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Discussion in 'Business & Economics' started by orcot, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    You are funny guy, in a sad sort of way. Where is your evidence? Where is the evidence to support your assertions. You have none, you never have any credible evidence. You are just mindlessly repeating Putin's propaganda. If Russia is so peaceful, why did Russia invade, occupy Georgia? Why did Russia invade occupy and annex Ukrainian Crimea? Why did Russia (i.e. Putin) send mercenaries into Eastern Ukraine to foment an insurrection? Why did Putin (i.e. Russia) send in Russian troops to support those mercenaries when they were on the cusp of failure?

    Russia has suppressed no wars. Syria is still deeply mired in a very violent civil war. Putin/Russia had no problems with Assad killing and using weapons of mass destruction against his own people. It was the US which objected and forced Assad to surrender his weapons of mass destruction and it was the US who destroyed those weapons of mass destructions on a US naval vessel. It has, contrary to your assertions, begun them. Russia is an autocratic nation, run by a dictator. You are on the record here at Sciforums for opposing democracies. You prefer your autocrats.
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  3. orcot Valued Senior Member

    Thank you for the source I apreciate it. what else can I say abouth the pskob oblast say parts of the baltic would sepperate and join Russia then this is where they would end up right? It was with this oblast that Estonia traded 128.6 ha this year (link below)
    it's also intersting to note that the life expectancy in Russia is the 124 in the world, whilst Estonia is at 58 Latvia 88 Lithouania 65 (those are world positions not ages because they differ between man and women)
    The unemployment rate for Estonia is 6.9% Russias is 6.2% but the Pskov Region has a unemployment rate of 7% (you might do better with Lithuania 11.4% and Latvia 11%)
    They might actually be doing very good tough this year much of their economy is based on meat and agriculture and with the meat embargos it turns out they will make a living shame abouth the accident with those 40 paratroopers who died and that reporter who got bead up suggesting they visited ukraine
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  5. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member

    You don't get it, Russia does not want Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania to join anywhere close to Russia. All those 3 countries have had centuries of countless wars with Russia, their religion is different, their culture is different, just one look at their city and it is obvious they have their own niche in the world and not part of Russia. If they want to live their cozy lives and not be bothered by the Russians, it is totally fine with Russia. What is not fine with Russia is if these little cozy countries start inviting megapowers like NATO and allowing them to base missile bases and US troops right on the border next to Russia, because that constitutes a hazard to Russian national security. And NATO has already destroyed Albania into pieces, so its agendas are not peaceful to say the least. Pskov, is a cultural town, it is a quiet town it has no interested in racing with the rest of the world on technologies or market or industrialization, once again comparing this region to Estonia or Latvia is sinful.
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  7. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    if thats true their not very good at it. peacekeepers generally try to you know prevent war. russia has started one in the ukraine. and the phrase would be broken out not broken up.
    Um syria is being bombed and their was no genocide in the works of anyone in the ukraine. it was a specious attempt to manufacture a cassus bella cause russia is lead by a warmongering sociopath.
    except its a lie. all evidence points to russia provocking a military conflict. they invaded a sovreign nation and illegally annexed part of their lawful territory that's about as far from peacekeeping as it gets.

    that i believe because its a war russia third rate military would lose. but the question remains why than are they trying to provoke one?
    why do the countries around russia want nato bases to protect them from russia than?
    yes their is. so than why the hell are bitching about the reations for Russia's contining violent and hostile acts against their neighbors?
    yes the only problem is the russian sanctions are irrelevent because of its third world economy. the NATO sanctions have bite and if your favorite country continues to attack its neighbors the consequence for your warmongering idol will be harsh.
    what russia will invade them? face itthe only reason russia hasn't been stoped is because NATO is trying to aviod the war Russia is trying to start eventually your crazy country men will go to far and there won't be another option. the only one going to suffer long term consequences is russia. its star has faded and is becoming incresing irrelevent. you and the rest of the russian people need to come to terms with that and start acting like grown ups instead of spoiled children
  8. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    than why are the pushing russian minorities into those countries.
    which russia started the only two countries in the area that have started offensive wars against russia are sweden and poland. all the baltic states have been invaded by russia. they asked for NATO bases because of russian aggression. which you always seems to forget. russia threatens its nieghbors they ask for NATO protection and than you whine about NATO being their. also estonia predominant religion is orthodex christianity just like russia.
    um the only reason NATO is their is cause of russian threats. so piss on russian security. warmonger fascist hellholes like russia don't get to feel safe. they do get to worry that their potential victims can defend themselves.
  9. orcot Valued Senior Member

