Satan is just as powerful as God

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by stateofmind, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. Jozen-Bo The Wheel Spinning King!!! Registered Senior Member

    Interesting thread!

    I'll interject that God, according to Hinduism, has many manifestations and is expressed in the unfolding of many gods. Together, like branches of a tree, they compose portions of an absolute.

    God, as the absolute is neither good nor evil, and is not seperate from satan or anything. There is no opposition between the two, just as there is no opposition between your left arm and your right arm.

    How do we know either has a gender. I am careful not to use he or she.

    As incarnations of the divine presence that is individual (seemingly divided from the whole) they could even be lovers! Opposites attract...after all.

    The good and evil eternal battle could be a farse, used as a tool to help prepare the children of creation. Belief that they are ultimately seperate is a sure sign of the dualistic mind at work...which is incapable of seeing the fluid and smooth connections that the whole and absolute is composed of.

    Also, God is not confined to the western world's view of what God is, and the same for Satan.

    I have personally experienced the Almighty in the manifestation of Kali, the Divine Mother gives birth to time, the universe, and its life. She made her presence known to me. Is there a God above her, no...none. In fact, she is said to be on top of Shiva when complete...the male and the female are one. She is the active force while he is passive. Is there any above Above Lakshmi or Above Vishnu, the preserver, again no.

    Is your god greater then their god, no. Is their god greater then your god, no. To answer yes is to misunderstand the grand glory of the divine.

    I have also encountered Satan face to face. Can you say the same... It goes even further then that... Setting aside the details, I would say of this encounter that Satan was the most pissed off entity I have ever encountered, the rage of a million earths could not come close. This leaves me wondering why the anger, is it also a tool used for a better good, or an outrage at some wrong doing, or the petty whim of an unsatified ego...could it be all three or even more... or that one is at one time correct and at another time incorrect...

    Neverfly, I also heard this story, an many occasions. I have heard variations as well. I think it serves a purpose, though to rely on it as the final truth would be mistaken.

    As I have come to see, the all good GOD and the all evil Satan are tools of the ALL OMNIPRESENT SPIRIT that never chooses against anyone, knowing full well what each and every being truly is. Also, the all good GOD and the all evil Satan may take on such a reality during a timespan, but neither is condemned to be as such forever.

    All things change, nothing stays the same forever. And though this may riddle some, nothing ever changes, it stays as it always was!
  2. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    If it weren't for Lucifer we wouldn't know right from wrong, that is, have free will. From that POV it seems Lucifer (light bringer) is actually the good guy :eek:
  3. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member


    Pretty much everything in the subject isn't real.

    - God doesn't exist.
    - Satan doesn't exist.
    - Good doesn't exist.
    - Evil doesn't exist.
  4. stateofmind seeker of lies Valued Senior Member

    Man, it's forum etiquette to at the very least skim over the thread before you post in it...

  5. Jozen-Bo The Wheel Spinning King!!! Registered Senior Member

    I am gonna have fun answering to this. FUN! That is subjective! I know I am having it. I know it is real because I experience it. Other people have fun too, unless they are being smart asses they too can verify that it is an experience they have.

    Fun is real...and it is subjective.

    Also, without the subject there is no object.

    Reality is NOT 100% objective, if it were it would not be experienced and thus the entirety of it would become irrelevent to anything. How would anyone know it was real...
  6. John99 Banned Banned

    are you serious? Not evil in the religious connotation but good and bad doesnt exist?:facepalm:
  7. stateofmind seeker of lies Valued Senior Member

    Good points there Jozen Bo.
  8. Jozen-Bo The Wheel Spinning King!!! Registered Senior Member

    I guess that means it is ok to rape, plunder, and kill...:bugeye:
  9. Billy T Please use Sugar Cane Alcohol Fuel Valued Senior Member

    Mary of post 17 was - I slept with her for more than a year when in grad school.
  10. Jozen-Bo The Wheel Spinning King!!! Registered Senior Member

    Was she any good...
  11. PsychoticEpisode It is very dry in here today Valued Senior Member

    According to recent Parapsychology threads, you have been born in the wrong era. Today you are ill and in yesteryear you`d be revered. There is very little acceptance and little or no prominence attached to such declarations in today`s world.

