they are ddoing and i always pittied them. But ive had medication given to me by psychiatrists in my youth for no reason other than i eventually tried alcohol. and i remember that i could not believe vwat happened. I didnt think a few pills with a glass of whysky(not full) wud then apparently at some point a policeman luckil said he saw me fall flat on my face . Face first it was quite biggest from over 6ft, onto a very bad angled paving iapparently passed out only for a minute, but that was one of my first experience that i cudnt even have that in my life so.....At times it was just mt anxiety tablets that have kept me going. What i cant believe is that noone realises over a period in your life . I had heard a voice jhear and there and then you panic and your body cant move it locks.. It wasnt that bad but i had a panic attack yesterday and i didnt realise that that was it.

    No one wishes things liken this but i was doing well throughout and im ok, so if ure around we will do it..,.,

    If all the spellings r affecting your ease of reading to a big extent let me know and ill try and setup the word editor to do them but hope it will be workable.

    thats alot to read again so i will move to a quick question ?

    I believe that our language always will evolve and i believe it will become far simpler and far more accurate . I have poassionate belief in this project and i will aim to get started on this also .

    So that i can hear a pssible logic that i my have missed will u confirm if any of these wud be suitable

    1. Would......... wud
    2. Should
    3' Could
    4' u

    and capitalization start of a sentence? in the interest of minimizing and simplifying the dat to be read perhaps due to our still very varied tonal prose , i wud probaly think that our comas and full stops are highly effective.

    Spellings and and simpler forms of some will be discussed in a side project. ..

    REady for each others humiliation . Maybe shou;ld always keep the 3rd present to be the fool, bcs its only each polarity that is harsh to one another.

    But we r ok now thanks for ure help,
  20. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    I hope that you can work through your problems and you have a happy life.
  21. alan shaw Registered Member

    I could be on some speed drug that speeds things so to leave the slower brains trying to separate the letters from the last word and then thinking if i meant to breathe, here, or here and here.
    I hope its understood as playful way to amalgamate our unknown artistic responses that have nbo meaning to me often . im not a man of the world but library and offices .

    Although der r doz whoz speekz like dat blud, even if somehow they had so0mething important we shud always give them leeway.

    I dont want any of my friends hurt or taken away again. Lets use our science of Science to record our observational data and we wont enslave our nature to nothing we will try and alter or we will see if we can find an benvironmenbtally b varried way in which we can match our model and hypothesis to support the data.

    Yes we r all honorable and believe in justice and the supremacy of the west, But while we owe only ourslelves our full attention and only if r ok do we look elsewhere.

    A major madness that is a reality that a particular Mralone provided observational data that his experience of life was fully dependent on his ability to control his part of his world.

    And this key to Math and Physics..............(sorry kids, our govt r good , they dont need to even continue in us doing the drama of poll day) and y al this display of teams to require comm,entary separtely.....The cabinet needs both major parties to have a seat at the table bcs the reality that is overly excluding is that our leaders need to be shown that its okwe know they will always be there by right. but there has to be basic right provided to all its citizens )

    How do we do that? WE RE-LEARN that alot of ppl are unequally equipped and we have the cheek to tell to m,arry another fat shorter vpersonb so that tomorrows kid can also suffer and maybe he will tale a few with him/

    My friends sister was attacked many yrs ago ny a group......(these points we must be sure nor to provide unnecessary further details oir images of amy kind)

    There is a freedom that america is not cheating its citizens . that is not the right way. Wen the next senator is founf foingf his drugs with their paid partners. Dont be so naive to think that such a thing is occuring least of all due to the punter. And yet 2 by 2 he will be called filthy disgusting an animaland that id not right.

    There is a far closer relationship between our powers than we forget but this isnt a conspiracy6 that is our genetal concern.

    And if ther are aliens besides me and my startrek girl the green we still must stay focussed on the very gradual changes that must come .

    There are states wer pplneed hekp to rebuild themselves or help to ;leave if they wish but that help must come now,
  22. arfa brane call me arf Valued Senior Member

    Even though the mind i inhabit is one of the full list, yet i cannot grok the fullness of this thread.
    i asked my green girlfriend too, and yes no bananas there either.
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  23. alan shaw Registered Member

    Dear arfa

    Brane more than most incidentally if u r aware of 2 awarenesses u must factor 3 to have a range of posinbilities but thats in the thread once you can please assist me as a friend and guide just slifgtly bcs there has to be room for both exchanges to arrive at compromises that is wat i intend to do.

    Ive been writing for years but it made a change from academic to free school. And whilst the acemics works were only disruptive to the obsessive and often irrelevant (imo) sources to require far too long.

    Fortunately in my last course llb law university of westminster uk london....( i credied the diploma after 2 yrs)
    My only friend and protector passed away peacefully after 5 yrs of cancer anyhow

    I have been fascinated with numcers bcs im workin g with something different and its relevant for the maths to eventually be seen in a form that will then have the logical agreements that we agree upon to serve as its observational data, and the aim will be to overall just raise the necessary alternative view that i believe is very helpful and it vcertainly ahas kept me alive even as i used the existential philosophies to return then to the pohysic and their rolein atomic thoryt and various ideas i am sharing in the most coherent way that i know but yet this with wat was a bit of a mental tension from the flood of mainbg me feel afraid.

    theres an app its messing up some words but idont qant tokeep stopping and make it a nbecessityt for a scientist community to not be offended by tjheir lack of control over tyheir knowledge tp seems to have left every maths student left inm the numbers bfor so long to affect their mind and the paerameters become wider in parts and barrower where bneeded,

    I need some support . I can go bacvkj to the top and i can show u wat im reading and y perhaps u might agree if needed but let me give u a chance pls to this bing important i need this to be with the help of a moderator bcs wen someine feels they have learnt som,ething beyond their peers they lose trheir senses.

    Im proposing that we all need to run this thread and as it can build w can all then solidify it accordingly but i havebeenwoiting things from a different awarenss that is something thjat occurs in all of us and my experience after many yrs foiund a way that i typin g wat used to be only having that monent to keep it in my memory and yet these ideas have beewat i have been writing since age11 and sometimes i have to add thigs to highlight thewords being use to be inaddequate to be my first propsition.

    i merely wanted some support for my first kline of discussion to not be up against most people whose live havern had the burden or fear yo have donbe this as my way to have escaped all pf lifes troubles and im not giving my tjhoughts these r our ideas but

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