Rumsfeld 'aided Saddam'

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Adam, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Adam §Þ@ç€ MØnk€¥ Registered Senior Member

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  3. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    Yeah, they gave weapons to both Iran and Iraq when they were fighting each other in the eighties. I see absolutely no logic behind that move.

    If Saddam has any weapons, all or most of them came directly from the peaceloving fingertips of the beloved USA. I thought the Washington Post was a more-or-less conservative paper, it's surprising that they're advocating nonviolence then

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    If we're lucky enough for this to become a major news story then maybe the dumbasses leading the country will start to turn on each other. We might even see some interesting assasinations

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  5. shadows technocrat:Teach me Registered Senior Member

    Yeah true. What about halliburton?
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  7. bhudmaash Banned Banned

    Adam, the link doesn't seem to be working

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  8. 7DZ Registered Senior Member

  9. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member


    I found this page at Victoria Peace Network; is this the one in question?

    A link I've posted before around here: The Saddam in Rumsfeld's Closet (CommonDreams).

    One of the things that will prove to me that George W. Bush is genuine will be the prosecution of Donald Rumsfeld for crimes against humanity. Reagan and Poppy may be protected by Executive Privilege, but Rumsfeld isn't, and no future president will be able to pardon an international conviction for crimes against humanity. If justice is among the goals, then justice should be full and sure, and, yes, swift.

    If Rumsfeld played along like a good boy, I'd even settle for a short sentence. If he plays like the lemon-monger car salesman he plays himself to be as Secretary of Defense, I think a life sentence would suffice. It's a matter of remorse and conscience, you know. He can't exactly get away with, "I was just following orders." It didn't work at Nuremberg, and it shouldn't work now.

    See also: Only Losers Get Tried For War Crimes (SciForums)


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  10. Soulcry Registered Senior Member

    It's true

    I read the same thing in TIME magazine last summer and its true. You just have to make a little research. During the 8 year Iran-Iraq war US was together with Iraq. US sent many chemical, biological weapons to Iraq to use against Iran. Why do you think US is so sure that Saddam has chemical weapons because US gave them to him. During that war US also shot down an Iranian commercial airplane and killed hundreds of people. During that time it was more profitable for US to be together with Iraq.
    These are facts and you can read these in one of the summer issues of TIME magazine. (I dont remember exactlly which one it was) I am not trying to be anti-american here but just stating the facts. Countries are always like this acting for their self interests.. so its normal in this world to act like this..I dont like it and want to go to Mars or somewhere else :m:
  11. bhudmaash Banned Banned

    A couple of weeks before the military action began in Iraq, Donald Rumsfeld was interviewed by David Dimbleby on BBC TV (those of you in the US, Dimbleby is a fairly respected journalist).
    The best bit of the whole interview was when Dimbleby questioned Rumsfeld about the US selling weapons to Saddam during the 80's. This was a classic bit of TV:

    Dimbleby: ".....with regards to America selling weapons to Iraq, Mr Rumsfeld the US has the receipts".

    The look on Don's face was priceless! You could cut through the silence with a chainsaw. Now our man Don's in a tight spot, he knows that during the 1980's Saddam went on some major spending sprees, and many western governments including the US were falling over themselves to take Saddam's money off him.

    Rumsfeld: "I think you'll find that when it comes to selling weapons to Saddam Hussain, the US comes fairly low down in the league, below a lot of European Governments, including Britain".

    Spoken like a true're a superstar!

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  12. heflores Banned Banned

    I heard rumors that the US military have staged the over throw of Iraq with Saddam. Supposidely Saddam and his family are in a safe haven with the US wittness protection program. They all got a lot of money and makeovers, in return, Saddam offered to not order the firing of any WMD.

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