    Well Putin does have the tendencies to dictate the Baltics what to do. That and their history can you blame them to look for protection? also Albania? Do you mean Yugoslavia? Russia usually favored the serbs there? (albanians actually destroyed 200 000 serbian homes anyway Russia had VETO powers and this conflict had ethnic cleansing and stuff like organ harvesting)
    PSkov is indeed a city but Pskov oblast is a oblast (eq would be a state or province) it's bordered next to Estonia and Latvia and therefore is a valid comparison The other choice would be leningrad oblast (st petersburg) but the city attracts the best and brightest and has higher wages then Russia average so it screws up the averages. Case in point Would be Narva Estonias 3 largest city (near the russian border). It's population is 46.4% estonians (16.34% are the undefined their mainly soviet immigrants who do not speak the estonian language) but 36% are Russian citizens? So the average Rus prefers to work here then in Russia.

    Russia doesn't see the baltics (or finland) as equals and refuses to cooperate in some rather important matters like the Leningrad Nuclear powerplant woulld it really be that weird if they force to close the damm thing they have a history of accidents , trying to hide said accidents it's a impressive list. They agreed to send out a warning to the Fins if they would all die of radiation poisening but wouldn't bother with the lesser incidents stating: "that they have so many daily incidents that their whole time would be wasted in filling out incident reports.["
    (most notibly their reactor 1 that's still in use but partly melted in 1975 releasing 600MR/H at a distance of 5km from the source.)(balts weren't informed)
  10. orcot Valued Senior Member

  11. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    OK, perhaps you can name some of Russia's peacekeeping actions. Just a clue here, invading, occupying and annexing your peaceful neighbors isn't peacekeeping.

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    Which wars has Russia suppressed? None. Syria surrendered its chemical weapons to The United States. And if you checked recently, Syria is far from peaceful. It is in the midst of a very bloody civil war.

    And where is the evidence of genocide in Ukraine? Where are the bodies? Where are the witnesses? No such evidence exists. All you have is Putin's propaganda. You have no independent corroboration. Gee, I wonder why.

    Well if Russia doesn't want war with NATO, match your words with actions. Stop invading, occupying and annexing your neighbors. Stop with the cyber attacks on neighboring states. If Russia doesn't want NATO on her borders, try making friends with her neighbors instead of bullying them, invading them, occupying and annexing them.

    Here is the problem with your "equal and opposite" reaction. Russia is not in a position to be able to invoke "equal and opposite". Russia is a munchkin trying to act like a lion. But at the end of the day, no matter how many times Russians tell themselves they are lions, they are in reality munchkins. And if they want to act like a lion they are going to get eaten. And it is difficult to Russia to play the scape goat card when its forces are illegally occupying the lands of its neighbors. Instead of giving advice to NATO, you should be worrying about Russia and the consequences it faces for repeated and flagrant violations of international law.
  12. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    I think that by now everyone has caught on to the fact that Youreyes is a "good" and faithful comrade who sucks up every word that Putin says despite the REAL conditions that exist in the world. Russia is just a rust-bucket that USED to have some power - but no longer. They cannot produce enough food for their existing population and about the only thing they can export is natural gas. They no longer have any military might except nuclear weapons. And if they DID decide to fight, NATO would wipe them out in less than a week.

    Youreyes would do well to open those eyes and take a look at the reality of the world - including Russia herself. It is very, VERY different from what Putin describes!

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