Scared of the Dark?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Stryder, Sep 19, 2001.

  1. Acerbus Wanderer of the Wastes Registered Senior Member

    creatures of the dark...

    i think we can create things of our minds in the dark that it seems so real it almost becomes real to you...try being outside at night in pitchblack and in fog now thats scary..
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  3. esp Registered Senior Member


    The way I see it, being afraid of the dark is similar to being afraid of heights, snakes, spiders, fire, etc.
    Things that are preprogramed into the human psyche and stem from primeval times.
    A lot of people are able to either dismiss or adapt to their fears, usually helped by intellect.
    This doesn't imply detraction from the intellect of one still experiencing fear.
    The description of the pitch being peopled by our minds worst imaginings is still relevant to those who haven't shaken their fear though.
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  5. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Esp, there you are very right. All true what you are saying, oh yes.

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    But shouldn't it be better for those humans to face their fear against all those programmed fears in their minds?
    Perhaps they find a way to break lose from it then and are more at ease.

    Snakes, for instance, are beautiful and if you watch your step, they won't harm you. Great inhabitants of Nature.

    Got to admit that adults and older brothers/siters like to tell you rotten stories about them, particular if you are raised with the so called story of gods creation of the Garden of Eden. Wonder why they chose the Snake as being the 'bad' one.

    In other cultures the Snake is a bringer of good and virtility to the harvest. The Snake is worshiped by humans living in Suriname, in the old Fo-Doh knowledge which is practised until this day and goes on.

    I was afraid of Snakes under my bed when I was very young, brought into my head by my parents just about that stupid creation story of that bible.

    Took a real big jump to get into my bed, didn't last long though...

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  7. Ana Registered Senior Member

    I am afraid of the dark at first....

    when the lights FIRST go eyes take an unusually long time to get adjusted to the light change and I literally feel BLIND and start to lose my balance and actually have fallen---it's almost like my head starts spinning and my eyes wiggle around really fast -- that part scares me. Once my eyes have adjusted I can see less than the average person and have to rely heavily on my memory ("short-term" photographic since some things aren't always in the same place) to get around without hurting myself. On ocassions where there is some light available that helps me make out shapes, then I have no problem and no fear. It's not like I think some monster is gonna come after me....although that did last until my late teens and I have my dear older brother to thank for that.....

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  8. esp Registered Senior Member

    Re: I am afraid of the dark at first....

    That's exactly what I was talking about earlier... the way that the worst part of being in the night for me is when there is complete darkness with no light and it's like sensory deprivation.
    It's reminds me of reading about people trapped under the snow after an avalanche and they were unable to perceive which way up was.


    Of course it's better to face one's fear, but that was my point

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    Some people overcome and some people can't or have extreme difficulty doing so.


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  9. scilosopher Registered Senior Member

    The pitch black of the closet when I was little used to scare me. Only when it was open though.

    Vacuuming at night when I was young I used to constantly look behind me ( I had to finish my chores by the next day to get my allowance). The dark is so much more fearful without other senses to fall back on.

    It's amazing how specific the fears can be and how they feed on themselves. Like you train yourself to be afraid of things.
  10. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Scilosopher, that is a good one. Like you amost train yourself of being afraid of the dark.

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    Guess that is what happens a lot because of all the stories and crap you hear in your life when you are young. You carry that within you for the rest of your life.

    Esp, I understand what you and Ana mean. If you have trouble finding your way in the blackness of night it can be very disturbing and frightening.

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    Perhaps you can make your eyes a little more adjust to the darkness by lighting a candle and then after that turn off the light.
    It takes away the complete darkness and your eyes get the change to adjust to some lesser light, so maybe it'll help a little to help yourself out in the sudden darkness.

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    It doesn't count for humans who are scared of the darkness that's there in their minds...
  11. Rick Valued Senior Member

    I am afraid of dark,only when after watching a horror stuff on tv etc.i dont know why it happens,although i know that there is nothing to be afraid of but i am still hesitant to go in dark after the movie that i watched in my own house.i think uncertainity of what lies in the dark is scary.

    i have noticed an important fact if i watch something great,like jay leno tonight or maybe david letterman or a comedy i usually forget about those things...

  12. Bebelina Feminazi Messiah Valued Senior Member

    Zion, I agree. Although Leno and Letterman can be scary too, but in a very different kind of way, they do seem to have the effect of taking the edge off the chilling fear that one has after watching horror movies.

    I remember when Twin Peaks just came, then I was scared to death of "Bobs", they could be everywhere....

    And I always leave the light on in the closet, because I just know there live a whole community of ogres in there, with very sinister intentions...

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  13. b b Registered Member

    I would like to say, it has only been happening the past year or so, where I find myself scared of the "dark". I am not scared of the dark but the possibilities that lerk in them. As I try to go to bed each night I get nervous to turn of my light, thinking I will wake up to something terrifying. Or as I try to grab lets say a drink off the floor or even just getting up I think something might grab me. It is one of the childish things with a "monster" under my bed, but in my case, it's worse than a monster.

    I do get frightened that something will happen that prohibits me from wanting to get up. concluding, I'm not scared of the dark, but simply of what's inside.
  14. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    The dark is afraid of me. Tis why the monster get timid and attack.
  15. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    I am the dark side.

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