    If God told you He wanted you to build an ark big enough to save your family and every living organism on Earth because He was going to kill everything else(except marine life I guess) then would you do it? Knowing full well that if you do then people die, you`re saying you could determine the difference and know that it is really God speaking to you.

    Knowing full well that Satan is capable of disguise would you still build the ark? If you declined to build because you objected to being part of a mass genocide, what do you think God would say to you next?
  12. Billy T Please use Sugar Cane Alcohol Fuel Valued Senior Member

    Yes, and a good cook too, but psychologically a mess. Some years later she killed herself with a drug over dose. I do not know if it was an accident or intentional - we had seldom seen each other for a few years. I learned of her death from mutual friend. When we were together, she did not do drugs and was happy most of the time, but still manic depressive occasionally. LASL thought she was my wife the summer we lived in the married student's quarters there.
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  13. spidergoat Bernie Sanders 2016 Valued Senior Member

    My view is that monotheism does not include any concept of satan, or angels, or any other supernatural being except God and his disembodied souls. Otherwise, there would be powerful supernatural beings besides God, which is polytheism. Probably, older polytheistic beliefs combined with the new monotheistic ones, and Catholics being so adaptable, they just combined them.
  14. Jozen-Bo The Wheel Spinning King!!! Registered Senior Member

    Not sure about today's world. Are you saying that the majority of the world's population no longer have any religion, or any faith that the religion they choose is actually true... Then again you might just be saying these days people frown upon or don't take such seriously. Fine with me. Today's world still appears to accept such saying, else there would be a lot of people getting locked away...

    I am unconcerned with the trends of the times, I speak what I will as I will. If I have such experiences, I will not hide in efforts to fit in. I am in no way concerned of criticism, or frightened by laughter.

    If God told me to build an ark, I suppose I would if I was impressed that it was God, if I got a funny feeling it wasn't I would likely not do so. If I get fooled, so be it.

    I thought you were bad.
  15. PsychoticEpisode It is very dry in here today Valued Senior Member

    No no, your claim of God.....

    How do you know you weren't fooled then? You cannot know the Almighty when there is an entity representing evil running around out there with the power to shape the minds of men. Accordingly, you have met him....

    Again, how do you know? What if Satan arranged both encounters, or perhaps God did?

    Sorry Jo-Bo, you're one of my favorites, but you simply cannot make your encounter statements with absolute certainty as you believe the two opposed entities exist.
  16. Neverfly Banned Banned

    Jozen-Bo (also, John99):

    Unless you can demonstrate an Absolute form of Good and Evil divined from a supernatural force-- they do not seem to exist.

    Our concepts of morality, good and evil are purely subjective, selfish and based upon perception.

    We exterminate pests as good guys. If someone tries to exterminate us for being pests, they are Evil and the Good guys must kick their butt.

    I imagine that over the years, the writers for G.I. Joe had great difficulty supressing their mirth over the irony.
  17. PsychoticEpisode It is very dry in here today Valued Senior Member

    No shit!!! In that case he is one sick puppy. :D Friggin' devil, messin' with folk's heads. He's a spiritual pathogen I tell ya', out there poisoning minds.

    Omigosh, Doreen was right, nobody is ever mentally ill. Demons from Hell, Jo-Bo, that mind portal machine of yours, switch it off. I'm blaming you for loosening all those demons into our world via that device.
  18. Doreen Valued Senior Member

    I must be since I can't remember asserting this. I'll just hope it's a temporary amnesia on my part and not a part of some more serious disorder. [wrings hands frantically]
  19. Neverfly Banned Banned

    No, relax. You're good.


    Several of us have just been brainwashing you, is all. :shrug:
  20. Doreen Valued Senior Member

    My vision is going too - unless this is a conversion disorder...

    because the main body of your post seems completely empty.

    I am now breathing into a paper bag to slow down my hyperventilation.

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