Rumors of UFOs in Cape Cod, MA

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    Rumors of UFOs on Cape Cod
    UFO investigators have long been aware that there are alarge number of UFO sightings on Cape Cod. Recently I was contacted by someone who has a summer house in Mashpee, near the Edwards Military Reservation. He told me that area residents frequently see strange lights, either singly or in formation, executing seemingly impossible
    maneuvers in the sky. He said, "From the info I've gained it seems as if most area residents have experienced this phenomenon at least once, but it is obviously a somewhat low-profile subject." He also told me of a friend who lives less than a mile from Otis Air Force Base who remembers strangers in her bedroom at night as a child. Also, on the night that John F. Kennedy Jr.'s airplane crashed, my informant was hanging out on South Cape Beach with some friends when he saw something unusual. "I suddenly noticed a bright flash of light over what appeared to be west of [Martha's] Vineyard (east from my percep.). I remember asking if anyone noticed and most people had seen it." The sighting occurred around the same time as the famous plane crash.
    The area of these reports, around Falmouth, Bourne, Mashpee, and Sandwich, definitely seems to have some strange activity. There is a high incidence of cancer in children there as well, because of toxic contamination from the military. In April 1998, on John Parker Rd. in East Falmouth, a woman had a close encounter with a silent, triangular UFO. And there have been other recent documented reports, as well. Anyone interested in learning more about UFOs in Massachusetts should check out my web site, the Mass. UFO Resource Site, at

    Chris Pittman

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