Ron Paul: For a stronger, whiter America

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Considering the Ron Paul presidential run ....

  1. That's it. I'm done with Ron Paul's sinking ship.

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  2. That's it. I'm jumping on the Ron Paul express!

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  3. I supported him before; I don't see how this changes anything.

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  4. I opposed him before; ______ (fill in the blank)

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  5. Other; _____ (fill in the blank)

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  1. Why the anger?
    I scanned some of the videos on YouTube that were in the same category as the one you linked, & I think I got the answer:

    Could it be that there’s 4 overarching fears among you & your peers?
    1) that when Mexicans are in the majority, they will act just as earlier whites did after the 1848 Conquest
    2) that as whites get older, they’re angry that Mexicans will be caring for them in nursing homes & not their children
    3) that Mexicans will change the culture so much that it will be alien to older whites
    4) interracial Heinz 57, that whites will disappear as a race as they breed with Mexicans/blacks/Asians

    I on the other hand, contend that whites need to fear these 4 things:

    5) the propensity of American businessmen to sell American jobs up-the-river, down-the-river & leave everyone else up-the-creek
    6) internal jihad, blacks are being actively recruited in prisons for islam now
    7) politicians that practice wedge issues to get elected, that leave lingering animosity
    8) that they’ll be too busy whining about Mexicans, they’ll be out-competed globally

    Comments on items above;
    1) after 1848, whites robbed Mexicans of lands, political participation & dignity, subconsciously (or unspoken) they are scared that we will take revenge
    2) during college I volunteered @ 3 diff places, 1 which helped senior citizens shop & clean their house, where I got to help the aged granddaughter of 1 the founders of a small-sized city (70k population, named after his 1st name (a school district carries it to), he also has a middle school named for him). She did not get any other help, that I knew of
    3) most white Americans are monolingual English, & afraid of anything “foreign”. most Mexicans I know are bilingual, but get more monolingual as the generations go by
    4) out of the 16 children that are in my generational cohort (me, siblings & 1st cousins), 5 married whites (German, Polish, Italian & Irish (all Catholic), though 1 female cousin married first an Italian, then a Pole (so technically it’s 6 whites), she now lives happily in Florida)
    5) that is a problem that will leave America split; manufacturing, ag & hi-tech jobs will go to China, Chile & India, in that order; while low-skill jobs will continue to attract economic migrants
    6) a Christian I know, volunteers monthly @ a prison in Central California, where apartheid is enforced on blacks by muslims that do not want any blacks to be evangelized. A radicalized black insurgency is more dangerous to the US homeland in the long-term, because they will take action, the Kuwait grenade fragging:
    7) Mexicans are natural Republicans; just hear McCain tell it below:
    I too would be a Republican, but each time I think about it, they resort to wedge issues (Prop 182 & Pete Wilson started it) to slap the face of Mexicans back into the Democratic Party, using code words (all the while saying, that “no”, they are not racist, but the intent is there, which makes it the same difference) & distorted images
    8) there are so many problems; schools, Social Security, jobs, gangs, aging white population, ethics, progress; that while America sinks, no one is willing to compromise for the betterment of this Country as a whole, because they got other things on their minds, seems to me, that’s what happened to Rome

    as for “por la raza todo”, I’m not counting on you or yours to help my kids get through college, I don’t trust you to have our best interests in mind, why do you think that is?
    I’m also not holding my breath for you or yours to hand me political power, or have plum jobs waiting for me after college, or somehow welcome me with open arms. I do trust other Mexican/Chicano orgs to help there, you willing to step up to the plate? If you think that because I’ve belonged to MEChA, I’m a racist, then that’s your problem, not mine, but it was nice having a support group while there, think of it as a Latin coed fraternity, instead of the Greek frat/sorority system

    I don’t think you are an FDR or JFK, that builds coalitions, seems to me, you tear them down, follow my advice, take anger management classes when you get back

    btw, thanks for your service & if they send you to Iraq, keep a clear head, make sure you duck when bullets are whizzing by, & when you get home, join a vet’s group, get counseling at the VA if you need it
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